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Chris shortened his shift by taking a few hours comp time.  He needed time to get home and shower before going to Mooney‘s.  He hadn’t decided yet if he was going to invite Joe to meet them.  He didn’t know what exactly had transpired between Joe and Olivia.  If something had occurred between them, it might make the dinner awkward. 

“But that could be entertaining.”  He said to himself as he held down number four on his phone to dial Joe.

“Hey Chris, what’s up?”

“I have a craving for Irish Stew tonight.  Want to join me?”  Chris asked neglecting to mention that Olivia would be there.

“Yea, sounds good.  I needed to talk to you about something anyway.  Where and what time?”

“Mooney’s at seven.”

“Mooney’s?  As long as I didn’t make too much a fool of myself there last night.  I didn’t dance on any tables, did I?”

“No you were fine.”

“That’s a relief.  I was hoping that I didn’t act like an idiot in front of Olivia.  See ya there at seven.”

“How about I pick you up around 6:30?  That’ll be one less car to worry about afterwards.”

“Okay.  I’ll be ready.”



Submitted: November 15, 2020

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