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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

this is fan fiction for a series called ttyl i suggest you check it out. it is unfinished, but i think i was at a good stopping point so i decided to publish what i had. i called it "idek" because it just seemed good and it was kinda like the titles lauren myracle used. i hope you like it!

sophie catrina and carrie have adventures over instant messaging.

 Tuesday, September 4

SudzSopi: Heey. u on?

CareBer: Yea sof

SudzSopi: awsum!!!

CareBer: What do u wanna talk about

SudzSopi: The 1 an only 1st day of 8th grade!

CareBer: oh. No thx.

SudzSopi: oh no. what happened?

CareBer: nuthin

SudzSopi: sigh. Was it u kno who

CareBer: u kno it. *crushes a stupid pic of u kno who*

SudzSopi: HAH! I KNEW IT!! IT WAS MYA!!!

CareBer: whaaa noooo. YA THINK?!?!?!? *also why u so shocked lol*

SudzSopi: I rest my case

CareBer: sigh. She’s so dumb. She’s worse than that but i don’t wanna say them in words. stupid*** is more like it tho.

SudzSopi: awww por u, must stay in the ‘clean zone’

CareBer: yep. Me, tough ol’ carrie, havin a sucky day.

SudzSopi: imma get off, that pasta’s callin my name!

CareBer: byais


Wednesday, September 5

LolCat: heeeey sof, it's a me, catrina!

SudzSopi: heh heh.

LolCat: what?

SudzSopi: ur making fun of mario.

LolCat: when i should be making fun of…

SudzSopi: DARN MYA!!! DURR!!!

LolCat: really now. Sigh… what happened to carrie? :P

SudzSopi: she told me on the phone a couple dayz ago.

LolCat: k. So what happened!!???!

SudzSopi: she uh, said she posted *the picture* on the school website.

LolCat: she did NOT  >:(

SudzSopi: i WISH she didn’t

LolCat: i'm out. G’bye

SudzSopi: bye

Wednesday, September 5

LolCat: *funeral music plays* here lies carrie, who died of embarrassment. 

CareBer: bleh *dies again*

LolCat: poor u

CareBer: god. U dont have to say dat.

LolCat: r u ok?!?! U lurv us feeling bad 4 u

CareBer: im ovr it. Sigh.

LolCat: o-o-o k

CareBer: Mya’s a jerk. We kno that. So she did somthin stoopid again. Case closed

LolCat: geez. Ur mad

CareBer: imma get off, this is crap.

LolCat: right… mmm, smells good mom!

CareBer: food?

LolCat: Yeppers! Tonight’s dish is

CareBer: drumroll plz

LolCat: *drums on table with fingers* NOODLES!!!

CareBer: huh. Sof said she had spagot a couple days ago too.

LolCat: we be lucky ducky! Well, except u of course


LolCat: dont hate, dont hate!

Thursday, September 6

SudzSopi: oooooh cattie!

LolCat: oooooooh sofi!

SudzSopi: ur chipper. Where’s da guy?

LolCat: har har. If anythin U’VE met da guy 

SudzSopi: oh yea. Very much yea.

LolCat: and u should kno, im chipper all da time!

SudzSopi: his name’s Carter…

LolCat: fills me up on da knoledge, gurlie.

SudzSopi: he talked to me in math, and he looks like Zac Efron, and he LIKES ME!!!

LolCat: ;P

SudzSopi: oh shut up. HE’S DA 1!!!!!!

LolCat: suuuuure. Just like mason was da 1, and landon was da 1…

SudzSopi: HEY!!! They’re both still luvin me, i just broke up with them. 

LolCat: and we cant forget branden…


LolCat: geez imma get off now, non chipper

SudzSopi: u suck!!!!!!!! UGH

LolCat: ugh u and carrie both r not chipper

SudzSopi: BAD BYE!!

LolCat: whatevs. >:P

Thursday, September 6

SudzSopi: hi carrie berry

CareBer: hi soapy sofi

SudzSopi: do we like cat right now?

CareBer: no. no we dont.

SudzSopi: good. Ya kno what she did to me?

CareBer: oh god, what?

SudzSopi: she brought up the b-man

CareBer: she didnt.

SudzSopi: she did.

CareBer: she just got on my nerves, your story is way worse.

SudzSopi: yeppers

CareBer: *le sigh*. Shes too much of a jokester. She needs to kno when to stop joking.

SudzSopi: uh huh, anyway did ya find out about the so-called picture?

CareBer: yea, thank god it wasn’t actually the picture.

SudzSopi: yea that would’ve been terrible

CareBer: it annoys me that she told me that it was, and then I got so worked up about it. 

SudzSopi: imma get off, the moms is-a-cookin up some chikin noodl soop 

CareBer: again w/ the noodles! *and u realize u spelled every word of ‘chicken noodle soup’ wrong, right?*

SudzSopi: hah dats right i did

SudzSopi: but whaddya mean ‘again w/ the noodles’?

CareBer: i swear everytime i talk to u guys ur having noodles.

SudzSopi: huh. Weird. Well, byais carrie! 

CareBer: byais sofi!

Friday, September 7

LolCat: whos excited about da dance!!!

SudzSopi: i do not wanna talk to u .

LolCat: oh heavens why? Is it because i brought up…

SudzSopi: dont plz…

LolCat: BRANDON???

SudzSopi: frick u

LolCat: u guys gotta learn to take a laugh. Btw… r u still w/ Cart-man?

SudzSopi: YES! And dont call him ‘cart-man’

LolCat: gez man calm ur butt


LolCat: uh huh… so? I never said i wouldnt!

SudzSopi: shut the hell up i kno u did.

LolCat: proove it dumb butt


SudzSopi sent 1 attachment


LolCat: frick.

SudzSopi: told u, dumb butt

LolCat: ughhhhh

SudzSopi; now NEVER bring him up AGAIN.

LolCat: fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine

LolCat: but what r u wearing to da dance? Tell me tell me tell me!

Sudzsopi: nope. If carrie wants to tell u after i tell her because she’s so much NICER than u, then u’ll kno. See ya!

LolCat: oh c’mon!

LolCat: ugh fine!


Friday, September 7

SudzSopi: ohhhhh Carrie!

CareBer: hello sudz boi.

SudzSopi: yeppers! Just got outta da shower!

CareBer: The dance i assume is ur reason to be in there?

SudzSopi: absolutely! Ohhh i just KNO carter’s gonna kiss me!

CareBer: in ur dreams boi.

SudzSopi: oh maybe he will, ya never kno! 

CareBer: whatcha wearin

SudzSopi: here’s da rundown: black dress, (kinda short but not showy short) my red stomping boots,

CareBer: i lurv those stompin boots

SudzSopi: and my fake-ruby necklace for clothes/jewlery. For makeup i have: red eye-shadow, and some ruby-red lip gloss.

CareBer: u a red n’ black prom queen!

SudzSopi: it's not the prom! Tho i do WISH it was!

CareBer: i'm going with Robin

SudzSopi: oooh! He’s pr-etty cute!

CareBer: oh shut up! *growls*

SudzSopi: oh cmon! I got all da cute i need!

CareBer: im wearin my wedges, with my longish-blue dress. No makeup.

SudzSopi: cute! Hold on, gotta check my clock... SudzSopi: AHHHH!!! WE GOTTA GET GOIN!!!

CareBer: oh geez yea! 

SudzSopi: byais!

CareBer: byais!

Saturday, September 8

CareBer: didya get ur smoochies?

SudzSopi: heck yes i did!

CareBer: hey did ya see cati there? I think she was with Bryan.

SudzSopi: oh yea, she told me about him a little yesterday at the dance.

CareBer: they r most likely gonna break up soon. U kno how cati is with male specimens

SudzSopi: this came from her talking about her last boyfriend a couple years ago: “HE IS MY MAN! *kissys*”

CareBer: gross!

SudzSopi: bleh!

CareBer: imma get off, I finally get the pasta!

SudzSopi: alrighty! byais!


Sunday, September 9

LolCat: oh i got the monday-is-coming blues.

CareBer: aw geez.

LolCat: seriously tho, why r u 2 so mad at me?! What did i do?!

CareBer: must i remind u?

LolCat: yes PLZ. u guys r acting as if the world exploded, and it was my fault!

CareBer: imma set up a group chat so me and sofi can tell u what u did!

LolCat: is that really necessary? 

CareBer: shut up and accept the invite.


You have just entered the room “Groupies 4 ever”

LolCat has entered the room

SudzSopi has entered the room



CareBer: sofi, mind to explain your part first?


LolCat: oh.

CareBer: whaddya mean ‘oh’

LolCat: imean, it’s really not a big deal. Ur over brandon, right sof?


CareBer: oh no sof, r u crying? Do u want me to come ovr?

LolCat: i broke her, oh crap. Crap crap crap crap crap.

SudzSopi: iiim ccriyyinng sso hhard ii cant kkeep mmmy hhandsd on thehe kkeyboarrrd.. Yyes ccccome ooovre cccarriee. Bbut niot uu catttiie. Iii hatte u.


CareBer has left the room

SudzSopi has left the room

LolCat has left the room


Monday, September 10


SudzSopi: cattie? U there? Can we talk?

Auto-response from LolCat: i broke my fren. I suck.

SudzSopi: plz just apologize, ok? I dont hate u.

SudzSopi: me and carrie r worried cattie. We know ur not sick because carrie (being the caring little creep we love) spied on u thru ur window. We didn’t see u at school. We miss u, cattie!

SudzSopi: sigh… plz talk to us, k? Ill make noodls.


Tuesday, September 11


CareBer: hey cati?

LolCat: …

CareBer: plz talk. Sof is at my house so she can see u too.

LolCat: i-i-i-im sry sof. I-im just a terrible person! I didn’t realize i hurt u! I thought he just broke up with u! Not… I cant i cant… 

CareBer: oh cattie. I didn’t mean what i said. I should be the 1 saying sry. -sof

LolCat: i need time ok? Just leave me alone. I dont deserve any of this.

CareBer: cati wait!

CareBer: sigh...


Wednesday, September 12


SudzSopi: cati?

LolCat: why r u talking to me. Why?

SudzSopi: becuz ur meh fren

LolCat: no, no im not

SudzSopi: yes u r. Were the bestest 3some evr

LolCat: really?

SudzSopi: yes!!!!!!!

LolCat: alright… if u say so…


Wednesday, September 12


SudzSopi: heyo carrie berry

CareBer: hey sudz boi

SudzSopi: lol

SudzSopi: anyway, do ya think cattie is still depressed?

CareBer: idk, mayb

SudzSopi: she needs to realize i dont hate her!

CareBer: maybe we should leave her alone.

SudzSopi: ok…


Thursday, September 13


LolCat: hey sof?

Auto-response from SudzSopi: sry… carrie said to leave u alone catti…

LolCat: well, call me.


Friday, September 14


LolCat: hai

SudzSopi: hai cati

LolCat: im super sry sofi idk why i did that. :c

SudzSopi: aw cat im just glad ur not depressed.

LolCat: :V <---its a ducky :D

SudzSopi: yep ur back ^u^


Sunday, September 16


CareBer: hai haiiiiii

LolCat: why hedo ms ber

CareBer: u still with Bryannnnnnnn?

LolCat: nope. But not becuz of the usual reasons.

CareBer: then why?

LolCat: he just didnt like me i guess ;-;

CareBer: XD

LolCat: eh he was kinda bland anyways

CareBer: i hear sof is still goin strong with carter

LolCat: i still wanna call him cart man :C

CareBer: can i tell u a secret

LolCat: lol oki

CareBer: me too

LolCat: XD dude lol

CareBer: so whos havin noodles tonight?

LolCat: im a havin some chickin and broccoli :P

CareBer: i guess Sofi then because im havin waffles and sausage.

LolCat: lucky!!!!!!

CareBer: ikr

LolCat: ima go ask sof wut shes havin aight?

CareBer: aight bais

LolCat: bias


Sunday, September 16


LolCat: eyooooooooooo sof

SudzSopi: ayyyy

LolCat: r u havin noodles tonight?

SudzSopi: im havin chinese takeout, so yee im havin lo mein

LolCat: why is it every time we talk someone has noodles

SudzSopi:  i legit has no idear

LolCat: XD

Submitted: October 28, 2020

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