Old Photographs


I set out on a search today

To find old things to throw away.

I came across old photographs

Some made me cry, some made me laugh.

I relived the times, both good and bad

When I brushed the dust from the photographs

The clothes we wore, the hair I had

Came rushing in from photographs

I saw again loved ones gone

Cherished words I still recall

Words of love, words of hope

Some were poems that I once wrote

Some corners bent, some corners frayed

Oh, how I wish some had stayed.

I never thought they’d move on

Memories remain, but they are gone.

So today I sit in a room that’s filled

Mom, Dad and my Grandparents will

Comfort me as they always have

Cheer me up when I feel sad.

I’m glad I went to the garage today

To find some things to throw away

I’ve placed the photos on mantle high

They won’t be thrown away tonight!

©RRWheeler 2015

Submitted: October 26, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Wheels-1. All rights reserved.

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