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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

After signing a contract with Satan, Syrus unknowing turns into the very first Vampire. The contract, that Satan named Akashi, is the only way to undo the Vampire curse. This started a War between the Dark and the Light that has lasted thousands of years. Syrus used his skill as a book binder to make Akashi. This book unleashed a War against God and his beloved humans. Syrus realizes he was tricked by Satan after ravaging an entire village in search for blood and creating the beginning of a Vampire race. Once Janette was chosen to join the Dark Ones without her consent, her sister Sandra, must use her powers as a White Witch to break the spell and free her sisters, soul.

Now they search for Akashi while on the run for their lives. Sandra and Janette create a haven, protected by magic, a small town they call Revelation. They gather other lost souls along their journey and recruit others who pledge their loyalties to the Light. Hoping to one day use Akashi and end this horrific nightmare so humans can live life the way God had planned it in the beginning.

Table of Contents


  Chapter One Sisters Janette was cleaning up after her last literary class of the day.  She teaches at Edinburgh B... Read Chapter


  Chapter Two Akashi Before man was upon the earth, Lucifer was created by God.  He was perfect and lived in Heaven... Read Chapter


Chapter Three Teutonic It has been a week and Janette, is beginning to feel more comfortable with her inner Vampire.  She is... Read Chapter

The Secret

Chapter Four Secrets   Blackwood Manor   Once they finished their meal Alexander left the kitchen and walke... Read Chapter


Chapter Five Norwich The sun was just beginning to rise over Norwich, Connecticut.  Everyone was hurrying to get ready to ... Read Chapter

New Additions

Chapter Six Hassan Estate   Once they enter Catalina’s room, they see Meco standing just outside of the bathroom door ... Read Chapter

The Dark Council

Chapter Seven Revelation   The boarding house was full, and the restaurant was doing very well.  Sandra could not h... Read Chapter

Rib of Man Order

Chapter Eight England   Kathy Gables was visiting the London museum when Dana accidentally bumped into her as she walked... Read Chapter


Chapter Nine Blackwood Manor   Anthony walked into the kitchen to meet David and Alexander.  Cynthia was serving th... Read Chapter

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