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St. Luke’s Charity Hospital


Dr. O observed the grim faces of the paramedics as they slowly rolled their gurney from the emergency entrance toward the morgue.  The lump under the sheet signified victim number six in as many months.  Joe, the lead paramedic, broke off from the procession and stopped in front of Olivia. 

  “We were just seconds too late.  The traffic was backed along the highway in front of the motel where a maid found him; we couldn’t get through.” 

Joe’s words began to catch in his throat.  “O-Olivia, he tried to tell me something.  I could have sworn he said R-tech.”  His blue eyes met Dr. O’s black ones.  “I thought you should know.  The police probably won‘t report that to the media.”

Predictably calm under pressure, Dr. O soothed Joe with her voice, “Thank you so much for thinking about Audri’s safety.  I will warn her to take precautions.  Want to go to the lounge and get some coffee?  You look like you could use some.”


“What was the victim’s name?”

“All I know is that he was half Asian.  Don’t worry, Olivia, there’s no way you were close with someone who was staying at the motel where we found him.”

Olivia placed her hand on Joe’s back and steered him gently toward the lounge.  He, nor any of the male staff of St. Luke’s was immune to Olivia‘s charm. The baggie scrubs  actually complimented her athletic figure.  Dr. O’s long mocha tresses, bound tightly at the back of her head coupled with her dark almond-shaped eyes were more befitting of a belly dancer at Banerjee’s than an oncologist at a charity hospital.

Her looks often gave her an advantage in the game that would aid her daughter’s cause.  None of them ever expected what was coming.


Submitted: November 14, 2020

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