Quintessence of Victoria

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A poem I wrote and dedicated to my wife, converted and mastered into song.

All rights reserved


Quintessence of Victoria





You entered my life and it was meant to be.


Changing me for the better and unexpectedly.


You are the love of my life and the core of me.


You are my heart & my soul, you are the air I breath.


You are my sleeping sigh and my warm embrace.


My dreams filled with colour and my morning grace.





The touch of your skin and your blissful scent.


The sweetest taste. Kissing lips are heaven-scent


Binding our souls was always meant to be.


Making love under white cotton sheets.


This is where I belong, feeling hopeful and free.


Holding on to every second just to watch you sleep.





Waiting for forever in hope,


just to hold you tight.


You are the promise of sunlight on a new days rise.


Life is a playground, with you by my side.


So open your eyes





I was nervous but you said yes, when on one knee.


Our wedding is the essence of love… of all our dreams.


My breathtaking bride standing next to me


Being with you is everything i want and need.


Describing my love in song verse.


We’ve been through the best and seen the worst.





But that is the beauty of our life you see


We have come so far and I know your dream.


From peeling wallpaper in my pink check shirt.


Our love is a gift even when our bubble bursts.


I have seen you fall but fight for all your worth.


Reaching dreams though a year of pain and hurt.








Stay warm with our memories we both love & share.


No matter what i will find you and will always be there.


I promise with all my heart that I will work, you’ll see.


 To have a future with Penguins and our 370"





Submitted: November 03, 2020

© Copyright 2020 D P Rawlin. All rights reserved.

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