Binny and the Unforgettable Saturday

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good deeds and brave girls

Binny and the Unforgettable Saturday  

By Samreen Razi

Chapter-I Mommy is Unwell

“Aaaaachoooooo,” sneezed Mommy aloud while wiping her nose with a handkerchief.

It was a Saturday morning. Daddy was preparing to go to work. Dadi Jan ( Grandmother) sat in the living room, sipping her morning tea, while 13-year old Binny was reading a story book in the living room, as it was a holiday from school.

“Why don’t you go and see a doctor dear??” continued Dadi Jan talking to Mommy, “You don’t look well,” she said.

 Dadi Jan was speaking about the health of Mommy as she was ill since last few days with a high fever, bad cold and sneezing.

“Yes dear,” said Daddy entering the living room, ready to leave for work, he too heard what Dadi Jan was saying.

“I agree with mother that you must see a doctor as you look ill,” uttered Daddy.

“ Yes but,” Mommy said, “ There is so much household work that needs to be done, I can’t leave all that behind”, she said, “ There is dusting and watering the plants and……”, continued Mommy listing down all the chores she had to do.

Since Dadi Jan was old and Daddy had to go to his office most days of the week and also because there was no hired help at home, therefore, Mommy had to do all the work herself including taking care of Binny’s studies and homework. She managed it all so well like a “Superwoman” from movies and comics but now Dadi Jan looked concerned and Daddy was also worried.

And as Mommy continued to go to her chores with eyes that looked puffy with exhaustion and high fever, and nose that was swollen with sneezing and cold, Binny thought about Mommy and how she had gone from supermom to being so tired and unwell.














Chapter II- The Trick

Daddy had left for work and Mommy had opened the tap in the kitchen to wash the utensils when Binny turned to Dadi Jan.

“Dadi Jan??” continued Binny, “With all the work Mommy has to do won’t her health get worse?” she asked.

“Yes dear,” Dadi Jan replied, “You are right, her condition can worsen,” she said .

“Then we should make her better Dadi Jan”, said Binny, her voice full of concern.

“ I think dear, I might know a way,” said Dadi Jan, “ But before we do that can you think of someone who can come over because we will need a third person too?” said Dadi Jan

“ Yes, I know who” Binny replied excitedly, her eyes now sparkling, understanding a little bit of what Dadi Jan was saying, and in a jiffy Binny ran to get that third person.








Chapter III-How it All Happened  

It was evening time and Daddy just returned home from work. He entered the living room when he saw Mommy sitting on the sofa drinking evening tea.

“You look better dear, “ said Daddy, “ It seems you have rested,” he uttered in a pleasant surprise.

“Yes,” replied Mommy cheerfully, “ Why don’t you ask Mother and Binny about how it all happened?” she said smiling.

“Daddy”, said Binny, “Mommy was so ill that it did not feel right to make her work, so Dadi Jan and I asked Mommy to rest and we planned the whole day’s activities” continued Binny,“ Dadi Jan cleaned the dishes and prepared lunch for all and soup for Mommy, while I placed everything back in their proper places that were lying scattered in every room. Then I started dusting,” said Binny

“It was Binny’s idea to help out to make her mother better,” said Dadi Jan smiling,” I just supported in carrying out her excellent plan, but since the work was more we needed an extra pair of hands therefore Binny thought about calling over her best friend,” she said.

“Yup,” said Binny, “Sarah came over, she watered the plants and helped folding the laundry that was already washed and needed to be placed in the cupboards. In this way, by dividing all the chores we were able to complete every task and Mommy had time to visit the doctor while I and Sarah made get well cards for her, ” she replied.

“Yes,” continued Mommy smiling, “I took the medicine the doctor gave me and now feeling better,” she said with eyes sparkling in joy.

 “Daddy, “ Binny uttered, “ I wanted Mommy to become supermommy again the way she looks after everything and everyone with special love and care when she is better,”  she said.

Daddy smiled, “My Bahadur Binny,” he said, “By thinking of taking care of your mother you have yet again done a great deed of how we should take care of each other especially our family and loved ones in times of need to not only enhance our love for each other but also strengthen the bond that we share,” he said joyfully.

“ To lose my supermommy was a fright------

“But now everything is right”, said Binny in her usual, cheerful, sing-song manner as all the family smiled with joy making that Saturday memorable.

Oh and guess what?? Apart from Mommy, Binny has also started to care for her Daddy and Dadi Jan and not to forget her best friend------Sarah for what is more important than our family and loved ones who love us constantly and unconditionally and are always there when we need them??

Submitted: November 04, 2020

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