Ars: The World Beyond The Walls

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For a thousand years, humanity has been confined behind the large, overarching walls that protect them from the outside world. It is said that before the age within the walls, humanity ruled the world, overpowering the creatures of this land with their overwhelming magical ability. However, now humanity is but a shell of its former self, forced to live within walls that only hold a few thousand people, only sending out a select skilful few each year to explore the world beyond the walls. Most never return, and those who do bring back scars, both physical and mental.

The curiosity that humankind possesses is an ember that no matter how small it glows, will never truly fade. A group of aspiring adventurers that seek to know what lies outside the walls don't plan on waiting until they're of age to be selected, the group they call themselves as "The Seekers".

What waits for them outside the walls is true hardship, creatures that are beyond their greatest imagination, beyond their deepest, darkest fears.

Table of Contents

Prologue - The World We Seek

"The last bastion of humanity", that's what we're called. At least that is the title the Priest gives us all. All we're taught when we're... Read Chapter

Chapter 1 - Iris

A soft breeze travelled through an open window, brushing against the boy's hair as he gazed upon the ever so tall walls. The sight of tho... Read Chapter

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