Voter Privacy

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Not sure how to do this. It's not an essay per say. But it is more fact than my own opinion.

Back when I was a lad, voting was a privlage that many expected privacy.

Now with social media, everyone seems to be taking voting as an outward opinion.

Privlage or not they are abusing their rights for privacy.

Maybe it's because our government don't care about privacy. 

Media is always pushing demographic details, and making it easy to profile.

Races, belieifs, sex, sexual preferences, and age groups all come into play.

So once you look at data, you can easily see how privacy is not private.

Extremists could easily and accurately target people thinking their vote was private.

Your privately telephone called on polls and other solicitations, based on your voting data.

So why do we take voting for granted and allow abuse of our own rights?

Why doesn't social media ban or filter voting opinions, to protect others?

Someone who makes their vote preference public, may be seen as an open target.

By allowing stuff we take for granted be public, removes privacy by monkey see monkey do.

It's not ok, yet until someone of authority takes measures, nobody will see proper privacy.

It's piracy of our private matters, and allows younger generations to become unaware of privacy.


Submitted: November 02, 2020

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Back in Black

If you look at mail in sign your vote along with dl I'd number and SS number...someone is going see that info...including how you voted. In person voting , especially by old lever machines was a lot better, privacy wise. It's supposed to be " secret ballot "...a few years ago..some people, espoused non secret voting, making your vote public...imagine how your vote could be controlled. The secret the only real say so we have

Mon, November 2nd, 2020 8:01pm


Yep! Unfortunately each generation that pops up does not seem to realize how privacy effects them. Seeing people not care about it allows others not to think. Then when something about privacy happens to them, then they complain. Too late, to let the intruder in when you cracked open the door. It's the way things go, allow people to forget about a freedom, and remove it later on once things become the norm. Soon we will have Joe Shmo be honoured on social media for signing in over 50 flipped voters for a particular politician. Making voting not only public but a social way to get more likes and followers.

Mon, November 2nd, 2020 12:11pm

Back in Black

Good points....when I was a kid there wasn't even your picture on a driver's license...when you've never knew freedom you don't miss it..each gen accepts less as the norm and accepts it

Mon, November 2nd, 2020 8:27pm

Craig Davison

The secret ballot was once known as The Australian Ballot, as it was first introduced in Australia in 1856, and used in every Federal election since Federation in 1901. The elctoral system is standardised through every State and Territory.
As for postal voting, I thought there was a double envelope system to maintain privacy. Postal voting is completely trusted in Australia and maintain any conspiracy theory you want but it is going to be continuingly necessary through the pandemic. I am glad I live in a Democracy where elections are not contested over 'hanging chads', the Australian Electoral Commission oversees a standardised national system, whereby states do not maintain Gerrymanders, and postal plebiscites are not challenged in the courts. The whole postal vote question was obviously brought up by Trump in order to cast doubt on the result if he loses, but then I have the luxury of voting for a candidate, not for some convoluted Electoral Colleges that can by-pass the wishes of the Polis.
Do not reply. I will continue to believe that US elections are flawed and basically corrupt. Good luck with 4 more years of avoidable pandemic.

Mon, November 2nd, 2020 11:44pm


By the way you replied, sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder, by telling me not to reply. If you feel that way then don't commnent.

Yes, the elections are flawed, but unlike UK and Australia each state is independent on their system. Even with common insurance policies. Consider the US a minuture global society. Each state it's own country. Impossible to rule over as a president, when a political party is against you and each state has it's laws. Trump did not want to inact a declaration of war to force all states to comply to martial law and make him into a tyrant. Sounds like you watch top much CNN or read yahoo news.

I don't like Trump but he does raise question about political tactics. No party is pure. No party is less of an evil than the other.

The real leaders are the companies lobbying for laws and keeping their laws. Google, Amazon, MS and others get a slap on their wrists because they are protected. Big money talks all others walk.

As for pandemic Austrailia and New Zealand are not major hubs at the time of outbreak. China was after EU and British 5G implementation and EU backing for Brexit. China has a lot of money played on world economics, and own you more than you think. They already own all your data from the last 10 years, and that includes personal info too. US was dealing with tech from China. Your comparing apples to oranges, when your isolated from external sources and miles between each other in Austrailia and New Zealand. Much easier to contain being far far and away from many. The issue that is burI'd by Democrats is NY. When Trump closed air travel in the start of March, NY allowed thousands to travel out side of NY, to infect other states. Coumo will not release any data to prove other wise, but surrounding states were told by Cuomo to stand down on road blocking in and out of NY. NY AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED IS JUST LIKE CHINA, A SUPER SPREADER! GET IT!

If your going to slosh bad information you better read from better sources.

Mon, November 2nd, 2020 4:16pm


I absolutely disagree with the message this "essay" conveys. It treats the election as some hush hush secret that we, the American people should keep to ourselves like our family secrets. How are we supposed to learn about the world if we do? When we see someone's opinions online, instead of slamming them, we should look at their argument properly. As people we should look at the evidence they give, go, do our own reseach on the topic and find out if what their saying is true or false. By saying that social media should ban political views from being shared, that would take away news channels giving information as well, to the many people who don't know what to believe. Yes, some channels are biased, but that is exactly why as an American you need to watch an array of channels to understand the issues. This exactly what the education system has been drilling into the minds of its student. Find evidence, give an argument, and context in a manner that intrigues the reader, and allow the audience to do thier own research. Too many people are uninformed about the elections because they don't listen or watch the news, but by scrolling through social media, if they see something that catches thier attention, they will investigate. Instead of banning politics from social media, it just needs to adapt a better filter for fake news.

Wed, November 4th, 2020 12:38pm


Ha! Your a millianial. Problem is every generation does not learn from their elders. Yes elders seem old hat, but if you keep ping new and improved, every year. How do you really understand what is really better. I love it when peeps talk about learning the world when the world knows the US better than its ctizens. Listen if you compare apples to oranges all you are going to get is some messed up Marmalade or funky apple pie. Trying to make the US into a patch work of so called goody goody gum drop bits and pieces of other policies and governments across the world, just makes a mess of sorts, when you have no clue to the glue that makes it all happen. What makes other governments so appealing is that most are all in on its form function. I am happy we got a hot mess, maybe it will wake up the peeps who thought they woke. Your world is not my world, and that's what makes us 50/50. I did your way of thinking and disconnected, and better for it, even though I have less than I use to have. But in all fairness, money is just money, freedom and choice is pure happiness. If you want you can move to another country to be happy, I am not going to stop you.

Wed, November 4th, 2020 5:26am


1. I'm not a millenial. 2. I found this very hard to read from the poor grammer and word choice. 3. Freedom and choice is happiness, but when people use that freedom and choice to spread false news that makes me upset, it distracts others from the real problems of the world. There's no such thing as complete privacy. I am not bashing your argument or views, I just disagree with them.

Wed, November 4th, 2020 4:17pm

sprinkly biscuit

Good piece , I understood every single word, I tend to play around with words and mush it all up ( as well you know) it's more re fun that way , the world is changing because of social media apps , phone messaging and texts , we all abbreviate like Mofos's cool.
You know I've been searching for the grammar police for some time I now know where they are mwaha..

Wed, November 4th, 2020 8:21pm


Ha! Yeppers! Thanks! Well, my take on it is, sort of like our Social Security Number. It was to be private, but through the years it became more and more used by companies and schools. A lot of data breaches have happened since the intermet. Most are not released to the public. Once a school laptop was stolen with the schools data base of students, staff and facility. It happened in Chicago of all places. The laptop was not secure. Shame on them! Now with the internet ChIna could mess with our economy using a data base of stolen information, that we took for granted over the Internet and our mobile devices. Google, facebook, ticTok, twitter and a lot more apps spread about havery had China ties with data mining and tracking. Look at poky mon go... the app knows where you go and what times you do your activities. All phone apps are not shut down by exit, and some start after reboot and stay resedent. Chrome browser for instance, will stay active after exit. This friendly passive aggressive and invasive data mining strategy won't end until we disconnect from apps, and use a browser that shuts down. MS Edge and Puffin do that, and maybe Firefox too, haven't used it in years.

Wed, November 4th, 2020 12:41pm

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