Beautiful Woman

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Edward is arrogant and he only likes women for their looks. When Edward catches his girlfriend cheating on him with his enemy he leaves town. Edward's sister Mindy told him that he is shallow when it comes to women. Edward wants to prove his sister wrong and find a date for his business trip.

Edward meets Emily Potter. Emily is a handicapped woman who is trying to be a writer. Edward asks Emily if she could be his date on his business trip.

As Edward gets to know Emily he starts falling in love with her and he can look pass her appearances
Edward's enemy Alex cannot let him be happy. Alex will do everything and his power to break Edward and Emily up

Table of Contents

The Party

Edward's girlfriend is cheating on him with his enemy. Edward meets Emily Potter.
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The Business Meet

Emily agrees to be Edward's date on his business trip
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The Agreement

Emily was able to stop the bank from foreclosing on Frank's business
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The Picnic

Emily sees her ex-boyfriend at the picnic
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Edward is representing Frank Fox
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Edward and Alex get into a fight
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The Surprise

Ben sees a woman from his past
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The Play

Ben invite Edward, Emily, and Jane to go to Paris with him
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The Truth

Ben tells Emily and Jane that he is their father.
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The Breakup Plot

Melissa and Alex want to break Emily and Edward up
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