Paper mock warnings

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

It is a time when we must find always give the best of our efforts making every daily activity paperless and reusing the recycled paper for our most needed demands.

From around these writings how I saw the paper suffocate our existence,

And the unexpected scariness how it reveals the injustice we are doing,

Never comes to an end as the woods are again cut down for paper,

Still hassles as this warning a few pages back above the fallen trees,

The sky sickens the bird that encircle within the tender tree so hail its unglued nest,

Little ones catch the world plagued into their fears fallen on bare land below,

Still they relay endless cry as the show exhausted everything,

This is not only a story as sensed the forgotten rainforest in wildfires,

It climbed down overhanging our potted forest as gunned down as barren land,

That night flames protest on unbalanced dead feathers what clotted those coveted earthly blood on fears,

The very lifeless little ones lay dead spotless as if they once lived for this daylight,

What has changed an extraordinarily harmonious accompaniment of this dense rainforest,

Now laid down as if the destiny they never created became their last caravan,

Silent bird still not migrant heartless took the flight into the next branch,

Somewhere waiting for their reunion into a humming roof that our earth is,

May be the journey is not forgetful but they don’t blame anyone,

Life draws an affectionate portrait within fot the home where they will join spiritless,

Much-needed capacity of the living Earth feels their dreams will star every necessity again,

That clean rejuvenated forest converses the very question of our survival,

I sit down and think if any earthly nourishment ever practicably restores this oneness,

If lost the awful truth speaks for the greatest disaster in our entire history,

Where else on this creation can claims making the reclamation of our common home,

For this undiscovered road the future for my children tell myself I am can be the giver,

Changing my lifestyle with safeguards caught for the lasting overtones of our first warrior within,

Now the time has come for the exchange of strong action and serious thought how vulnerable we are,

Our fight how meaningfully we exhale lifegiving paperless space in daily activities,

When we save a tree than chopping it down for paper,

We protect our sustainable environment with pollution free oxygenated habitat for our future generations.

Submitted: October 30, 2020

© Copyright 2020 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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