Have you ever got so lost in a book it's as if you were actually there. Estelle Bennett was left a little Old bookstore that used to belong to her grandmother, it was a place that Estelle had loved since being a child and her Grandmother had always said it was a place that you could escape from reality.

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Perfect day

The sounds of the bustling market filled the dreary rainy air, I pulled the collar up higher and a held my bright red umberella as close ... Read Chapter


I felt myself become lost in the words on the pages as the descrptions of seventeenth centuary France drew me deeper and deeper in to the... Read Chapter

Not real

People were walking in and around Notre Dame; I walked inside.The eerie sound of Gothic monk singing reverberated around the stone p... Read Chapter

The Garrison

The sun was setting as we went under a large archway into a courtyard, on the left was a row of stables along side of a blacksmiths,... Read Chapter

Confusion all around

Aramis, D'artagnan and Porthos ran through the streets to the tavern that was frequented mostly by Musketeers. "Your woman moves fast... Read Chapter

In a daze

I jolted awake and the book slipped from my hands and fell to the floor. I sat up and put my head in my hands I was trembling, I looked a... Read Chapter

Head is spinning

I paced the floor of the shop before making a sign for the door saying I would be closed for a family emergency for a few weeks. I took a... Read Chapter

Need to apologize

"You both need to wash before dinner" Constance said walking around the chair her husband was sitting in and coming to pick up ... Read Chapter

Tough exterior

Athos walked through the Archway into the courtyard of the Garrison. Brazier fires were scattered about and the sound of horses in t... Read Chapter

Can't sleep

The snow was still falling heavily as we walked down the stairs. D'artaganan smiled at Constance and he offered her his arm as they cross... Read Chapter

In the Palace

Constance looked at me and waited for me to tell her about Athos, I felt my cheeks heat up and I fidgeted in the chair "A certai... Read Chapter

The King returns

The queen poured over the fabrics taking in each of them as the door opened and the sounds of noise came from the outer room as the King ... Read Chapter

Something's happening

I was shown in to a small sitting room with a fire blazing in the hearth and the ladies in waiting all sitting sewing; through a large se... Read Chapter


Capitain Treville and I walked down to the stables where his horse was saddled and waiting for him He got on and I was helped into place ... Read Chapter

Stressed out Musketeer

I sat up and drew my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them. Athos stroked my back "Estelle?" "The queen has asked ... Read Chapter


The sound of hushed voices woke me, I looked around and saw Aramis and Athos deep in conversation. Athos looked concerened as Aramis... Read Chapter


I didn't see Aramis at first he was back in the trees on the back of his horse, it was only when Hades stopped and whinnied I realized th... Read Chapter

Worry and fear

"Estelle... Estelle" I groaned as I heard Aramis's voice "Come on" I opened my eyes "There we go" snow was falling around us He helped me... Read Chapter

Down hill

A servant put my cloak around my shouders and I fastned the clip. Athos put on his hat and offered me a tight smile before leading m... Read Chapter


I struggled to get to my feet and backed away from them "I know her... she's the Musketeers new pet" One of them walked around me "Yo... Read Chapter


Light streamed through the windows. I slowly opened my eyes half expecting to see the inside of my shop but I was still in the Palace. I ... Read Chapter

Rage and Fire

I walked over to a window that looked out into a courtyard that was white over with deep snow. "WHAT HAPPENED?" Athos he demanded he ... Read Chapter


Athos put the glasses down on the table and pulled the cork out of it and poured it into two glasses and came over and handed one of them... Read Chapter

Heart to Heart

"Please Estelle come stay warm, and eat" Athos stood in the doorway "We will stay the night and then go back to Paris" I wrapped my arms ... Read Chapter

Return to Paris

I woke with a start and it took me a minute to remember where I was. Athos was sleeping soundly next to me with his arms wrapped around m... Read Chapter

Keeping busy

"Estelle"  I looked around at Captain Treville "let us get out of the chill" He gestured up the stairs. The warmth was a welcome cha... Read Chapter

In his arms

"My Queen" the King was off of his throne and down the steps and across the highly polished floor and he drew her in to his arms "I was s... Read Chapter

You Did What?!

I woke with a start at the sound of knocking on the door. I rubbed my hands over my face, I had no idea how long that I had been asl... Read Chapter

Constance and the Queen

 I picked up my cloak and pulled it on. I made my way out of the room and headed to the stairs as Captain Treville came out from his... Read Chapter

Pass the message

 I asked one of the grooms for my horse and saw Milady was walking toward me and tipped her head and smiled. She was stunn... Read Chapter


I walked back to Athos's room and opened the door, I bent to pick up a letter that had been pushed underneath the door. The flowing ... Read Chapter

Like a ghost

I re read the letter each word was like a punch in the gut. I folded the letter back up and slowly looked at Athos, there was a hurt and ... Read Chapter

Sleepless night

I pulled the shawl tighter around my shoulders as a draught seemed to blow in through the gap under the door. I looked at the flames in t... Read Chapter

Kings Mistress

I pulled the hood up on my cloak and allowed the stable boy to help me into the saddle. I was going to the palace on the word of the Quee... Read Chapter

That look

Time seemed to slow as Athos's expression changed as he was face to face with his wife. A darkness came over his face; the nerve in his c... Read Chapter

My frustration

I eased out of bed as I heard the sound of horses returning to the Garrison. Athos slept but his brow was furrowed, and he was restless e... Read Chapter

Losing my s*#t

I knew the way to the palace without much thought I'd ridden it enough times. Thoughts of my old life and the bookshop came into my mind ... Read Chapter

Make a plan

"I do not have a wife" Athos said raising his chin "That woman is a murderer and I do not believe the King to be in danger from her" the ... Read Chapter

Two for one

"NO, NO, NO" Athos slammed his hand on the table  "I think it's a good plan" I shrugged "We cannot use you as bait" Athos wa... Read Chapter

Start of the plan

I woke to the sound of a cockerel and the clashing of swords. I opened my eyes and the space on the bed next to me was empty. I got up an... Read Chapter

Causing a scene

Constance took a deep breath and smoothed her hands over her skirts before coming over to me. "I think we need a drink after that" sh... Read Chapter


"Oh, this is even better than you said," The Cardinal turned and looked at Milady "Treville's right hand in Athos has resigned; and Arami... Read Chapter

More dangerous than we thought

"Please tell me that Estelle is alright?" Athos said as he and Aramis hurried through the back streets "I do not know, and I didn't k... Read Chapter

Cat amongst the pigeons

 I paced the floor in the courtyard as a sleepy looking groom saddled a horse for me. I pulled up the hood on my Cloak. He helped me... Read Chapter

Next step

"Estelle, Estelle" I slowly opened my eyes a rough looking Aramis was looking at me  "Sorry I must have fallen asleep" I sat up ... Read Chapter

Well that went wrong; FAST

I didn't knock as I pushed open the doors to the Queens apartment, I was struggling to catch my breath. There were gasps from the ladies ... Read Chapter


Athos and I were lead inside the prison by the Red Guard warders. It took everything in me to put on foot in front of the other, Athos su... Read Chapter


Athos walked through the streets Rain ran from the brim of his hat, he had made sure that Milady was occupied eating with the Cardinal, a... Read Chapter

Pain and fear

The door to the cell opened and two red guard walked in. "Get up" One of the barked at me "What's happening?" I asked staying whe... Read Chapter


As they reached Constance there was a scream that brought the hairs up on the back of both of their necks. "That was Estelle" Athos g... Read Chapter


The four of them rode the short distance back to the Garrison. Athos dismounted and took the stairs two at a time the others followed him... Read Chapter


I woke up as I tried to turn over and pain radiated across my back. I hissed and pushed myself up Athos was sound asleep in the bed next ... Read Chapter

Clouds are parting

I braced my hand on the wall and took a deep breath and regretted it with the pain in my back. I felt a hand on each of my elbows and fin... Read Chapter


The Queen walked out leaving all of us in a stunned silence "Did she say you are to be free of Bonacieux?" D'artagnan said finally fi... Read Chapter

The Garrison is home

We waited in the throne room with the Queen and other members if the court. I paced the floor and Constance wrung her hands. The Queen sa... Read Chapter

Here's to the future

***Final chapter of this for now. I have loved every minute of this one so I may pay another visit to France in the future***** I s... Read Chapter

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