Jack's Paradise

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jack’s Paradise

It was a warm and peaceful morning in Port Royal. The sun was shining bright, the sea sparkled as pearls would. Located on the shore of the British Isle, Port Royal was usually busy from the moment the sun peeked over the horizon with people doing businesses until sundown. But, that day the town was empty as if everybody disappeared overnight. There was a special occasion that day. Far from the royal ceremony or an important local event that took place. Something bigger was about to be unraveled. Everybody has gathered here, on the Port Royal execution site. Jack Sparrow has been caught and scheduled to meet his death at the gallows, again. People thought that it would be the end for Jack Sparrow. The notorious pirate whose name was known as wide as the ocean. People said that he was a pirate capable of great harm from pillaging, raiding, kidnapping, etc. The captain of a cursed ship that was given by Davy Jones himself, some even said that He has threatened many important people in the British Parlement and that was why He always survive. That time it was different, The pirate was getting old. He has lost his crew and his beloved ship. People thought for sure that it will be the last of Jack Sparrow.

The attention was all on the gallows where there were one noose and a hangman. They brought Jack up the stairs with His hands tied. He stood upon the wooden board, there was no fear in his face only his laugh and annoying smile as if he was going to leave this place alive. The whole town of Port Royal has gathered to witness his death but nobody said anything. No scream or curses directed to him. Even with everything they made you believe, that He was the bringer of doom and all. People knew that Jack Sparrow was bigger than that, He has cemented a place in people's heart. He was a legend.

The hangman put the noose around his neck and the prosecutor read the verdict.

“For the crime of piracy, stealing, pillaging, rape, bribery, extortion, defamation of the king of England, disturbance to the public peace, and 5 counts of other crimes. The royal court of justice has sentenced the defendant, Captain Jack Sparrow, to be hanged by the neck until death”

The hangman proceeded to put his and on the lever. Jack Sparrow’s life was reaching its finish. Some soldier was positioned on an elevated post in a few angles. I was one of them. We all had our musket pointed at him in case something unexpected happened. The drum started rolling, everything was reaching its climax. Then the hangman pulled the lever. Jack sparrow dropped down the board. Right before the rope choked him. I squeezed my trigger. The bullet hit the rope and severed it. Jack landed on his feet solid like a cat who fell from the roof. Everyone else on the site froze as a lake would in the wintertime. I fired one more shot to air which made all hell broke loose. People were running, bumping to each other, some even got stomped. They all tried to leave the scene. Jack saw an opportunity and run into the crowd hiding in plain sight. I quickly leave my post and run away. Just like that, Jack Sparrow slipped from the hands of death once again.

Why did I do that you may ask? The story went like this. I was a rookie training to be a soldier in the Royal Navy. I’ve always wanted to serve the crown. Because my duty would be on a ship, I received much information and stories about pirates. It was meant to tell us how to best the pirates in skills and weaponry. But it lured into thinking that the pirates were so cool. Their story fascinated me, and my will to serve the King faded by the day. At the top of all pirates was Jack Sparrow, the most famous pirate, I wanted to meet him but I didn’t think it was possible. Two days after I dreamed about, I was in a pub by the port after practice. Everyone was drunk but I seemed to recognize one person, a familiar face from the posters. At that time he was one of the most wanted men. It was Jack sparrow!

He was blabbering about looking for a crew and was making a mess at the pub. I approached him and ask to sail with him, at first he refused because I didn’t look like a pirate. But after a bought him a bottle of rum he agreed. Not long after that, the Navy stormed in. The commander praised me for spotting Jack. They took Jack to prison. I made my mind to help him escape.

With the whole town in the ruckus and Jack on the loose. I made my way to the dock and threw the red uniform I once really proud to wear onto the muddy ground for people to step over. When I made it to the dock, Jack and his few remaining old crew have commandeered a ship owned by the military. Soon as I stepped on the deck with Jack at the helm, I felt like a child getting excited over a tale of a hero. 

“Raise anchor, hoist the sail you lazy pigs!” Shouted Jack in a pirate tone.

The crew started to work. The English flag was replaced with the black pirate flag. I approached Jack for I was really curious about what kind of person he really was.

“How many times have you cheated the hangman?” I asked

“I had my fair share of intercourse with the gallows, but here I am. Good ol’ Jack roaming the sea.”

“I heard they tried to hang you after saving the governor’s daughter one time, why would they?” I asked curiously

“Because... one good deed is not enough to redeem a lifetime of wickedness—“

“But enough to condemn him” I butted in.

“There you go, just like you. You can never go back to England son, you’re one of us now. The sea is your homeland.” He said wisely.

I stood on the rail of the ship reflecting on the choice I made in a short period of time. For a few weeks, I was just happy to sail under the command of Jack Sparrow. But it was looking like we had no heading, we were just drifting on the sea like a piece of wood. When I asked Jack, he said that we’re going to a land that no one has ever stepped on let alone heard nor seen. Why was he looking for this island?

“Mr.Gibss, why would Jack wants to look for this island?” I asked Mr.Gibbs who was Jack’s trusted person for a long time.

“I figured you’d ask. You see. Many women have claimed that they have a special place in Jack’s heart but it’s not true. Jack’s first love was the sea, and his second love was rum, that’s it. In the age that he is right now, he wants to spend the rest of his days surrounded by the things he loves.” 

I finally understood that I was in a hell of a journey. The last journey of the legendary pirate.

“How does he plan to find this island?” I asked.

“That compass he’s holding is the key” Said Mr.Gibbs while pointing with his head.

“The broken compass that doesn’t even point north?

“It’s not supposed to point north. It will lead you to anything you desire it’s a part of him as much as himself” He said as if bragging.

For three months we sailed nonstop, through the roughest seas, raging storms, hot weather. Sometimes the waves were so rough it was like Poseidon himself tried to tip our ship. After all the hardship, one morning the crew was still asleep. The sea was so calm as though we were sailing on the clouds, the sunlight was so warm that it healed the soul. When I looked to the right, there was an island. The sand was as white as snow, trees with ripe fruit, the sound of waves mixed with the breeze were like a melody to the ears.

“We’re here,” said Jack.

We lowered the anchor and went to shore. The crew screamed out of joy. Meanwhile, Jack found a spot under a tree to drink rum and sleep. The rest of us went exploring the island. There was enough food for weeks so we feasted every night. I was worried about what should do when ran out of food.

“Jack, what’ll we do next. we’ll die out of starvation once the food is gone”

“The others will soon follow”


“Pirates from around the globe”

“Why would they go here? How would they find this place in the first place?”

“Just wait”

Sure enough, 3 weeks after we had that conversation. I saw a dot on the horizon when I looked again it was more than one and kept growing in number. They were all pirate ships approaching like ants gathering on a drop of sugar. Within their cargo were resources from food to building material. When I asked how they got here, they showed me a bottle of rum with a piece of paper in it and a compass tied to it. The paper says.


To all pirates in this world

I invite you and your brethren

Come to my island

We build it, we do want we want

See you on last my settlement

Captain Jack sparrow


Just like that, he was able to gather this many pirates. As expected from the legend himself, he was someone who didn’t need an introduction. A simple letter was enough to make these people change course. We had food and materials so it was time to go to work. Building began the next morning, with hundreds of people working together the first building was finished by the end of the day. It was a pub where everyone would party at night. After that, we started building houses and other simple building. It began to look like a city in the middle of nowhere. Every night was a celebration with new pirates coming in and out every day

5 years after Jack founded this island this place was still as lively as ever. But he was getting older. The day that we all anticipated came out of nowhere. I was about to wake him up one morning when I heard him coughing in his room. I barged into the room to find him laying weak on the bed. He tried to speak, his beard was fully gray now.

“Keep the party going, I'm not going anywhere. I know I’ll go to heaven and this is pirate’s heaven” he said that weakly

Jack looked at the window and his eyes started closing slowly. We buried Jack at the very center of the island and each one of us poured rum over his headstone. After that, I thought I had to do something to preserve his legacy. So I gathered everyone at the bar, found me a platform where I could stand on, and said.

“ In hope of keeping the legacy of Jack sparrow alive, I hereby declare that from this point on. I promise with every fiber of my being to never let this island fall to the hand of any established government of any kind. I will protect its originality as a place where pirates can stop by and have a good time. From this point on, this island will be called Jack’s Paradise”.

Submitted: October 28, 2020

© Copyright 2020 aryadafi. All rights reserved.

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