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Rob and Jake’s shift started three hours before and ended an hour after Audri’s.  Twelve hour shifts were a bear, but it did make for a shorter work week. As they gathered their personal belongings from the security booth, Rob couldn’t resist bringing up Jake’s date later that evening. 

“What in the hell were you thinking?”

“I’m not sure what you are talking about, Rob.”

“Dude, you are kidding me, right?”

“Oh, you mean accepting the date with Doc Zeal.  There is something going on with her that I don’t like.  I don’t think she should be trusted.  Her asking me out was just a ploy to make me want to avoid her and get her through security faster.  Then, she could finally smuggle some of those containers of hers through the gate.  It is amazing how condescending some of those scientists can be.  She must think we are idiots.  I’ll make sure she continues to think that and I will get a free meal and a few beers out of it in the process.  We will not let up on her when she passes through on Monday or ever for that matter.”

“What if she was just asking you out without an ulterior motive?  What are you going to do if she makes a pass?”

“I don’t think I’ll have to worry about that.  Are you going up to the gym before you leave?”

“Not this morning.  I need sleep to prep for my date tonight.  That hot tech who works for Dr. Fairmont.  Did you know that she used to be a Marine?”

“Hmmm, I’m not sure your dating her is such a good idea.  With that smart mouth of yours, you are likely to be picking up your teeth.  See you Monday if you are still alive.”

“Back at ya.”



On her way home from R-tech, Audri repeated her ritual as she passed Chris’s house.  Peeking to her right, she was shocked to see the cruiser coming down the drive toward the highway.  She jerked her head back to the front hoping he had not seen her looking toward him. 

“He must be helping cover someone else’s shift; he never works right now.”  She mumbled to herself.

Audri checked her rearview mirror.  Chris had pulled out right behind her.  Embarrassed, she wondered if he could see her lips moving in the mirrors.  He had always looked at her like she was strange.  Talking to herself would just validate it. 

The cruiser’s lights flashed.

“You have got to be kidding.”

Audri was on a stretch of highway with very narrow shoulders on the sides.  She remembered that the highway had recently been widened about a quarter mile ahead.  She tapped her breaks as a signal to Chris, but kept on driving toward the wider stretch of road. 

She pulled off as she approached her target area.  She knew she had been speeding.  For some unknown reason, the three mile stretch of highway in front of Chris’s was posted five miles slower than the normal highway speed.  Audri hadn’t considered it before, but maybe the state had marked it that way as a speed trap.  Chris could sit in his own drive and clock an endless number of speeders each day raising thousands in revenue for Indiana. 

Audri watched Chris get out of his car and put on his navy blue hat.  A vision of Dudley Dooright only much sexier flicked into her mind and she started giggling.  She rolled down her window, shut off the Prius’s engine, and blurted out, “I didn‘t want you to have to stand on the highway so I kept going to the wider road so you would be able to give me my speeding ticket without getting run over.” 

Audri face turned pink.  What made her say that?  Was she an idiot?

Chris smirked at her admission of caring for his safety.  “Oh, Audri, I didn’t realize that you had a car like this.  Didn’t you used to drive an Audi?”

Not waiting for her answer he continued.  “License and registration, please.” 

As she started digging through her purse, she responded, “Yes, but it was ready to die.  I had nearly 300,000 miles on it.” 

Audri pulled an overstuffed credit card wallet out.  The zipper had busted from the pressure of too many cards.  She pulled out the mass of plastic rectangles and started sifting through them. Restaurant gift cards, Wal-Mart, a Visa, a MasterCard, several expired and a current insurance card, among others, but there wasn’t a driver’s license. 

“Wait a minute; it’s always in here.”  She started shuffling through them again.

“Audri, your name is on your registration, isn’t’ it?  I can use that.”  Chris said with a mocking grin.

“Sure, it should be.”  She reached across toward the glove box but was stopped abruptly by the seatbelt.

“That’s going to leave a mark.” Chris wasn’t even trying to stifle his laughter.

Audri’s face went from pink to crimson.  She unlatched her belt and leaned over to her right again.  The glove box didn’t fall open when she pinched the buttons.  It was stuffed just like her wallet.  When she started to force it down, papers cascaded to the floorboard.  Audri snatched up a white business sized envelope hoping it was the right one.  When she pulled out the contents, she discovered end-of-year tax information for her mortgage from two years prior.  “I wondered where that went.“ She said with a strained giggle.

Her phone started to ring making her even more anxious.  She tossed the tax form onto the seat and grabbed another envelope.  It was an auto registration.  It had to be the correct year because she had just recently gotten this car as a gift from her mother.  She handed it to Chris.  Thankfully, the phone stopped ringing.

“Hmmm, this says your name is Olivia Freemark?

“Yes.”  Audri paused.  “I mean, no.  My mom bought this car for me.  I didn’t think about her name being on the registration.  I am sorry.”

“I guess I will have to take you in then.”

Audri’s mouth dropped open in horror and tears sprung to her eyes. 

“I am just joking, Audri.  Wow, I am glad I didn’t start reading you your rights. Sorry, it was a bad joke.” Chris smiled.  “Spell out your full name for me. I can look up your information in my car.”

Audri spelled her name out as Chris jotted it down on the back of her registration form. “Be right back.”

Audri grabbed her phone to check who had called.  It was an unfamiliar number.  She hit send.  Twangy country music.  “Lovely.”

“Hello, Audri.  That was quick.”  The voice coming through the phone was  Jake’s.  She was relieved figuring he was going to cancel.

“Oh, hi, Jake.  I am pulled over by the police right now.  Speeding.  I was trying to find my registration.  The officer has it now so I have a couple minutes.  What did you need?”

“I just wanted to tell you how much I am looking forward to our date tonight.” 

“Oh, really.  Uh, that’s great.  How did you get my cell number?” Audri responded with an hint of disbelief in her voice.  His demeanor had taken a 180 degree turn from when she asked him out.

“I am in security remember.  I know volumes about you.”

In her rearview mirror she saw Chris open his car door.

“Jake, I have to go.  The officer is coming back up to my car.  See you tonight.” 

“Bye until tonight, then.” Jake said a little too sweetly.

Chris approached the open window with an inquisitive look in his grey-blue eyes.  “You have a date tonight.  Do I know the guy?”

Audri was taken aback by the question because she doubted Chris actually cared.  She knew he thought she was a freak.  Her scatterbrained behavior in the past ten minutes certainly proved it.  “A guy from work.  He’s in security.  I don’t think you would know him.  We are going to Mooney’s for some of Ayden’s Irish Stew.”

“That sounds really good.  I may see you there.”  Chris looked directly into her eyes and winked.  “Here.  This is just a warning.  Slow down.”

Before she could answer he was gone.

“Chris you are still very hot.  Wish my date was with you tonight.“  Audri said to herself after Chris was safely back in his cruiser.  “Grocery store, then home.  Yipee.” She continued talking to herself until she caught sight of Chris staring at her in her rearview mirror waiting to pull back onto the highway. 

Embarrassed again.  Audri made a mental note to try and quit talking to herself as she pulled her Prius out into the flow of traffic.



An hour later, arms loaded with bags from Sterk’s Super Foods, Audri walked through the door to her apartment.  Her landline was ringing.  She dropped her keys and purse onto the couch and grabbed the receiver. 

“Hello, Darling.  I hear you have a date tonight. Do I know the young man?”

How did her mother find out so fast? “No, Mom, you haven’t met him as far as I know.”


“He is one of the security guys from work.  He is semi-good looking.  Dark brown hair, thick and wavy and he has the bluest eyes that I have ever seen…sort of short, but muscular.  He doesn’t really press his clothes or polish his shoes.  I am surprised that the execs haven’t fired him for that, he must be really good at his job.”  Audri knew that he was very good from her own experience.  He had never allowed her through with even the smallest of containers. 

“Well, Dear, it sounds like he is more than just semi-good looking to me.  The bluest eyes, really?  Do you think he has colored contacts?”

“Mom.  I don’t know.  I didn’t think it was appropriate to ask him.”

“I will take a good look at him, and let you know.”

“What?  When do you plan to do that.”

“I just got off the phone with Chris.  He asked me to go with him to Mooney‘s.  Knowing him he’ll invite Joe too.  He said you were planning to be there.”

That explained how she knew about the date. 

“Uh, well, now I am not so sure.”  Audri paused.  She was intrigued by the idea of Chris making a party of her date.  She barely knew Jake.  Then again, the others would be asking a lot of questions which would take the pressure off of  her to keep the conversation going. “Actually, that is a great idea.  The more the merrier as they say.  See you tonight.”

“Wear something feminine, Dear.  And put on make-up.  You aren’t going to a football game.  You are going on a date, a first date.”

“OK, Mom, I’ve got to put away my groceries before they start spoiling.  Bye.”

“Love you, bye”


Submitted: November 14, 2020

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