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I must have dozed off while waiting for a response from William. I was waken, scared to death, by a rattling at the door. I sat up on the couch, my heart racing and eyes wide. I grabbed my chest in relief when I saw that it was just Christopher. I forgot he had an apartment key. He walked over to me, handing me a bottle of sprite and a Styrofoam take out box full of lemon peppered wings. I looked up at him, confused. “I figured you were hungry.” He shrugged. I patted the couch cushion beside me, inviting him to sit. To my delight, he did. I dipped one of my wings in ranch, took a bite, then threw it back in the box, sighing. “I’m sorry.” We said together. Christopher looked at me shocked. “What is it?” I asked, nervous, thinking I said the wrong thing again. “You’ve never said sorry to me before, ever.” “I treat people how they deserve to be treated. I don’t believe in apologizing for the ignorance of others.” I explained. We both looked down at my phone when it vibrated. “Hey Beautiful,” from William we read. I gave Christopher an Ican-explain look. He stood up and buried his face in his hands. “You’re still communicating with him?” “He messaged me first.” I lied. “I do not want you talking to him anymore.” “Chris-“ “No, LeighAnn. I can’t believe you’re doing this to me. I do everything for you. I love you, when are you going to realize that?” He loves me. “Christopher, I love you too. William is just a fantasy of mine.” It’s not a fantasy if you’ve actually met the guy. Any day he can just come sweep you away.” “I love you, but, I like him, too.” “You can’t do that LeighAnn!” “But, he’s nice to look at, and he’s so sweet.” “He’s so sweet until he gets in your pants then runs.” “Are you implying that he’s a fuckboy?” “Kind of, yeah.” “He’s nothing like the guys your sister throws herself at!” “First of all, leave my sister out of this. Does William even know about me? Does he even know you have a boyfriend?” “Actually, that’s never came up.” “Great, so know you’re ashamed of me.” “When you act like a child, yes.” “Act like a child? I’m supposed to protect you, care about you but you just expect me to be okay with you wanting to hook up with another guy. How do you expect me to act?” “Supportive.” I whispered. “Supportive, LeighAnn? I’m not a huge fan of him, or you right now for that matter.” “I supported you when Lyn was hospitalized.” I snapped. “That’s not even close to the same type of support. My sister almost died, but you just want me to support you in loving another guy.” “I don’t love him.” “You might as well. Please list all of the things he’s done for you compared to me. You’ve got one fucked mind. You don’t know anything about life or relationships. You need to figure it out and let me know what you really want.” Our argument was interrupted by a knock on the door. “Great, the cops.” I thought. Christopher opened the door and an exhausted looking young woman stood before us. We looked at her until she spoke. “I’m downstairs, directly underneath you two,” She started. “I have a newborn baby and your arguing is disturbing him. Either break up or shut the hell up.” How rude. “Figure it out.” Christopher mouthed to me before brushing past the young woman, almost causing her to fall. I looked at the woman in disgust because of her crude comment; then I closed the door in her face. I walked over to the couch again, grabbing my phone, trying my luck with William. “Hey, sorry about the late response.” “Everything okay?” “Yeah, Christopher and I had a falling out.” “Who?” “Oh,” I typed, momentarily forgetting I hadn’t told him. “He’s my boyfriend…or well, he was.” “Care to talk about it?” “He just didn’t like me talking to you.” “Yeah, I don’t blame him. I’m a jealous guy too.” “Well, he was mad because I liked the attention I get from you.” “Right, jealousy.” “Oh yeah.” “I’m hungry.” “Go eat.” “I can’t, my house has no food.” “I’m sure there’s something you could eat.” The next few messages I received were pictures of his refrigerator and pantry, they’re both completely empty. “Your mom doesn’t buy you food?” “We usually eat whenever we’re out.” “So, you don’t eat whenever you’re home?” “Pretty much, yeah.” “Why don’t you get a job? You’re a man, it’s your responsibility to work.” “I have a job, but I make jack there. My mom charges me rent, and the rest I have to spend on pot for health reasons.” I sighed reading his message. I hate when Christopher smokes pot for leisure, but William has to do it for health problems? I don’t know which one is worse. All I feel now, is like a fool. I pushed Christopher away, William will never be able to take care of me, and I can’t do this on my own. My grandma won’t even pick me up so I can stay at her house. I heard a car door slam, and decided to peek through the blinds, a little spark of me hoping it would be Christopher. I didn’t see any sign of him, but I saw his dirty white pathfinder in the same space he always parks. I slipped on some slides and went to investigate. Christopher was passed out asleep in the driver’s side. I tapped on the window. Without opening his eyes, he unlocked the door, and I climbed in. “Hi,” I said, my voice gentle. “LeighAnn.” He acknowledged in that sexy, sleepy voice. “Were you out here all night?” I asked, noticing the pool of sweat he was soaked in. he nodded his head. “Why don’t you come upstairs, take a shower, and get in the air conditioning?” Christopher agreed then rubbed his eyes. We made our way back into the apartment. Christopher hopped in the shower without fussing and I snuck in afterwards, placing some clean clothes on the sink. Once he finished showering, he joined me on the couch. He didn’t say anything to me until I tried to make conversation first. “Why did you sleep in your car?” My tone was shy and collected. “I didn’t want to go to my mom’s because I wanted to avoid explaining our situation, so I just stayed in my car until you came to your senses and realized that I’m the man for you.” I swallowed at his comment. “You have friends though, you could have stayed with one of them.” “Again, LeighAnn, I didn’t want to explain our situation. The whole world doesn’t have to know when we argue.” Fair enough, I thought. “So what happened?” He asked. I sighed. “He’s..P-p..” I couldn’t get the words out. “Poor?” Christopher finished the sentence for me. “Yes, he could never provide for me.” “Tough luck.” Christopher joked. I gave him a sarcastic smirk. “Will you forgive me?” I asked. “Of course, LeighAnn.” I threw my arms around his neck in sweet relief. I promise Christopher, I will never hurt you again.  

Submitted: November 03, 2020

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