Bittersweet You

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Some couples aren't just meant to be but it seemed as though the universe was conspiring against them.

"When you left, I felt as if a part of me had gone too because then-" He stroked the edge of my cheek with his thumb. "You were my world and you still are"

I put a hand on his chest and our eyes lingered with each other for a few seconds or so, green dueling gold. "That world wasn't real Damien," I whispered.

Raelyn Hadley, a scarred girl who finally ran away from the demon who ruined her life, wants a fresh start and when she's accepted to be the assistant of a business mogul, she grasps this opportunity instantly but after meeting the secret CEO, her life is turned upside down yet again by the one and only, Damien Walker, or otherwise known as her ex-boyfriend.

It's already been four years after their breakup but it still seems that they have things to hide but with their pasts beginning to catch up with them, will Raelyn and Damien try to protect their rekindling love or will they end it as just another bittersweet memory?

Table of Contents

p r o l o g u e

"El dulce sonido de su voz..." I stared, my mouth half-open at him. The sweet sound of her voice.... Damien stood at the fron... Read Chapter

o n e - 9 years later

RAELYN'S POV Where on Earth was my phone? I rummaged fiercely through my drawers so much that the runners had almost broken off b... Read Chapter

t w o

DAMIEN'S POV I heard a shout from outside and seconds later a woman starts knocking furiously on my door. When I told her to come in,... Read Chapter

t h r e e

RAELYN'S POV Maybe there was something in that coffee because I was shocked myself that I agreed to stay and not run out of the blood... Read Chapter

f o u r

DAMIEN'S POV Night had fallen and I finally arrived home in a good mood even though I was attending meetings the whole day. I was so ... Read Chapter

f i v e

RAELYN'S POV Today was my first official day at Walker's and though a part of me was screaming to stay in bed for a few min... Read Chapter

s i x

DAMIEN'S POV Julie charged into my office without a knock- something people rarely did around here- and I froze, trying to stifle a l... Read Chapter

s e v e n

RAELYN'S POV I stared at the dark brown marks, some of which were my own and some not, that were spotted around my neck and upper arm... Read Chapter

e i g h t

DAMIEN'S POV My eyes narrowed when that guy pulled Raelyn up and began walking with her towards the exit, Raelyn's camera bobbing up ... Read Chapter

n i n e

RAELYN'S POV I ran through the dark streets not daring to look behind me. Everything looked the same and I couldn't tell if I had alr... Read Chapter

t e n

RAELYN'S POV I trudged absent-mindedly to my office, still in shock from what Damien said, and sank into my chair. Glancing at the cl... Read Chapter

e l e v e n

DAMIEN'S POV I immediately went downstairs when Briggs, one of my security men, had notified me that a man working at Davis Industrie... Read Chapter

t w e l v e

RAELYN'S POV As soon as I had made contact with the floor, I was told that I had been rushed to the medical room by the security guy.... Read Chapter

t h i r t e e n

DAMIEN'S POV "So Mr. Preston, are you saying you and Mr. Walker were completely clueless about this and have no intention of finding ... Read Chapter

f o u r t e e n

RAELYN'S POV I awoke the next morning with a mild headache and my body was aching due to my sore muscles. I swept the curtain aside a... Read Chapter

f i f t e e n

DAMIEN'S POV The day before... The chilly wind went down through the thin turtleneck I had on and I hastily turned up the collar ... Read Chapter

s i x t e e n

RAELYN'S POV I popped an Oreo in my mouth and smiled at the sweet, familiar taste of it. The deliciousness of them could never cease.... Read Chapter

s e v e n t e e n

DAMIEN'S POV I put the phone down on my lap and sat there in my car, processing what just happened. Oreos just called me&nbs... Read Chapter

e i g h t e e n

RAELYN'S POV   The drive back to Damien’s house was hard to describe. I kept glancing over to him and there was always a... Read Chapter

n i n e t e e n

DAMIEN'S POV   I stood there frozen after she left. That world wasn’t real? What on Earth was she talking about?&nbs... Read Chapter

t we n t y

RAELYN'S POV A week had passed since I stayed at his house and we acted as if nothing happened even though I could tell Damien wanted... Read Chapter

t we n t y - o n e

RAELYN'S POV We all took the train to a club and I was pleased that I had been able to get to know some of my other colleagues. "... Read Chapter

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