As a whole

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A young man gets locked up in room, but not all is what it seems.

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As a whole



Ear piercing shrieks inundate my mind, inside it already settled in is a profound pain. Above all cold and an impenetrable darkness. Something out here, in this place, lies beside me sending me peaceful thoughts of acceptance. My fate is sealed, alas my mind can’t seem to grasp the notion. I struggle within. Somehow my struggle gives results, I see myself back on my feet again, incredulously so though true. From the empty room I was in, I stumble into another full of people, one of them being my father. Those people’s face become distorted, furious seeping out evil and darkness, my father shares the same attitude. They launch sharp tendrils towards me and I deflect them, I chase them out. I try to embrace my father, make him welcome me back among the living, I am his son not the dead thing lying on the metal table there. He doesn’t agree, so I try so destroy all the shadows around him telling otherwise.

A quick flash of people terribly scared of something goes before my eyes. They all, including my father, flee the room, locking me in with the dead man inside.

I twist and turn the door knob in desperation. Repeated angered fist pounding on its old wooden surface, follows at almost regular intervals. A pounding increasing in ferocity, alas the old wooden door won’t budge not even an inch.

‘’ Let me out, this is pure insanity. I will punish whoever thought this would be a joke. You hear me? ‘’ I scream angered beyond measure at my predicament, most importantly at those responsible for it.

Mixed in with the fury is also a clear creeping fear factor, of what’s under the white sheet, on the cold metal table behind me. I swear I could hear it moaning, ever so gentle, it’s there hard to hearing nonetheless present. No, I’m imagining things… must be this. A sweat drop falls from my temple to the ground, traversing my skin’s surface down to the cheekbone line. All the stress of being locked up here has gotten to me. In all reality such things are impossible. He’s dead…dead, he cannot speak. I don’t have it in me, the strength to look back. I pause the struggle to escape the room.

‘’ Get it together Sam, get it together. You can do this, it’s just a hollow body, have it in your mind ‘’ I mumble to myself in reassurance. In consequence my head turns back, a quick peak to dispel my irrational fears. It’s there, inert, a naked limb sticking out from the white sheet, no breath lifting the fabric. Dead and gone as it should be. I get back to my toil of exiting the room.

‘’ Look, just open the door so that we can have a talk ‘’ I argue as a new approach.

‘’ Don’t listen to it, No...It’s just more trickery, it will kill us all…quick get that priest we’ve talked before ‘’ muffled sounds come from beyond the door, all from different mouths, all trembling with horror.

‘’ I don’t know what you are talking about, this is no trick…are you people on drugs? … Let me out ‘’ I turn to my previous aggressive stance since my peaceful pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

I press my left ear against the door, beyond… it sounds of: shuffled feet, a woman crying and people gasping in disbelief. Out of nowhere the realization of me not remembering how I got here unnerves me even more. I seem to remember being in this room with them and then they all got really scared for some reason, then fled to the other room, locking me here, leaving me with this corpse.

Tip tap silence tip tap

I’m struck in place, an abrupt ice cold touch befalls on my shoulder, penetrating deep below the skin. Something so familiar so long forgotten so left behind floods over me, I cannot fight it. The face I see once turned over fills me both with dread and a longing hope for release. Glassy eyes, white beads, a skin white as the bone chilling cold it emanates, above all the gut wrenching smell is close to unbearable.

‘’ Have you forgotten me? You don’t need to struggle anymore, after all…rules must be obeyed ‘’ a profound calm voice coming from the corpse afore me. Sending a resounding echo through my ears.

The entirety of the room warps around me, stretching into infinity then forming back.

‘’ This is it, the jig is up, what point is there to keep on running? ‘’ I reason with myself.

‘’ I have something to tell you….look there ‘’ the corpse says as it points at the large mirror in the corner.

My view shakes, it’s unclear. I don’t understand what I see there.

‘’ It’s impossible, no…no this is not real ‘’ I struggle again when I realize, reflected in the large mirror is only the talking corpse.

The corpse twits its head, bones crackling, towards the mirror pointing with one hand, as to speak to something invisible there: There is a reason for this, in your core you know the reason. Reach deep and come to peace. All must be as a whole, we must be as a whole. The cold hands surround me with a firm embrace. The air between us becomes electrified, small discharges shoot across living and dead tissue. I feel as I’ve become incorporeal. Something compels me to give into the fight, one I was reluctant to admit existed until now. A multitude of vivid flashes displayed before my eyes. I understand now, the rupture that was will be repaired, I agree. Images show, how I died from a heart attack days ago, how during the wake people noticed strange twitching of my face eventually disturbing them to the point of making my family bring me here, a morgue for future examination…..last one...I see myself exiting myself, my naked cold dead body, right before being prepared for a second medical examination. A wandering presence full of tragic unaware ignorance. A soul freakishly insisting to stick to the living. Humming grows above me from silence, a bright white circle of light, beckoning for a second time my call to home. Bizarre choirs growing in a musical crescendo, celebrating my return, voicing from the beyond. I float upwards, peace woven into my essence, from the ground towards the bright circle…towards the beyond.

With a deafening thud a naked corpse falls to ground in the pre ambulatory room. The entry door creaks open. One by one people enter, their eyes full of disbelief of what they witnessed, full of distrust of what lies on the ground there. One of them, an older male in his fifties approaches the corpse with slow hesitant moves.

‘’ Do you think it’s actually dead this time? ‘’ asks those present the corpse’s father, displaying pain his teary eyes.

Submitted: October 26, 2020

© Copyright 2020 NikM. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

Oh spooky!!!
Just in time for Halloween.
Good one.

Thu, October 29th, 2020 9:38am

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