The Personal Files: A Written Album: bonus tracks

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I don’t want to break you I don’t want to push you too far If you’ll listen, you can hear me through the dark And times... Read Chapter

The Man

Verse 1 It’s been 3 years now Since I’ve last heard from you, I’m down in Pittsburg While you’re with someone new... Read Chapter

No Name

He snores in his sleep He’s amazing these things it seems, He’s taken a broken piece And sowed it at the seams.  ... Read Chapter

Demons and Angels

Verse 1 I wake up And take a look at the life I’ve made Am I happy? To be standing here today I’ve chosen a life ... Read Chapter


Verse 1 I feel broken Beaten down and bruised I feel helpless And I run to you Is this how? My life’s supposed ... Read Chapter


Verse 1 It seems like we aren’t working out And I wanna cry I wanna cry The things you said come back to me And I w... Read Chapter

These Things

It’s these addictions They hit me late at night When I’m lonely Nobody by my side These demons come to life They ... Read Chapter

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