Ellipsis Driven & Drenched Philosophical Waffles

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Author's Notes Excerpt: “This philosophical free styled prose poem of speculative conjecture is a shared expression of my, personal views, beliefs, and opinions, only, and is not, necessarily, a statement of indisputably established sustainable facts — with the exception of evidential footnotes when provided — nor, is this poem intended to be offensive towards anyone of any given faith or religion ..."



Ellipsis Driven & Drenched Philosophical Waffles


Sweetened in that Syrup of Our Infinitely Finite


Finitely Contrite Existence Within All Existence


Act I: An Immeasurable Expanse

In an immeasurable expanse of existence within all Existence that is our, quantitatively, only known, as virtually unknown, Universe of existence sprung forth from that alleged, but likely, pin point Singularity of light origin whose origin beyond its singular originality of existence can only be comprehended as that of prior nonexistence as a spark that inexplicably emanated forth from the darkness of time before time — and ere that human concept of dark from which a tiny spark might pop into stark existence of lighting up the night; ere there were nights to end days so sunny and bright — there was that resolute nothing which, inextricably, became that absolute something which is the sum of all of everything to be considered by Man as pondered upon questions without ready answer's inquisitively curiosity laden contemplation meditation's thought provoking sensations of early morning's head scratchin', coffee sippin', quiet time conundrum viewed reflectively in metaphorical rhetoric of imaginatively envisioned imagery of ellipsis driven and drenched philosophical waffles sweetened in that syrup of infinitely finite, finitely contrite, existence within all Existence ...

Act II: Out Of Nothing Came Forth Everything

… Hence, out of nothing came forth everything implicitly exhibited initially as that theorized Singularity and, thus — out of a zero's zilch of naught of nada there issued forth — all that is and will ever be, in inchoatively magnitudinous constriction's grip aforethought inevitably destined as that initial burst of ignition point attained in light's birthed radiance of paramount Creation's emanation no eye had ever, as yet, beheld as that primordial energized commencement essence that was, perhaps, neither, night, nor matter in matters of idle chatter's unutterable gossip of a preexistence empty canvas void ere spattered by a Master Artist's searing smatter of brush's touch dipped in color of Singularity just this side of, as yet, Man's curiosity laden wishin' after avid acquisition of acquired ability to, in visual quest of residual reality's discernment, see that which lies beyond to that other side of furtherance of unknown Existence reality deprived the prying eyes of Man who seeks so to know that which lies beyond any purported Master's Plan in obsession's refutation of any diversion's solicited digression in receding rescission of a Creator's manifestation identified isolation — of all that is and will ever be …

Act III: A Creator's Manifest Destiny

… A Creator's Manifest Destiny's manifestation identified isolation lack of retention mention repeated for reiteration's sensation of implications' elation slam-dunked as on a need to know basis of Creator assessment of Man as dip shit schmoe not needing to know the how of how things came to be Existence as perception's fatality of denied access of information as an explicitly inexorable reality beyond any shimmering glimmer of comprehension's grasp of existing in infinitely finite detail of that which Man may never come to cognizantly ascertain in accurately attained detail of that which may be ever so logically, rationally, explained to immortality inclined human minds fragilely confined within mortal bodies as dissatisfied quirk's oddities-of-Nature fast running out of time in seeking so desperately to securely procure mastering manipulation of time as an asset whereby Man, in fabricating God, hence, becomes that Schmuck God of his own narcissism laden imagination's fabrication falsification's means — even if by religious addiction's dope of hook or crook orchestration via Organized Religion's fabrication creation called hope that is based upon that magically mysterious erroneous essence known as Blind Faith accurately defined in evidenced time as, “belief without true understanding, perception, or discrimination1” — of pulling off the greatest hoax of all time in lying ass claim of having ascertained assurance of Man's individual unit of perpetuity for all of time within time that cannot be bought though avidly sought after as that intangible essence of a commodity most prized, but never to be realized before living eyes of those who seek to adequately explain in mirth a Singularity's origin of birth — leading those fed-n-bred, milked-n-sheared, watered-n-slaughtered bleating-n-bleeding Sheeple-Peoples to dumbly believe they shall reside wherein time's depletion doth not abide in no end or lack of pearly gates or burning fates in disparaging disparity's Singularity of Eternity's forever nonnegotiable established two social classes, upper Elitist (the party's on) echelon and lower (barbecued-n-roasted on the spit of unending merciless misery before heavenly aristocracy's celestial pantheon) peon, club fraternities: Heaven and Hell …

Act IV: All That Is And Will Ever Be

… For, if all that is and will ever be emanated forth from a single pin point of light Singularity, from whence did that pin point of all exclusively inclusive extant light emanate forth from, in wondrously necessitating our essential existence within all that is Existence as a Universe said to be actively engaged in an expansionist journey of cosmically Creator's Manifest Destiny that, in eventuality of time sublime, shall see — ??? — as a bold faced italicized capitalized king sized question mark in utter starkest darkest reality of an existence within all Existence as that only known Universe of Existence to never shirk in shrinking work of a Universe's certainty of collapsing, in eventuality of Singularity's Big Bang's explosion culminated in a Newton's reaction for action reversal as a turn about is fair play near stand still to being that moment's hesitation initiation of a homeward bound journey of gradually accelerating implosion, upon itself, in a back to prior to who gave a hoot roots return to that Singularity's pin point of light of origin of all origins appointed in that home port(al) within this dimension's arrival as an ultimate manifestation of what lies just beyond retention's grasp of mortal comprehension as a Creative Source orchestrated and perpetrated emanation of a perpetual replication simulation communication network rebroadcast of a simple boy's toy as Creator to simpleton's ploy enjoyed as that mysteriously curious Singularity bearing an explicitly metaphorical analogy to a Duncan's Yo-Yo flung from a masterfully skilled creative finger to a rebounding string's end — to return, in due process of time, to beginning once, again, as that sought after origin of determination's discrimination of that unidentified all encompassing distantly extant Entity (He/She/It/What/When/Where/Who/How/Why) whose proprietary prerogative in matters of Singularities it should, quite obviously, be — as that invisibly aloof Creator Initiator Instigator Divine, ever so much richer in wisdom than shall ever be human kind …

Act V: In Terror Stricken Curiosity

… And so, in terror stricken curiosity, Man wants to know what may, what might, befall this Universe of Existence in the deepest darkness of absence's lack of light that makes night bright in preeminent existence's comparison to that initial flickering out of light as the sun set upon that first witnessed frightful night of fearful men wondering if it would, indeed ever, rise again as that warming enlightening friend in that bluest of skies above as the only warmth of love Man had known, except, that of suckling upon a mother's breast at oblivion's birth of consciousness of awareness exit from that safe haven sanctuary secured darkness of the womb that, even now, seems the most likely origin of any Singularity's birth of having exploding into that light of life we call this Universe that has now returned from whence it came in single pinpoint of Singularity's flame to, either, flicker out into unanswered oblivion of a tightly wound Singularity Yo-Yo palmed as, “That's all folks!,” or, yet, another artfully administered, architecturally ingenious, flick of that masterfully skilled creative finger in, “voila,” resultive resuscitative CPR defibrillators' secondary jump-start of resplendently blinding concussive womb of prior to existence banging pangs of birthing a redivivus oriented, reincarnation-like, next round of extant Existence amplification back to the future second Big Bang explosion serving to amply expedite a Singularity's re-birthed Origin of Origin's commissioned expedition in elation's demonstration of mind boggling to men rerouted reversal of direction in ever forever cyclic continuance of a Big Bang cycle of light flashing into darkness before night that rivals that mimicking all recycling cycle of cyclic life upon this third rock from the Sun that Man has dubbed as Mother Nature …

Act VI: Cradling From The Dust Of Earth

… For that, cradling from the dust of Earth, mother, Man has dubbed as Mother Nature, was that only mother Man can (without implementation of Organized Religion's mythological fairy-tales of man-made fabrications) accuracy of honesty recall upon this world, this planet ruled by this sun, before ere in oblivious to existence oblivion he broke forth his mother's water to glisten in the light of Sol as that star we call the sun where life is birthed to die and ever be recycled into its basic elemental consistency of being reborn again, as freshly new life, and not a continuance of living things become old in having long since returned to the dust, until that day when Earth's planetary life, within all of Existence's ever recycling Universal cycle of recycling the sum of Existence, itself, brings our planet to its old age and most naturally logical, George Harrison's “All Things Must Pass2,” end …

Act VII: Life Totally Individualistically Anew

New Life, as life totally individualistically anew, come forth from that womb of oblivion's nurturing breasts of nature as that Mother Nature that has birthed us all — regardless of what world or star's distant sun upon which we were originally spawned before our restless days of existence as wanderers, strangers, and aliens here upon that third rock from this sun we hold so dear in wondering how we came to be here — but not as old life run its course of having lived one's life in beleaguered full expectation's dedication of never knowing that, as per George Carlin3, “Religion is bullshit,” of having been duped and taken for a fool, hook, line, and sinker by Organized Religion's lies of Blind Faith deception of foolishly hoped for resurrection's attaining to any afterlife's Heavenly Father's bullshit created by Man's fabrications of false hopes of Eternity, but the rebirth of freshly new life, as fresh new blades of grass decorating the fields, of coming springs, are clearly not those same blades of grass of last year's Spring that have lived out their season of life and have now died, ceasing to exist in returning to the Recycle Bin's dust of this Earth to arise in the sunshine of new life's regeneration in semblance of reincarnation that is only connected by the repeating genetics of aligning characteristics' and personality's displayed recurrence of DNA and not that of any coming Great Madi, Christ, or Messiah's, Judgment Day — for a distantly aloof Creator, as that Extant Catalyst Reactant Ultimate Source Point of Origin of All Existence, demonstrably impersonal, gave to us Life with all of its adversities and tragedies of eventuality's ceasing to exist within all of Existence, owing to us nothing that could be Man contrived as an Eternal Life's implications of debt of more owed us simply because we choose to call ourselves Man, and definitively (case in point) not hanging around to give us an iota's inkling of any alluded to by men hint of anything more, as life is that which we make of it, ourselves, because the future is ours in what we choose to determine it to be to the very best of our Creative Source given and allotted ability, as all else is fate's destiny that has nothing to do with that certainty of Divine intervention other than that of our own Creator given instinct for survival, balanced (why we may never know), between regressing towards an animal's coldly cruel selective nature, and that of retaining the very compassion which sets us aside from all other known in existence living creatures, and defines us as compassionately (for compassion is the defining attribute of what it is to be human & humanly humane4) driven (as our ultimate purpose of existence within Existence) human beings comprised of every nationality, culture, language, and color of complexion that truly, exquisitely, represent The Human Race


AUTHOR'S NOTES: “This philosophical free styled prose poem of speculative conjecture is a shared expression of my, personal views, beliefs, and opinions, only, and is not, necessarily, a statement of indisputably established sustainable facts — with the exception of evidential footnotes when provided — nor, is this poem intended to be offensive towards anyone of any given faith or religion.

Christopher Columbus believed the world was round in a world of peers who devoutly attested the world was flat. His personal belief was an unpopular opinion, that later proved to be truth. However, opinions are like arseholes: Everyone has one. Albeit, there are those Free Thinkers who dare pose opinions as to commonly held truths that may be readily revealed as untruth upon scrutinous studied and researched inspection. I am simply sharing my studied and researched opinion upon such commonly held and widely accepted truths, many of which are based solely upon Blind Faith (belief without true understanding, perception, or discrimination. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/blind-faith).

If asked, every person will respond that they seek only truth and never lies, but the search for truth is not an easy or smooth path, and truth, when discovered and uncovered, is not always a pretty thing to behold, nor is it, necessarily, a tasty treat to be savored, for, all too often, accurately established truth revealed, and no longer concealed, is a shocking revelation of bitterest reality ...” — Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn


1 Blind Faith — belief without true understanding, perception, or discrimination. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/blind-faith

2 George Harrison: All Things Must Pass— Album and title track to George Harrison's album All Things Must Pass: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPTHem2iu0A

3 George Carlin Quote — “Religion is bullshit!”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r-e2NDSTuE & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoYyiNRtMEE & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Po_AhPg1Oc

4Humane — “A humane person is one who shows great compassion and caring for others, including animals, and who tries whenever possible to alleviate another's suffering. The idea of being humane is linked to a higher level of a person's character. While the word is derived from the word human, the sad fact is that a person can be human without being humane. Britain's Royal Humane Society, created in 1774 to rescue drowning people, focuses on recognizing acts of human bravery. In the United States, however, the Humane Society works to eliminate cruelty to animals.” www.vocabulary.com


(Written February 24th, 2019)

Written By Marvin Thomas Cox Flynn

Copyright © 2019 Marvin Thomas Cox

DBA: Marvin Thomas Cox Flynn

All Rights Reserved

Submitted: October 26, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn. All rights reserved.

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Insightful and perhaps may be uncomfortable for some to read, like me. But I guess discomfort is part of coming closer to the Truth?

Tue, October 27th, 2020 1:22pm


Thanks for enduring this in depth philosophical piece long winded prose poetry that could easily double as an article ...

Truth, real truth, is never pleasant or tasty ...


Tue, October 27th, 2020 8:29am

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