It's gonna be a scary week

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Heyyyy, did you miss me? Probably not, but I'm back anyway. I've been way too busy to post anything here but hey, I finished my shit about lakes and rivers and how water flows and all that shit I have to do for school, so I finally have some time to write.

Two days until the US election and it’s horrifying to think about. I’m sure we can all agree it’s been a bad year but I don’t think these elections will make things better, no matter who wins. At least not for a while. I’m probably not watching elections, since it’s like, 2.30 here when the show begins. I’ll probably just wake up at 6 and try to have an early morning. I’ve noticed that if I wake up early and have time to drink three cups of coffee before class, I’m a lot better off than with only one cup. And I know, we possibly won’t hear the results on who’s going to be the president the following morning, but I’m interested in what’s happening in the House and Senate as well. Not that I’m confident we’ll know that either.

There are a million things at stake here, but one makes me angry beyond anything. How the hell can a country that is so arrogant not realize how shitty their voting system is? Like seriously. Americans bride themselves on being a free and great country, but the only things they excel at is defense spending, inmate population and people who believe in angels, aka are batshit crazy. (Thank you Will McAvoy for these facts and I love how the people in that scene are horrified when someone points out that your country isn’t the best). No, but seriously. The videos and pictures I’ve seen of people voting early are horrifying because lines? Really? If I had to first register to vote (what the actual fuck), find out where to vote early (what the fuck) and then wait in line for more than two minutes to vote (because who the fuck has the time), I probably wouldn’t. When I vote, all I have to do is have some sort of ID, technically my driver’s license because I have one, have a normal life during the two-ish weeks before actual election day and vote. Because early voting stations are everywhere and I can vote literally anywhere in Finland. Schools, libraries, grocery stores, bus stations. I don’t have to be in my voting district. I can vote anywhere and it’s going to take away a couple of minutes of my day. I admire the people who have enough patience for the bullshit you need to do in the US because that if anything is voter suppression and before you call yourself a democracy or any of that shit, you make voting accessible and easy for everyone, not just the people who have time and/or money to wait in line. Let alone on a Tuesday. Maybe try having elections on weekends when most people don’t have work.

I’m scared.  Not for myself, but for people, because I can only imagine how angry people are. I can only imagine how angry people who have lost someone to corona or had to experience racism or is just simply scared of the divide in the US. I’m not saying Trump is to blame for all those things, but he certainly hasn’t made them much better.

Because don’t get me wrong. I’m not ignorant. When Trump says him banning air travel from China helped, he’s right. But that doesn’t matter if you don’t use that time to prepare. It doesn’t matter if you still after getting sick belittle a virus that millions of people can’t afford because not everyone has quality health care. It doesn’t matter if you’ve given black universities money if you still use racist and inhumane rhetoric and don’t understand that normalizing that in political speech has led to millions of people dying around the world in the past. You can pretend your country is doing great but if you tell a far-right extremist group to stand back and stand by, you’re not denouncing them, you’re giving them orders to fucking stand by like you’re a militia leader telling them to wait before an attack. Which you shouldn’t be. Because even if you don’t mean that and don’t understand what saying that means, someone will take your word literally and that person will not be the only one.

I’m scared for people because no matter who wins the elections, people will be angry. Most people will move on, but still, millions will be angry. If it takes days, even weeks to figure out who won, that will have the same effect. Everyone is anxious to know and I’m sure it’d be great if we could skip a week ahead where we’d maybe know. I’m scared of the possible violence that might erupt in the US and how it effects the rest of the world, because we can’t ignore the fact everything that happens in the US somehow shows here too. Political violence is one of those things and hell, you can see that happen even in such a small country as Finland. That scares me. Again, I’m not saying political violence is new, far from that; Finland has a very dark history when it comes to that. Unfortunately that has been on the rise the past years, not just in the US but the rest of the world too, and that’s why I’m scared of how the rest of the year goes by. At this point we’ve learnt it can and probably will always get worse.



Submitted: November 01, 2020

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Craig Davison

Money talks. Presidential campaigns go for 12 months. Australian elections for about 4 weeks max and cost far, far less. Our system is uniform across 6 states and two territories. Voting is compulsory, as one has a responsibilty to engage in the democratic process. Some people resent this, but you only have to pick up a ballot paper and stick it in a box ( you can post a blank vote if you wish). There has never been a scare campaign about the validity of postal votes or suppression of the ethnic vote in this country. Neither does there appear to be an obvious Gerrymander.
Best of all are the sausage sizzles at the voting stations. Yum.

Mon, November 2nd, 2020 12:01am

88 fingers

We have become a fucking joke to the world. I will vote, but not for either of these two clowns. There are others running for president.
As for election night, I will watch it...and with alcohol it will be easier to tolerate.

Mon, November 2nd, 2020 12:55pm


I think it sucks there are only two options and a third party candidate has close to no possibilities. I wish it was election night here: I'm probably watching a Finnish medium programme in the morning. It strts at 2.30 in the middle of the night so... might wake up, might not. But alcohol sounds good. Is it too early if I start drinking in the morning?

Mon, November 2nd, 2020 5:01am

moa rider

I hope the info about rivers and water sunk in Ms. Bantam, its important! If all of America is like what we see in the media, either way, the road is rocky for 'the land of the free' scratch that, 'the land of discontent.' Usianguke

Tue, November 3rd, 2020 2:43am

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