The Twin-Sized Musical Mess

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Melody and her twin sister Harmony almost never fight, but when they both try out for the lead role in the musical, and Harmony gets the part while Melody is in the chorus, everything turns upside-down.

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I have always loved music. I guess it's in my blood. My mom sings, my dad plays cello, my uncle plays drums, and my aunt plays gui... Read Chapter


In the morning as I'm walking to school, Melody looks sad. "Hey Melody, are you excited to see who got the part?" I say, hoping it'll che... Read Chapter


I'm still looking for my name. Here's what i see: Chorus:  Mackenzie Brown Marlee Williams Jason Fresh Ben Stor... Read Chapter


"Harmony?" Melody calls, sticking her head in the doorway to my room. "Mom says we're going out for ice cream!" "Ice cream?" I ask... Read Chapter

The School Musical - After Months Of Practice

Over hours upon hours of continuous practice, We've finally made it. The big day. We're both so excited. It doesn't matter anymore that... Read Chapter


"So... I guess it's finally time to go on stage. No big deal... It's not like I'm gonna messup and totally humiliate myself."  I s... Read Chapter


"Has anyone seen Harmony?" I hear Mrs. Smith call, "She's missing and the play is starting!" "She was right over here a second ago." Ja... Read Chapter


I'm finally ready. My sister's speech echos through my head. She believes in me. I can do this. I dance onstage, open my mouth and star... Read Chapter

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