Embers and Dreams

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

“Search your soul and you will find
The memories you left behind
Though happiness seems far away
In your heart this love shall stay”

A songbook dedicated to those who have loved and lost, and dare to love again.

Table of Contents

One Day In September

One day in September I will see the face of the one I love She'll be on her way On a windy autumn day I'll watch her passing by ... Read Chapter

I’ve Never Felt So Sure

Since we met I've found a love worth living for And I've never felt so sure of anything before When I'm with you, my blues fade away ... Read Chapter

Soul Mate

We were just two spirits searching Didn't know that we would find each other Now I can't escape the feeling In my heart I know ther... Read Chapter

When Love Shines A Light

Darlin' when love shines a light You can't let it go out You gotta hold on tight We'll be all right When love shines a light Yo... Read Chapter

Let’s Make An Arrangement

Let's make an arrangement tonight We'll talk it out and make it all right I need to be in your presence again I need your love, won... Read Chapter

Sunlight Through My Window

Now I've got you Oh you I see that sunlight through my window It's gonna be another lovely day with you Oh you And I will have ... Read Chapter

Since I Lost You

Ever since you left me here I've been feeling oh so down It's strange to be lying here And you're nowhere to be found I've bec... Read Chapter

Sunny Day On My Mind

Ever since you left me here I've been feeling oh so down It's strange to be lying here And you're nowhere to be found I've bec... Read Chapter

One And Only

You're my one and only And all I need is you You're my one and only I'll be yours my whole life through How can I explain the ... Read Chapter

No Greater Love

I met her on a cool September day I knew she'd take my loneliness away And by her side I will always stay When you take my hand ... Read Chapter

Long And Lasting

Did you ever think that it would be like this Did you ever think we'd find a love so long and lasting No I never thought it could be ... Read Chapter

Take Care of My Heart

Take care of my heart Don't you leave me sad and blue Take care of my heart During the good and the bad times too Please don't... Read Chapter

Love Comes, Love Goes

Love comes, love goes Nobody knows just why, though But love grows, love goes And that's the way it's got to be When I was a b... Read Chapter

Ours For the Taking

Take my hand, let's begin our life today Let's not ignore love's invitation If you put your trust in me, girl Together we will trea... Read Chapter

Point of View

I was the man, the man who had it all Never needed someone else besides me Then came a girl, shone light upon my world Somehow touc... Read Chapter

Shadow of Love

Not so very long ago I was yours, and you were mine We were happy all the time Little did I know That you would leave me sad and ... Read Chapter

Secret Love

I had a secret love I met her in the attic of a lonely place She was my secret love I knew I’d never forget her face Talking... Read Chapter

Wherever You Are

Wherever you are That’s where I want to be It matters not how far I’m yours eternally Wherever you are That’s where I... Read Chapter

I Realized Too Late

I realized too late The things I should have said and done How you made me feel Now I’m in a world of one And I realized too... Read Chapter

Fourteen Hundred Sunset Boulevard

I’m on way Gonna see my girl today I’ll soon be there And there won’t be no delay So if you please, I really can’t sta... Read Chapter

Ladder of Love

We’re gonna climb up the ladder of love Gonna make it to the heavens above One rung at a time Don’t it feel so fine Climbing ... Read Chapter

Try To Be Two

Can we try to be two once again Can we try to be two once again Well I’d give all my love, if we could begin Can we try to be two... Read Chapter

The Wanderer

A wandering soul am I Under a starry sky Destined now to roam These roads I walk alone A wandering soul am I And should you ... Read Chapter

Waiting For Sunday

You said "let's take a while to figure out What this love is all about Let's talk on Sunday, a week from now We'll make it right, s... Read Chapter

(You Say) You’re My Love

Well you say you're my love But you sure don't act like it And by the stars above I don't know why And you don't even give me a rea... Read Chapter

It’s You

If you’re wondering who I really love, it’s you I promise you, the words I say are true I will try to show you every day ’Cos... Read Chapter

Stay Away From That Girl

Stay away from that girl  You know she’ll only break your heart  Stay away from that girl  You know she’ll tear ... Read Chapter

One, Two, Three (She’s the Girl For Me)

I never was the kind of guy  Who had a girl walking by his side, oh no  When I met her, I couldn’t have known That in j... Read Chapter

This Little Old Love of Mine

And let the sunshine on this little old love of mine  We’ve got a special thing going We’re gonna let it keep growing&nbs... Read Chapter

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