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LeighAnn is living life as a teenage sociopath. She was raised by her rich grandparents in a town so small that a new comer gets noticed immediately. LeighAnn is such a spoiled brat that she can't stand not being the center of attention in any situation, so when a new family comes to town, she falls in love with the soccer star oldest son and takes advantage of the rest of the family. however, what LeighAnn doesn't know is that sooner or later, her actions will have consequences and they aren't ones she's prepared for. Suddenly, there's new competition in town, but LeighAnn can't fight anymore, not after everybody learns HER big secret, and the results of that? The proof of who she really is as a person.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Author Note: This book is also available for purchase on Amazon and is formatted much better in those versions than it is on this website. Please also note that this story contains mature content
and langauge. Whether you enjoy this story or not, please leave a review on Amazon and/or Good Reads. Happy Reading!
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Chapter 2

It’s been a month since Cody and I got together. I had just posted about our one month, and then two days later, he broke up with ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

“You want to skip school tomorrow?” Christopher asked me over the phone. “My grandma would never let me get away with that.” “S... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Christopher picked Lyn up from detention because he promised her ice cream. Despite his promise, he had a craving for chicken, so we... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Christopher and I went to his parent’s house for a little bit after school. Things between us were tense because he believed a rum... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Lyn really is something else. She took three weeks of detention just so I wouldn’t get in trouble. I feel as though there should be a l... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Christopher and I skipped school again today. I cried during my persuasion so that it would look legit. I’m so embarrassed about yester... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

That Saturday, Pa drove Christopher and I over to his parents’ house. Pa wanted to confront Christopher’s obesity issues with his par... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

I know it seems crazy that I’m trying so hard to get Lyn to like me considering all the drama and never ending mess I put her through o... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

“Lyn! Lyn! Donatello!” Wright, a southern charmer sitting directly behind Lyn in history class said. I thought he was saying she look... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

I heard Lyn’s loud sobbing through the wooden door of her bedroom. She was screaming too, and every few seconds, there was a crashing s... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

I developed a heavy anxiety every time I heard the smallest giggle from someone in the waiting room, assuming they were talking about me.... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

I was awoken the next day by Christopher climbing into the bed with me. My eyes flung open in the direction of the door, remembering... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

I must have dozed off while waiting for a response from William. I was waken, scared to death, by a rattling at the door. I sat up on the... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

It was nearing the middle of September, and Lyn’s birthday. Christopher just finished explaining that she wants to go see the new horro... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

“You are so disrespectful, especially to your own mother. She is great; and you treat her so poorly. You’re such a crybaby too, and e... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Lyn walked into the house wearing a neon pink jacket that I had never seen before. Crazy, she must be, considering that its seventy-nine ... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

“It’s times like these I wish I had a mom to vent too and fight off my predators for me.” I was on a three way call with Courtney a... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

School was hectic. Every hallway, every bathroom, and every classroom was full of students interrogating me. That’s the only downfall a... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

Prom was approaching. Christopher of course asked me to go, but it wasn’t good enough. I told him I wanted a promposal, one so big that... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

It was three o’clock in the morning, Lyn was screaming bloody murder. I sat up just as her mom barged into her room, Christopher a... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

School the following Monday was chaotic. Wright got taken out of class by a police officer and I was called into the office by Dr. How. C... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Even though Christopher and I were prohibited from attending Prom, we were still allowed to attend the walk-in. The walk-in is when ... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

“What the hell is going on?” Lyn was running towards us barefoot, holding her dress up like she was some sort of royalty. Once s... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

I woke up the next morning alone; William had vanished without a trace. He left no note, sent no text message, and his car was removed fr... Read Chapter

Chapter 26

Christopher and I didn’t get much sleep tonight. We were on the couch watching tv. I checked the time on my phone and it read three a.m... Read Chapter

Chapter 27

When we arrived at the house, Christopher rushed into his room and slammed the door behind him. I plopped myself on the long sofa and sta... Read Chapter

Chapter 28

I woke up in Lyn’s bed around 1 p.m. I glanced around before noticing I was alone, wondering where she slept and what time she exited h... Read Chapter

Chapter 29

“Yes, I just puked all over Christopher’s bedroom floor.” I told my grandma. “Did you at least clean it up?” she asked. “No,... Read Chapter

Chapter 30

The following school year was complete chaos. Nobody, including myself could keep their eyes off of Lyn. She was the center of everything... Read Chapter

Chapter 31

Christopher’s mom was right, planning a wedding in such little time was super stressful, especially while trying to stay on top of my s... Read Chapter

Chapter 32

The day of the wedding was an early start. We rented cabins at the park; girls in one, guys in the other. I received the biggest surprise... Read Chapter

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