High School Booth of Jackie

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jackie dates the popular boy in school.She figure outs he's just using her to be well known.She breaks up with Henry and try to focus on her friends,studies and family.But something goes wrong........

Table of Contents

Back at school

Two days since Henry and i broke up.My friend say i'm a total mess.My grades dropped and i got kicked out of the Ranyold leaders.What could even get worse?Henry has been keeping me on the line.I
cant do anything for now.I have to try to keep him out of my head. "Jackie,come down breakfast is ready"mom called out.I had no choice but to go to school."Jiish Jackie did you gain weight or its
me?"said Noah.Yeah its true i had gained weight.Am no longer that slender hot girl in high school.My mom threw a towel at him and told him to shut up."Common,sweetie don't listen to him.Your
depressed.Henry was no good for you"emphasized mom.No one actually understood me."Noo!Am not depressed.Its just i never thought break ups would hurt so much *starts to weep* I loved Henry more than
anyything" Aggghh!School again.I walked to my locker amd Stephanie appeared out of nowhere.Who is Stephanie?I know don't ask.She is my best friend who literally never liked Henry.Not even one
bit."Ssup Jackie.How's the break up thing going?"asked Steph.What she did't mean that?That is not the way to ask me."How do i look to you?Do i look kind of great?Or maybe i seem very official"i
snapped.I was mad at Stephanie for asking me that question.It was just what i needed to make my day even worse.Right after i sat down Henry came in.Is this fair seeing Henry makes me more hurt. He
waved at me but i pretendeopening my books.Not perfect.When class was over Mrs Marsh called me."Jackie Hart,i want to talk to you"What was she goin' to say.That i am so disappointment in you.I was
not in the mood to hear lectures."No you can't" "Excuse me young lady" "Yes,you heard me No!"
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In trouble

I was wrong to talk to her like that,plus it got me into trouble."Jackie Hart,please report to the principal's office right now".So glad that she blured about me to the principal.Oh My!My mom is
here.Seriously Mrs Marsh has gone too far. "Jackie,have a seat"urged the Mr Franklin.Ps he is the most boring person i have ever met.Principal Franklin doesn't do anything.He only eats chocolate
amd warms his damn chair.with his butt.I looked at my mom as she looked disappointed in me.I sat down and waited for the long lectures."Jackie,what do have to say about yourself?Your mother and i
are so disappointed in you.What happened to the Jackie Hart that everybody respected,that we loved,that we honoured"said Mr Franklin. He was right.I am a total mess.I couldn't even talk and say
Henry was my backbone.He.was the one that gave me the strength to do what i loved.But what about now,i went on the wrong path it's all Henry."Jackie,talk to us.What is the matter with you?"asked
mom.Tears cascaded down,i had to change and be the best once more."You broke a respect rule.So i have no choice but to give you your punishment" Whaaaaat,a punishment?Is this millitary school?I
can't take punishments.Thats not my thing. "Serve detention everyday at 4 O'clock.Also in the morning at 6:30"finished Mr Franklin.Perfect timing,Mr franklin.When we left his office,my mom bellowed
at me in the car."You are grounded.I never knew you could be this terrible.Wait till your father hears about this" What now,i already got more on my plate.This is not fare to me.And my dad he us
gonna take everything away.No tv,No cellphone,laptop and i can't go out.
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Where's Henry?

When i got home from school,i found Henrys momo chit chatting with my mom.That is normal.They have never talked before in our house.I didn't want her to see me so i tiptoed upstairs to my room.But
my mom saw me."Jackie,come over here i need to talk to you"called mom.What now?Is she going to give me lectures again or another teacher called her to complain about me.I went to the leaving room
and Henrys mom was gazing at me like the 19th century pic.My mom started with her talks. "Jackie,i think you haven't heard what has happened" Me....how am i supposed to know about the news.I just
really hope its not about Henry and his life. Elena;my mom,did not look worried at all. "Jackie,its about Henry.(she sobbs a little)I have not heard from Henry in three days.I hoped you knew
something about him?" What is she talking about?Henry and i barely talk what could i know about him. "Agmm!Mrs Cavill im sorry but i have not anything from Henry since the past two weeks." This
meant Henry neither called nor said where he is.Something was really fishy here.Henry has never done this before.i wanted to call him but it would seem not right.I caled him using our house
phone.It led me direct to voice mail.I left a message for him. Two days later of searching and contacting Henry,he finally called me."Hello,Henry where are you?"i asked. "Wow jackie what a good
surprise?I thought you would never call me after our breakup"said Henry.Wait thats not Henry that i know he never talks like that.He is completely ruined. "Henry,tell me where you are?Your mom is
worried sick.You left without calling her or telling her where you are" "Huh Jackiee.You are the one who made do all this.I can't explain everything to you on the phone.Meet me at Runki'bridge
tat.I'll talk to you over there and please dont tell anybody not even my mom if you want to see me again" He hang up quickly.What was i supposed to do?If i told his mom he will get angry and i
don't want that.I just had to make an excuse to go see Henry.But what did he wanna talk about.He already made it clear that he was only using me.I have to be ready for more of his lies.Just then my
mom got in."Have you heard anything from Henry?His mom is very worried and she would be glad to hear from him."My mom said.Before she left with her cup of coffee she said to me being very
serious,"If i find out you heard from Henry and you never said or told me about it you will be in very big trouble young lady."Ohh gosh i already got myself into trouble and others are waiting to
come knocking at my door.Just expecting more.
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