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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Writing project for NaNoWriMo 2020.

Cover image: lugocreation on Pixabay.com.

Table of Contents

1/ Stage Fright

1/ Stage Fright   Liz Henry stood off to one side, everything about her posture saying that she was alone because she wanted... Read Chapter

Chapter 2. Wheeling

2/ Wheeling   The sea was quite calm. There was none of the wind or the crashing of waves that sent the gulls wheeling up in... Read Chapter

3/ The Phone Call

3/ The Phone Call The man held out his cell phone towards Liz. “Thank you, err...” “Richard. My name is Richard Hughes,... Read Chapter

4/Decision Time

4/ Decision Time Back in her hotel room, Liz tried to get a clear perspective on what she had seen. The film clip had certainly appea... Read Chapter

5/ Making Plans

5/ Making Plans The newspaper article was all Liz needed to see to come to a decision. She would make contact with Mr Casey, and make... Read Chapter

6/ Waiting Time

6/ Waiting Time With two days free, Liz headed off to her family home. For some reason she found that she wanted to spend some time w... Read Chapter

7/ Flying West

7/ Flying West Liz spent the rest of the time before she had to leave her room, searching for any news of other strange avian events.... Read Chapter

8/ Meeting Dermott Casey

8/ Meeting Dermott Casey Still feeling shaken, after retrieving her laptop Liz made her way slowly along the aisle. The two cabin cre... Read Chapter

9/ Four And Twenty Blackbirds

9/ Four And Twenty Blackbirds Dermott led Liz from the terminal building and out into the airport car park. She wasn’t really sure ... Read Chapter

10/ Doubts Creep In

10/ Doubt Creeps In The shop had enough parking space at the front of it for about four vehicles, or rather it would have done if the... Read Chapter

11/ Arriving

11/ Arriving The hotel that Dermott had made the reservations in was not far out of the other side of town. He parked the car and ret... Read Chapter

12/ Going Rural

12/ Going Rural “Straight to your in-box? Who sent it?” Liz asked. She felt stunned by what she had read. “Paul Quigley.”... Read Chapter

13/ Crows

13/ Crows They could not see the tractor straight away as the ground rose quite steeply. Fresh tractor tracks pointed the way that th... Read Chapter

14/ What Just Happened?

14/ What Just Happened? Neither Liz nor Dermott knew how long the attack lasted. Liz had covered her head with her arms and hands to ... Read Chapter

15/ In Need Of A Break

15/ In Need Of A Break As Liz and Dermott made their way back to the car, leaving the dead crows behind, Liz said: “I think that is... Read Chapter

16/ Dreams And Nightmares

16/ Dreams And Nightmares For several hours her sleep was too deep to allow for any kind of dreams; either the pleasant kind or the n... Read Chapter

17/ Scotland

17/ Scotland “Sorry about that, Liz,” Dermott said and was about to go on when a continuous knocking on the door interrupted him.... Read Chapter

18/ Field Trip

18/ Field Trip There was only so much note taking and brainstorming that Liz and Dermott could do and neither could deny that with th... Read Chapter

19/ An Intrusion

19/ An Intrusion Liz locked eyes with the young journalist. He seemed to know Dermott, at least superficially, but to her he was almo... Read Chapter

20/ In London

20/ In London Any hopes that Liz had about simply slipping back in to the hotel were quickly dashed. She found herself cast in the ro... Read Chapter

21/ Calling Home

21/ Calling Home News reports continued to pour in. Liz and Dermott watched in mounting horror as it was announced that ten people ha... Read Chapter

22/ Brendan Moore

22/ Brendan Moore By the time Dermott arrived back at the Conference Room, Liz was back behind her laptop, going through all of the f... Read Chapter

23/ Inundated

23/ Inundated The storm did not seem to want to move away, but instead the clouds hovered and continued to expand. Several times hail... Read Chapter

24/ Looking For Clues

24/ Looking For Clues Several hours later, Liz again broke the silence. Even the rain seemed to be taking a break although the skies ... Read Chapter

25/ An Interlude

25/ An Interlude “He’s very persistent, isn’t he,” Liz said. “I guess that’s the only way he’ll ever move on to the... Read Chapter

26/ Attack

26/ Attack Without any sort of warning, the air was suddenly full of birds. It seemed to Liz that they had descended from the black c... Read Chapter

27/ Changing Tactics

27/ Changing Tactics Liz had no idea how long the attack lasted. It could have been minutes or it could have been hours. Working alon... Read Chapter

28/ The Clean-Up

28/ The Clean-Up They could have left, just turned towards the hotel and walked away. Neither Liz nor Dermott seemed prepared to walk... Read Chapter

29/ Two Dead Birds

29/ Two Dead Birds There was no sign of Paul Quigley in the corridor. Of course he would have made his way outside where a far bigger... Read Chapter

30/ Footage

30/ Footage “I don’t think these birds are going to tell us any more, do you?” Dermott asked. Liz shook her head. “Not wi... Read Chapter

31/ Grasping At Straws

31/ Grasping At Straws Dermott decided to leave Liz asleep. If she felt like he did, she certainly needed it. He was passed the point... Read Chapter

32/ Visitors

32/ Visitors “Do you think room service will be running again now?” Liz asked, after spending another thirty minutes staring at h... Read Chapter

33/ A New Pair Of Eyes

33/ A New Pair Of Eyes Once the door had closed, Dermott let out a sigh of relief. Paul Quigley continued to look at the floor. ... Read Chapter

34/ Looking Up

34/ Looking Up “I guess you’d better start by having a look at any of these you’ve not seen so far.” Dermott stood up and ush... Read Chapter

35/ Becoming Acquainted

35/ Becoming Acquainted It certainly seemed like Paul Quigley had breathed a bit of new life into the room. For a couple of hours the... Read Chapter

36/ Catching Up

36/ Catching Up Deciding to leave them asleep for a while longer, Dermott leaned forward and pressed the key to wake up his laptop. A... Read Chapter

37/ An Ocean View

37/ An Ocean View “Come on,” Dermott took hold of Liz’s arm. “Let’s walk a bit and we can get a bit nearer to the sea.” ... Read Chapter

38/ A Glitch

38/ A Glitch When Liz and Dermott arrived back at the hotel there was still no sign of Paul Quigley. When they had not encountered hi... Read Chapter

39/ Gougane Barra

39/ Gougane Barra Dermott drove as fast as he could, but soon they headed off from the main roads and he was forced to drive much slo... Read Chapter

40/ Hazmat

40/ Hazmat “I think you should both go now,” Paul said suddenly. Whatever it was that he had seen had made him change his mind. ... Read Chapter

41/ The Autopsy Findings

41/ The Autopsy Findings Liz reluctantly looked at her screen. So far, she could only see four reports and one of those had come from... Read Chapter

42/ Jumping To Conclusions

42/ Jumping To Conclusions Liz locked eyes with Dermott and gave a slight nod of her head. “Something tells me this has not com... Read Chapter

43/ It All Makes Sense In The End

43/ It All Makes Sense In The End There were no black clouds to be seen, not even off in the far distance. The sea, from what Liz cou... Read Chapter

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Recent Comments

Mike S.

A spooky beginning, Hull

Sun, November 1st, 2020 7:13pm


Thanks for starting this. I hope I get it finished.

Tue, November 10th, 2020 6:21am

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