Binny and Little Rainbow

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

About good deeds and brave girls

Binny and the Little Rainbow

By Samreen Razi

Chapter I: A Perfect Sunday

The sky was clear and striking, painted in a brilliant blue shade. The freshly cut grass in the garden looked neat. The flowers were blooming in the sunlight, reaching out with wide open arms towards the golden rays, as if to embrace them. It was no doubt a beautiful Sunday morning, a perfect holiday.

13-year-old Binny yawned and stretched on the bed, waking up from a deep, peaceful slumber in her room. The room was small but tidy. Everything was decorated in pink (Her favourite colour).

“A pretty, bright day---

 Full of fun things to play---

And lots of goodies to eat--

What a lovely treat!!”

Uttered Binny excitedly in rhyme. She loved to rhyme and often talked in a sing-song fashion.

With lightning speed, in one fluid smooth movement, Binny rushed out of the bed still in her sleeping pajamas. She dashed downstairs. The sweet, mouth-watering smell coming from the kitchen indicated that Mommy was preparing French toast ,Binny’s favourite. 

The house was small but orderly, with little furniture. Mommy, Daddy and Dadi Jan ( Grandmother) were very particular about cleanliness. However, the other rooms were decorated in blue, not pink. It was a pretty little house on Rashid Minhas road in Karachi.

But little Binny had no time today to ponder over the splendor of the place. For just as she had reached the bottom step of the stairs it came again---------like always.














Chapter II: The Strange Sound

“Chaawarp, chaawarp, chaawarp, ………….”, along came the peculiar sound, that was heard for days.

Binny’s curiosity grew. She tip toed in the direction of the sound.

“Oh!! Look at that??”, Binny blurted out in surprise.

The wings were fine silk threads, in glittering rich and dazzling shades, like a rainbow spread out in the sky. Or perhaps the colours resembled a painter’s palatte, which are to be splattered on a lovely painting in sparkling tones. Mother-nature had fashioned this little creature beautifully. The view was heavenly and breath-taking.

“What a pretty little bird!!,”  thought Binny awe-struck, looking at the prettiest creature, sitting on the branch of the lush green tree that was standing in the garden.

But alas!! Off came the peculiar sound continuously, from the tiny being, as if it was sad-------very sad.

Binny wrinkled her nose in confusion.

“Why was the prettiest creature in the whole wide world so sad??”She asked herself confused, “Aren’t birds supposed to bring out happy, melodious chirping?”

“Binny???”Just then Mommy’s voice interrupted her thoughts.”Wash yourself and change for breakfast”, she said.

Binny started moving towards the washroom. However, she couldn’t help pondering about the sad bird.

“But why is it so sad???”, she kept thinking.

















Chapter III: The Question

The breakfast table was all set, laden with delicious goodies. The blend of steaming hot, sweet tea with freshly prepared sugary French toast seemed quite wonderful, even more so with the strawberry jam and honey to add to the lip-smacking flavours. Daddy, Mommy and Dadi Jan were munching on the delightful treat along with Binny, who seemed obviously enjoying herself.

“Daddy?”, Binny said suddenly.

“Yes dear,” replied Daddy, sipping tea from his cup.

“Why does Rainbow sound so sad?”, she asked.

“Rainbow?”, he inquired, raising one eyebrow in question.

“The little bird on the tree,”, she exclaimed excitedly, “It is beautiful like a rainbow so I call it so,”she explained.

“I think,” Mommy continued, “Perhaps it is sick or stuck, what a pity!!”, she said in a sympathetic tone shaking her head from side to side.

“But won’t it die that way?”Binny asked with big round, worried eyes. “Can’t we do something to help it??” she continued saying.

“That is a nice idea dear but…….,” Daddy explained in a tender manner, “Your Mommy can’t climb trees and Dadi Jan is too old for that kind of work.”

Dadi Jan explained further, “It’s an off day Binny, so it would be too difficult to get any help from outside too, as routine activities are closed while everyone is busy with their holiday. And as for the neighbours, Mr and Mrs Shahzad who live next door are old and alone and can’t perform such tasks.”

“Your Daddy would have managed something himself dear but…..”, added Mommy pointing at Daddy’s foot.

Daddy’s right foot was plastered in bandages as he had slipped from the stairs some days back and suffered a minor injury. The doctor had advised him to rest and not put strain on the foot or walk too much, until it got better and stopped limping.

“Let’s see if we can manage something tomorrow,” Dadi Jan said.

Upon this, little Binny lowered her head. What is wrong with Rainbow?? Is it sick or stuck like Mommy said?? What if Dadi Jan can’t find help even tomorrow??What if Rainbow dies as nobody could help it in time??So many questions troubled Binny. She quietly munched on the toast-----uneasy.








Chapter IV: The Aha Moment

As the evening approached, much as Binny tried to forget little Rainbow she just couldn’t keep it out of her head. Even the excitement of having school the next day couldn’t make her forget. She tried to catch a glimpse of the bird for now she couldn’t even hear the sad sound it was producing.

Oh dear!!!!!!!There lay the bird on the tree branch, not moving, very much still, as if sick or worse----------dead.

Binny started parading her room nervously---right, left, back, forth, to, fro, march march, march on she did. Something did not feel right.

 “What was wrong??,” little Binny asked herself.

She thought again and again. Something was not right. Something just did not feel right.

And then very abruptly, out of nowhere, it clicked--------the Aha moment-----when everything is crystal clear like the only missing piece completes a big jigsaw puzzle.

“Mommy?? Can I make a phone call to Sarah??”,Binny asked approaching mommy who was in the living room, laying the table for evening tea.

Sarah was Binny’s school mate and best buddy. More so, she lived only a few houses away.

She picked up the phone and dialed Sarah’s home number as Mommy had granted her the permission. The ring went on and on. On the seventh dial Sarah picked the phone.

Binny couldn’t wait. She told all her plan to her best friend-------in one breath.

Chapter V: The Plan

The doorbell finally rang.

“ I will take it, ‘ Binny exclaimed loudly, rushing downstairs from her bedroom.

“Who is it??” asked Dadi Jan from the living room.

“It’s Sarah,” she exclaimed.

Without catching their breaths or exchanging any words, Binny looked at the  shopping bags in the hands of Sarah. The stuff was there, everything that Binny had asked for on the phone. Now both friends ran outside towards the garden.

Binny looked up at the small tree. She took a deep breath. Her heart was pounding fast against her little chest, as if ready to explode. She cleared her head and adjusted her focus and placed firmly the stuff from the shopping bags in her pockets.

Now very carefully, little by little, slowly, very slowly, she started climbing the small ladder that both she and Sarah had dragged from the corner of the garden, which they had tied tightly against the trunk with thick ropes and which Sarah was now holding with all her might to keep it in place, so that it doesn’t move even after being tied with the ropes.

 “Binny??”, shouted Mommy from the kitchen window suddenly, spotting her, “What are you doing?”, she continued.

“Come down this instant!!”, said Dadi Jan also, aloud .

But with one step at a time, each step firm and strong, Binny climbed up. Her eyes and mind focused.

 In one quick movement, her whole family was outside in the garden, watching Binny dumbfounded.

However, little Binny couldn’t respond------she was focused on climbing up.
















Chapter VI: The Tree Top

“Yes, it surely is a small tree”, Binny thought upon reaching the top and looking at the ground from the top.

Without wasting any time, she took out the small bowl from her shirt pocket, placed it on the branch and put some water in it from a small water bottle that she took out from another pocket from her pants. She then placed the little piece of bread on the branch near the bowl.

Her eyes now fell on the pretty bird.

And what did she see???

The poor creature had its left claw stuck in the twig due to which it couldn’t move or fly. Binny felt so sorry, it almost broke her heart to see the little being so helpless and in such pain. Very carefully, she removed the twig that held the small claw, making sure not to cause any damage to the bird.

Once free, little Rainbow started showing signs of life.

But alas!!The poor creature was too weak to fly. However, fortunately it managed to drink some water and take tiny bites of the bread that Binny had placed near the bowl.

And lo and behold!! In a few minutes, little Rainbow gathered enough energy to move around. It started flapping the ever-beautiful wings and flew in tiny circles around Binny as if to show gratitude, making Binny laugh.

“Binny??” , uttered Daddy loudly in a disapproving tone.

“Uh-oh!!” thought Binny as if brought back to earth with a loud thud. She again very carefully started to go down the ladder, -----knowing she was in trouble.

















Chapter VI: The Declaration

“What on earth were you doing??” , was all Daddy could utter once she came down the ladder.

Binny kept her eyes on the ground. She started sheepishly. “Daddy it did not feel right to wait. Had we waited till tomorrow, Rainbow could have died, I had to do something to save its life.” she continued, “The tree wasn’t that tall or big, it was a small tree, I could climb it, but I had to ask Sarah to help,” continued Binny, still staring down at the grass.

“Uncle Ahmad,” joined Sarah, looking at Binny’s Daddy,” I talked to my family if they can help but everyone was too busy in the upcoming family wedding to pay attention to the little bird. So, I brought a small water bottle, a piece of bread, a little bowl and ropes from my house as Binny told me everything on the phone,” continued Sarah in an equally sheepish tone, “We dragged that old small ladder in your garden corner and we tied it with ropes and also I held it firmly so Binny could climb up.”

“I know you are angry and I was also scared but,” Binny said looking at all of them in an apologetic manner, “A quote from my text book that our teacher taught us in school kept me going that said, ‘You have to care for all animals created by God!!”, she said.

“You have to care for all beings created by God, Abdul Sattar Edhi , the great humanitarian from Pakistan once said,” Dadi Jan corrected, finally breaking her silence.

Daddy took out a long sigh and shook his head from side to side.

“Listen young ladies,” continued Daddy, “Saving a life nomatter how small the being is, was a brave and noble deed you did, especially you young lady,” Daddy said pointing at Binny,

” Because it takes a lot of risk, courage and determination to stand for what is right come what may, in the path to help and save others and by asking yourselves is it right to ignore the distressed and those in need, you gathered that extra strength and willpower needed to take action. This doesn’t at all mean that you involve yourself in extreme risks, but you can try acting even in little ways like climbing a small tree to rescue a little creature for what is right,” Daddy continued, ‘Therefore, from now on, I will call you Bahadur (Brave) Binny,” he said.

 “And you both managed it well,” continued Dadi Jan, “ That gives us another lesson that if we manage things cautiously, wisely and with complete focus then we can achieve the most challenging task in the world as nothing is impossible,” she said.

“But next time,” Mommy said, “Do share with your family all your intentions and thoughts so that a better solution and action might be thought of to any problem,” she said.

Both the girls promised.

 Then Mommy uttered,” And as punishment for making all the family anxious, no French toast for atleast a week,” she said.

Upon hearing this, Binny frowned and everyone laughed.

“Feeling happy and light--------

And that is just so right”!!,” she uttered in her usual, cheerful, sing-song manner watching everyone happy.

Oh and guess what?? Bahadur Binny now has a visitor that visits her in her garden often to cherish a lifetime of friendship, and the name of that visitor is----------little Rainbow.
























Submitted: November 04, 2020

© Copyright 2020 SRazii. All rights reserved.

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