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The day of the wedding was an early start. We rented cabins at the park; girls in one, guys in the other. I received the biggest surprise of my life. Lyn showed up in her blush dress. I was a little frustrated that she showed up ready, in her dress with a curly up do, and more so of the fact that she was wearing so much make up that she was three layers away from resembling a circus clown, though I tried not to let it get to me and remain grateful that she was here. Courtney wore her hair straight, Aunt Meghan curled hers, and mine was done in a braided bun with two spiral curls drooping on both sides. When it came time to put on my dress, I struggled, and my girls struggled too. I couldn’t see my feet, and they couldn’t see how the dress was going to cover all my assets. Once it was finally over my breasts, it wouldn’t close in the back. Aunt Meghan came up with this idea to cover my back with the silver scarfs, so very quickly, but still careful, she made a cute sparkly vest out of all three scarfs and I proudly wore it over my dress. We had a few extra minutes to kill before we had to start walking, so I decided to show my girls our proposal video. We went to karaoke at a restaurant in town and once again, Christopher wowed me with his voice. He performed Jason Derulo’s ‘Marry Me’ and then got down on one knee with the biggest sterling silver diamond I have ever seen, and thus, the wedding planning began. This was a week or two after we’d asked our parents. I smiled wide as my girls let out their ‘awes.’ Finally, after months of stressful wedding planning and a very long, stressful morning, it was time to walk down the aisle. My girls went first, one at a time, in a single file line. Christopher forgot that he was supposed to find boys to stand with them, so he only had a best man. We walked down to the traditional ‘Wedding March.’ I climbed down the steps of the cabin and latched onto Uncle Russ’s inner arm. I looked at the crowd, and then wished I hadn’t. There were a lot of people present. Despite my promise to Christopher’s mom that we would have a small wedding, I went a little overboard and invited the whole school, my whole family, and Christopher’s whole family. It appeared as though every one of them came. Christopher couldn’t stop smiling at me, and I felt awkward standing there in front of everybody. My Pa started with the ceremony, vows were exchanged, we kissed, and then we were Mr. and Mrs. We made our way to the pavilion, and I started to get really sharp pains in my stomach. I tried to ignore them and have a good time. We got introduced as we walked up and went immediately into our first dance. We slow danced to the Journey song ‘Don’t  Stop Believing’ but my pain was getting worse and more frequent, and about half way through our dance, my eyes grew wide as I realized that my water broke. Everybody rushed to their cars and Christopher and I sped to the hospital, me screaming in pain the whole way. Most of the school kids went home, but our families stayed in the waiting room, all anxious to meet baby Griffin. It was long and painful, and exciting all at once, and finally, after long HE was here. He. It’s a boy. He’s a beautiful boy, but I noticed something off about him and hoped that Christopher wouldn’t notice during his skin to skin. After Christopher and I both finished our skin to skin with baby boy, we invited our families to join us. Everyone took turns holding him. Lyn went last and when she took one look at him, she laughed. “This baby looks exactly like-“I cut her off by forcing myself up to steal my baby back from her. Once he was in my arms, I finished Lyn’s sentence. “William.”

Submitted: November 03, 2020

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