A puppy like her

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Meet Luna, the most lovable, spastic pooch in the known universe

Once, there was a little puppy named Luna. Luna lived on a small farm in Nebraska, with the dog breeder and her brothers and sisters. The dog breeder took care of them and fed them. Luna was never hungry. Luna wasn't allowed outside, to make sure she didn't get hurt. But that's not what this story's about.


You see, what Luna really wanted was a family. Not a family of 2 or 3, a big family with lots of children. A family where the children would play with her, and feed her good food, and sneak little bits of meat under the table. 


A few weeks later, she got her wish. A white SUV pulled up on the curb next to the farm. She looked out the window. One woman and four children hopped out. Two of the kids were girls, two were boys. One of the girls ran over to the playpen outside where the little puppies were kept. Luna was inside, but she knew those puppies. At least from what she heard. They were pretty energetic. The breeder stepped outside to talk to the visitors. "We want to see the puppy we're getting!" The kids said. So the breeder went inside. She scooped up Luna in both hands, because that's how small she was, and carried her outside for the first time. The breeder asked the children, "Do you want to hold her?" "Yes!" they said. "Yes, what?" their mother asked. "Yes please!" they replied. Each one of them took a turn holding her. "She's so tiny!" one said, "Just like in the pictures!" "I can't wait until we bring her home!" another said. That's when Luna realized they weren't taking her home today. She would have to wait another few weeks. She snuggled in each of their palms for as long as she could.


It was finally time! Luna ran down the stairs, and out the door with the breeder. She was no longer a tiny puppy that you could fit in your hands. She was a big, fluffy snowball. Not really big, but still bigger. She was going home! To her forever family! Sure she would miss her brothers and sisters, but she had a new family now, just like she knew all of them would have soon. She didn't really like the car, it made her carsick. She would have to get used to that...

Some of the kids weren't there. "I can't wait until Anna gets home from school, she's gonna love this!" the older boy said. (She later found out his name was Daniel.) And half an hour later, the older girl (Anna) came through the door. "Aww, Luna!" She said "You're so cute!" Luna she thought My name is Luna. They gave me a name. "Anna, hang up your backpack! We're going out for dinner!" the woman said. Can I come too? Luna thought. "Sorry Luna," Anna said, as if she knew what Luna was thinking. "Puppies aren't allowed in restaurants." Luna sighed, and went to her bed. If she was staying here, she might as well take a nap. 


Over the next two years, Luna and her new family moved to Maryland, and had a lot of great adventures. They played outside in the backyard with all of the neighborhood kids. Her family would give her lots of belly rubs, food, and love. One time, her family got a mixed dog kibble for her. She would dig through it until she found the flavor she liked, and leave a big mess surrounding her bowl. They stopped getting her that food shortly after. Luna was very happy to have a family. They all lived happily ever after.


Author's Note

This is a mostly true story. I do have a dog named Luna, most of the events in this story actually happened. My name is Anna, and my brother, whose pen name is Golden Dragon, is Daniel. If you're wondering why her name is Luna, my mom is a huge Harry Potter fan, hence her name, Luna Lovegood. My brother asked if we got a boy dog, if we'd be able to name it Dumbledore. My mom said no because she thought one of us would call it Dumby. Instead we got Luna, she's two years old now, and her breed is Shipootese, She is half maltese, a quarter Shi tzu, and a quarter poodle. She is crazy spastic, and has a lot of energy, and I love her lots. I hope to have plenty of time to spend with her, giving her infinite belly rubs and love in the years to come.



Submitted: November 05, 2020

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Golden Dragon

haha totally true story 4.9

Thu, November 5th, 2020 6:48pm


ty little brother

Thu, November 5th, 2020 10:49am

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