A 90 Year Old Death

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The light flickers like the bud of a firefly searching for a mate; the room cozy; the splatter of droplets knocks on the window. It’s warm, no, lukewarm it was but one shivers. He always had but never did he feel it. He sat upon the wooden stool, his smooth fingertips grazing the blanket beside him. There she lay, the beauty! Curled up like a cat burrito, she lay quietly, snoring softly. It was a faint whistle that tickled her nose; oh how he adored her for it. A small groan, she shifted a bit. Not once did he move his hand, his sharp nails gently stroking the patch work cotton. It was dark green with brown stripes. A blanket she made for him long ago.

My dear”

She stirred, waking from her slumber. She began to sit up. Or well, tried to.

No, please, don’t move it will only hurt.”

A faint beeping weeped his ear drum, recalling why he stayed by her side today.

Hidden beneath the blankets, the corner fell to the side, revealing her face. It was wrinkled like a raisin, a beautiful one in his hues. She smiled wide, not one lick of a tooth sat in the throne of her mouth. Why her dentures were beside her in the glass. It was more comfortable to be without them in bed. Especially in a time like this. Gingerly, the man took her skeletal hand and gave it a small, loving peck upon the knuckles.

Please rest. It is almost time.”

I know. I just needed to see your face one last time before I sleep again.”

Again or?

The man raised from the stool, he was tall, about six foot in all black clothing. Slacks with a tie of course. His lips kissed her forehead as his hands helped her back into bed. The beeping was beginning to wind down. Instead of the stool, he ushered over, placing his bum on the bed itself. His young hand took her old one, cupping if softly.

I love you. I will never search again.”

A smile grazed his lips. Despite the circumstances, out of all the years, she was the one to make him express emotion. Her stringy hair, crazed in all direction settled against the pillow with a large smile upon her face.

Oh please, how many decades have you been with woman? I.. “

Shh… Don’t be silly. You are the only one...Just the one...”

The only one to literally breath life into him again. His smile; a fang poked out of the corner of his mouth. His eyes grew a faint, bloody tint. Out of all the woman he never once sabotaged this relationship. Why it was only ten years ago he met her at the park, before the sickness came to her. Eighty, such a young age for a woman. Or well, old for some. This vampire was no Edward, no, he enjoyed the intellectual speeches, the cradle of being held of someone close to his age. As close as a human can get.

She closed those emeralds that he held dear to his UN-beating heart; her hand became limp. He held strong as a river of crimson rolled off his cheeks. Never once had he bite her and never he shall. She needed to be with her family again, even if that meant never seeing her again.


Submitted: November 05, 2020

© Copyright 2021 alchiap. All rights reserved.

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Brilliant work!

Wed, February 17th, 2021 1:40pm


Thank you so much!

Wed, February 17th, 2021 10:23am

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