“A Woman’s World “

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This short story is about a utopian society where women are born to lead, not men.

I feel a sharp pain and when I look down to find the source, I see a blade deep in my stomach. I drop to my knees as the pain somehow feels worse now that I know why I am in pain.

“I hope you die slowly. That’s what you get for banishing me to a life at the farms.” Erik says as he watches me bleed to death.

“Someone detain him while I tend to Empress Shira.” I hear one of my guards say before I groan in pain. It is agonizing and I feel like I am going to pass out. I hear knocking from somewhere and then I wake up sweat dripping from my head.

I immediately put my hands on my stomach to check for blood, and relief washes over me as I confirm it was just a nightmare or better yet, a memory. Erik was a noble at my court married to one of my ladies Beatrice. When it was determined that he was sterile, he was sent to live and work on the farms providing food for society. This was custom for all men who could not procreate, because in this world men and women are equal but they have different roles. Men are providers of food, protection, and reproduction. History has shown us that men are not born to lead, women are. Women reproduce and lead.

Erik was not happy with having to leave his life here at court, but the law is clear; if a man cannot give children to his wife, preferably girls, then it was his duty to society to fulfill one of the other roles men were expected to play. He was never really much of a fighter so I felt it only natural to send him to a farm where he could be an asset to everyone. I still do not understand why he was upset, he like all people in this world, should be happy to do their part to contribute to society. He would have wanted for nothing on that farm and lived a good life, but now he is dead, executed for the attempt at killing his empress. If there is one thing the last 250 years has shown, it is that female leaders are much smarter, less greedy, less power hungry, and more willing to negotiate. I believe it is these flaws that men possess that make them unfit to rule. There has not been one war between the female leaders since our ancestors took over long ago.  

“Empress Shira, are you ok?”

I hear through the door interrupting my reverie. “I am fine. Thank you.” I reply to get rid of the guard at my door. Thomas is my most trusted guard. He serves me in all of the ways a man should serve a woman.

As I hear him walk away, I am left with my thoughts. After that bad dream I find myself unable to sleep. I recall a conversation with my mother when I was a little girl. “Mommy why am I the heir to the throne when Ashton is older than me? Shouldn’t he be the heir?”

"Well darling, you see men don’t think with clear heads and more often think with a different head entirely.”

“A different head? I don’t understand.” I reply.

“Don’t worry about that baby. Just remember that 250 years ago men lead the world, but destroyed it in the fourth world war so 11 strong women around the world joined together to overthrow government everywhere. They then created the life we live in today where we are healthy, safe, and happy. As empress one day it will be your job to ensure that all of this is maintained for our people.”

A tear falls down my eye as I think of all of the good memories that I have with my late mother. Her death had hit me hard as I was not there when she passed. I was giving birth to my first and only child Aiden. Depression sweeps over me as I now think of my boy Aiden. Now I am reminded of the events that happened earlier today that I keep trying to forget. It started out as any typical council meeting with all 10 of the baronesses from the lands, the 5 elder female advisors, and me. 

“Well if there is nothing else…” I start to say as I am interrupted by baroness Lacey.

“Actually, I would like to bring up a matter of great importance.”

Surprised I say “Yes, of course please address the council.”

“Hello council members. It pains me today to have to address the elephant in the room, but I feel it is my duty to say something since no one else will.” My heart skips a few beats as I fear I know what she will say. “Empress Shira has no heir. We all accepted that she could no longer bear children after her accident under the impression that her son would have a daughter who would then become the next empress.” 

My skin starts to boil as I get angry, I stand up and yell. “This is absolutely absurd and highly inappropriate.”

“I fear this is very appropriate as it is the council’s job to maintain order even if it means removing your line from the throne. Your ancestor Empress Aaliyah lead our ancestors beautifully, but I believe your family is done leading us. Without a female heir, a new line must be selected to lead us.”

I roll my eyes and say “And I suppose you are recommending it be you and your family? Ladies this is clearly a feeble attempt for her family to takeover. My family has done an outstanding job leading us all.” My shoulders relax as I look around and see the other ladies nod in agreement.  
“I do not deny that. You have all done an amazing job, but fate is choosing to have your reign end here. I feel for you Shira I do, but…” 

I cut her off with “That’s Empress Shira.”

“Of course, Empress Shira. Please forgive me. Let me ask you all this, who will succeed you when you pass?” Her question is greeted with silence, so she continues “We all love Aiden, and we know that you have raised him to be an honorable man, but we have survived this long because we have maintained what the founding mothers believed: men cannot rule. I recommend that we do not wait until you pass for someone else to take the throne. I believe that transition will not be smooth. It is better to do it next year. This will allow the new empress time to learn the role.”

“Empress Shira, you know that I care about you and Aiden, but Lacey has a point.” Baroness Karen says regretfully. 

I sit down and look at baroness Tiana. “How long did it take you to conceive? Three years?” I look over at baroness Kiera “And how long did it take your daughter to conceive? Four years?” I pause to let this sink in then continue “It took me almost three years. Aiden and his wife Ava have only been married for three years. It is very premature to be talking about me stepping down.”

I see the ladies nod in agreement when baroness Lacey says “Yes, this is true. So I call to a vote to give Aiden and his wife 2 more years to produce an heir. If they have not by then, Empress Shira will finish out the year while we decide who should takeover.” I still as I watch the women look at each other and each say I agree. 
Not wanting to show my fear I say “That is a fair proposal. I can assure you that my son will have a daughter, and if he does not, I vow that I will step down with no resistance.”

Everyone nods and starts to get up when baroness Lacey says “One more thing. As it is customary, if Aiden is deemed to be sterile, he must be treated as all sterile men are. He will have to leave court and go to work the farms where he can contribute to society.” My knees buckle as I watch the other women agree. It is in that moment that I know what I must do. I shake my head as I return to the present. I get up and remove my clothing then call for Thomas. 

When he enters the room there is a light in his eyes as he already knows what I want. When we are done, he frowns when I tell him to leave me and not spend the night. I then go to the bathroom and do my best to get his seed so that I can give it to Ava. I smile as I successfully get what I believe to be enough to impregnate her. My bloodline will rule forever. 


Submitted: November 05, 2020

© Copyright 2020 karonbookie. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

Was not expecting that ending.... but it was some smart thinking. Hopefully the plan will work and Ava has a baby.
This would make a great movie.

Tue, November 10th, 2020 2:19pm


Yeah I wanted to do something unexpected at the end. Thanks for the comment!

Tue, November 10th, 2020 6:43am

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