Traditional or Funky

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Traditional or Funky?

What are some reasons for changes in Fashion Trends?


Photo byKhaled Ghareeb onUnsplash


Whether new fashion trends appear all of a sudden, for example, debate slogans on t-shirts, or morph into our daily use over time, for example, the growth of Levi and jeans. Given enough time, many past-worn fashions will become today’s trends again. 


We all have the sense to fashion whether others may consider it current, out-of-date or just plain strange. 



Photo byKevin Grieve onUnsplash


From the time we are teens, or today even before that, many of our choices are made to attract the opposite sex or to get attention. Child models, actors are examples of young people given over to sexual imagery at a young age to meet with the expectation of adults to play a  part in an older romanticized image of children way beyond their years. This imagery is encouraged in many forms of media and marketing in the fashion industry, and in the toy industry as well.


Photo bynathan kosmak onUnsplash


Haute Couture comes up with modern, outrageous, colourful fashions every year.  We visualize ourselves in them but these fashions are not all practical, but more artful. In order to appeal to a large enough market, major influencers, such as musicians, movie stars promote the styles and perk our interest. 


The hat has been out of style for a long time and is coming back because of actors like Johnny Depp. Female singer Taylor Swift or actress Jessica Simpson are examples of women making hats a fashion trend again for women. 


Tons of money is spent now on data and survey findings of what appeals to people. This would range from the wealthy to the ordinary working person. Within 2-3 years, of a runway style, clothing outlets will provide less expensive alternatives to these couture designs to make them affordable. 


Depending on the economy, the sales will be profitable or the trends will not go over well. Practicality has to be there for the average person to handover exorbitant amounts of money for an expensive dress or suit. 


Some fashion trends are unacceptable to certain consumers who will dress for the group they want to be accepted in. This would include business attire, church attire, acceptable length for children’s clothes to name a few. 


The expectation of the business for worker’s attire depends on current acceptance. One example of this was the wearing of stirrup pants to work. Now, pants such as leggings are often worn. Jackets had to be traditional blazers, now people wear leather jackets. Necklines of women’s blouses had to be higher, now less modesty is accepted. 



Photo byAynaz shahtale onUnsplash


People like to look different, to circumvent the norm, so they will see trends in fashion as a way to show their personality. They will take what they see on “Fashion Week” to make something creative for themselves or make changes to their wardrobe to make it more fashionable. 


Many of these people start fashion trends of their own just by wearing something different. With time it will become a “statement”, of who they are and becomes a “brand” of “street fashion”. If it is creative and stylish, it will catch on!



Photo by?? ? onUnsplash


Fashion should be an expression of ourselves and it should be fun. It is up 

to ordinary people to set trends for themselves and their community to control the amount of “buy-in” we have to the fashion industry and the marketing that turns the machine of the fashion industry. 



Shirley Langton 2020


Submitted: October 29, 2020

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