Cabin #39

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

This poem was inspired by a story I heard from a colleague who was a park ranger who saw an entry in a cabin's log book about how there was supposedly a exorcism which occurred in that cabin. I decided to tie it in with my Maple Lane poem to try to make it a little creepier. I hope you enjoy this poem and will check out some of my other work!

Were you there the night the devil came home?


There is a story told by few,

of an old cabin in a lonely wood.

Not many dares explore its’ view.

They say that in the cabin is found no good.


It was a cold January night.

Outside the wind howled the devil’s cry.

They said it was time for the demon to take flight.

But that night the demon didn’t die.


The devil had torn at his heart and tortured his soul.

They had become one in the same.

All his good had been sucked into a black hole.

In that old cabin on Maple Lane.


As the cold air blew, prayers were said.

Begging for some bit of relief.

Someone, they say now lays in that bed. 

Rest your head and you’ll be filled with grief.


They say there was a scream like no man has heard,

as the demon left the boy.

You can still hear it when the dust in the cabin is stirred.

Each visitor is a new toy.

Visit Cabin number 39 and you’ll never be the same.

What the boy left will drive you insane.

The devil will make you go insane.

Those that haunt will rack your brain.


You’ll be tortured when awake and tortured when you dream.

He haunts the kitchen; he haunts the attic. 

Your name you will hear him scream.

When you become his addict.


Have you been to Cabin number 39?

It was a place of change for that young boy.

Be careful where you align.

Because I am He.

Submitted: November 01, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Rappwriter59. All rights reserved.

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