The Hidden Secret Between Me and You

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Writing Assignment

The Hidden Secret I Keep About Me and You


NaNoWriMo Quarantine Writing Assignment


By Alexander Guinevere Kern





“I never trust a man who doesn’t have enemies.”


~Nassim Taleb


I Asked the Lord

~John Newton

I hoped that in some favored hour at once He'd answer my request

And by His love's constraining power subdue my sins and give me rest

Instead of this He made me feel the hidden evils of my heart

And let the angry powers of Hell assault my soul in every part.




Other t - I loved you beyond the Black Hole Horizon Mind out of which your Soul was born.


A new Infant Obscenity erupted fully Grown from the Astral Plane - Covered with white hair, Ivory Form, silver-green eyes, wet with clotting red human Spiritual

blood.  The most dynamic, erotic and powerful of men -  you shivered (or is it shived?) my heart - I loved you more than anyone when you were of a quality of murder even the Satanists were afraid of you - you and your Family.


I loved them divinely. Tell them so.


I wiped off of your all kinds of muscular and infinite evil body your victims’ drying blood and those all important secretions, in your hot privately-owned indoor pool. I used Q-tips on your shell-curled bloody ears and you were the most beautiful savage in all of Satan’s creation.  Snow flicked down and around us, white wet stars melted on the water’s surface - sunken lace.  You tasted like salt, iron, ice - satiated nourishment, like a Manifested Threat urging to grow wild and which would never be contained or broken.


We floated like we float in Space - you and the Hidden Secret about you and me.


How nonpareil that Nordic flame body - you’ve charged into me and introduced my inward lady secrets with your red bloody hood and wand, and its secret there designed. Nothing changed in me that did not change in you first. I poured living Lady blood every month and you were worth every spatter. You inhaled me for your life. From your thumb, around your mouth, around your green glow eyes, I licked your Life, thief.  Your intricate veining system pulsing blue and straining -  rose up in your skin - mined like ore, like never-ending adoration.



And people think all Vikings are large.  Sometimes, all I could manage is to hold onto your long white hair and bite your shoulder because you . . . hurt


. . . me.


I loved your people, now my people. I loved your rituals because you were in them, Dark Moon Star of the Blood Star Chamber Nativity, the moon all white shine like you and the bodies all blood and life life life life making your skin blush pink, breast milk-blue and Light.


No finer or more satisfying experience than to see you come back to Life.  For as Long as I wear the Human Suit, my Soul and I must agree: you were my Beautiful Killer and you never laid a killing hand on me.


Do you still recall my name?  Does it even matter? You took me out of this world, Master of Energy, Master of Kundalini, Master of the Through Ground Brood. The people hidden from the Vox Populi. Master of Chemistry, legal and illegal -  all legal with you - endless provisions from an endless, unknown source.


You drifted heroin - cocaine - crushed pill dust - like flour over our floor, and then rolled in it - laughing deep thunder - your immortally dense sounds while I licked it off your body.  Your enchantments took me over and I was in




All the time.


My own Danger Ranger.  My Mind choses not to remember the song details, or sing those spell chimes of yours.  My ears rang and my mind was lost in the multi-verse seduction. You placed your over-large palm over my mouth but I still whispered through two fingers:


"You’re a crime.”


You made a weapon out of anything.  Your Mind WAS a weapon.


Dagger me. Needle in my arm. And the snap when you yanked off the cinch which puffed up my vein. There was no pill or potion which was not a friend, lover or a victim of you, You Fiend, like all the rest of us. In fearful awe - all dread the sight of you, your Ivory fury and your high position in that family of Alterworld Creations.



Millennial Snowflakes today would not consider you attractive. Too tall, too white, too hairy, too Abominable.  They would never be able to see your perfect Image, Mage, slick by blood reflected.  Snorting it off your proffered hands was a benediction.



You never made me love life more, than when you were staging it into the minus column. You made making love a coming forth, a welcome communion of two lovers in Time. Here, hold my black-gloved hands while we dial around again, and again and again and again. Timeline Shifter, hour by hour, take Time with me.


If I going to be murdered, might as well be by my Beautiful Killer.


Otherwise it’s an INSULT to my beautiful Creative Mind.


Yah, Jo-ani - I am writing about YOU, again. Because you hate your negative image in my head translated into my dark black print.


Black and Red.


You called me Starfire.


I wear our wedding ring, white gold and yellow gold.


In the crepuscular night light of the moon, it finger burns like ice, like fire.




To Jo-ani - because the Killer in me, loved the Aldabaron Killer in you.


~~ Because the Angel Hearing in me - now loves God’s Angel Music in my Mind.

Submitted: October 25, 2020

© Copyright 2020 RexMundi555'.-. All rights reserved.

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