I Am A Poet

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Created: November 24,2020


I am a poet, built from the dirt 

I am a poet, who had to learn his worth 

I am a poet, understanding the importance of my work 

But being built off dirt is not easy 

Believe me, you have to learn how it feels to be stepped on, played with, tricked 

Sold on the idea, I could be a magnificent castle

Built with no hassle, no upcoming delays 

Forever I believed I would stay, until that day

I would lose that trust 

All it took was somebody not paying attention,

then crushed, it was that easy to break me, 

understanding I had no foundation,

no pillars to hold me up

Just in that split second I lost my luck 

I Am A Poet, who had to learn his worth 

See, from being dirt

to understanding my possibilities took a lot of work 

Not just time, 

they had to change the thought process in my mind

When you have nothing & you're used to getting stepped on 

coming across a lick, justifying why you can do that crime 

are things you will never forget 

Being told you’re a king, 

doesn't always mean, you believe these things

So what they did was they sat me down

Making me look at images in my background 

& what I found, I was made to be strong 

Withstanding emotional trauma, 

I was meant to last long

Whatever the obstacle, we just got to move on

However you do it, 

Because Grandpa used to sing ol' spiritual songs

Grandma used to say, 

put your face in that book, you can start with Psalms 

Finally realizing my body was made to withstand storms 

It was told to me, when the doctor cut my umbilical cord 

He informed my mom, 

the importance of me being born 


understanding the importance of my work

never underestimating the power behind my words

Yes, I heard the saying “Sticks & stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me”, Lies

Kids getting bullied over the internet,

not physically touched but committing suicide 

Sometimes ...Poets don't know

when we are on stage, we hold your lives,

reading off words, we write on these blue lines 

My responsibility as a Poet, 

is to say what's in my dome, 

rather it be a love poem, or a

I Hate You I want to break up poem

I'm standing in front of you here is my heart poem

What I'm trying to say is ...I'm needed 

Because I AM A POET

Submitted: November 03, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Poetry. All rights reserved.

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