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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Table of Contents


  Charles Woo was unfamiliar with his surroundings.  He could hear soothing jazz music being piped into his left ear throug... Read Chapter

History with Chris

Highway 41, Northern Indiana   “Don’t look.  Don’t look.  Don’t look. “ That was Audri’s twilight ... Read Chapter

St. Luke's Charity Hospital

St. Luke’s Charity Hospital   Dr. O observed the grim faces of the paramedics as they slowly rolled their gurney from the ... Read Chapter


Interstate Highway 41   Refocusing her attention to the dashboard of her Prius, Audri noted the time, 6:36 p.m.  She wo... Read Chapter

Mooney's Bar

Mooney’s Bar   Chris entered his usual off-duty haunt.  Since it was Friday, he expected a large crowd.  It was ... Read Chapter


Proteomics was Audri’s pet science.  Though her title Analytical Biochemist II suggested a broader range of areas, enzymes were Au... Read Chapter


  It was 7:22 when Joe started showing the signs of the Rohypnol.  He was discussing the victims that were suspected to be ... Read Chapter

Getting Through Security

Audri rode the brightly lit elevator to the basement level where lunch was being served.It was always the same fare.  A small, but w... Read Chapter


Rob and Jake’s shift started three hours before and ended an hour after Audri’s.  Twelve hour shifts were a bear, but it did mak... Read Chapter

To the Aquarium

  As she was hanging up the phone, it rang in her hand. It was Jake again. “Hi, Audri.” “Hello.”  "I'v... Read Chapter

Casual Sex

Apartment 343, Harriet Park, Chicago   Joe felt a dull ache in his groin Saturday when he woke at noon, but it wasn’t pain... Read Chapter

Discussing the Case

It didn’t bother Chris that he wasn’t privy to the homicide reports, but the current serial case had peaked his interest.  Joe... Read Chapter

Aurelia aurita

  “My favorite are the moon jellies.”  Jake divulged in a smooth, almost romantic tone as they approached a tank that s... Read Chapter

Crashing a Date at Mooney:s

Chris shortened his shift by taking a few hours comp time.  He needed time to get home and shower before going to Mooney‘s.  ... Read Chapter


  Following the collision with the tour director, Jake and Audri made their way toward the penguin area stopping frequently alon... Read Chapter

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