Journal of Discovery

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a short historical fiction in the form of a Journal being kept. Oh the tragedy!

30th Entry:


It was 2022 when the news hit, the President was dead.

He had contracted Pneumonia following a cold that he had caught while visiting a children's hospital, then came the heart attack. That third strike sent the old guy to his maker.

Surprisingly, the country seemed to unite in that period of morning. I guess everyone loves a parade, especially one with a horse drawn wagon carrying a flag covered coffin.

Yes, thousands lined the streets and tears were seen on more cheeks than not. I have to admit, it was a moving scene.



31st Entry:


The President's death happened right after a world wide vaccination was implemented for Covid 19. And it looked like the three vaccines, one from China, one from two U.S pharmaceutical companies, and one from a European consortium, are working as intended.

On the political front, Our new President introduced two Bills to Congress for consideration, one being a spending bill for the coming year. If all goes as it has been going, I won't hold my breath for the passage of either; too much division even within the parties.



32nd Entry:


Warnings about the Corona Virus Vaccines have been hitting the social media sites at a furious clip, and, as usual, doom and gloom prevails.

They are saying things like, ("This Stuff Will Kill You!"), or ("The vaccines are nothing but placebos!), and, (We are all Ginny-pigs for the Big Pharmaceutical companies!"), (These aren't vaccines, they are mind altering mutations of our DNA, it's mind control!")

I, myself, have hesitated in getting the vaccine, not because of the Media Hype but because I don't trust vaccines at all.

I got the Swine Flu Vaccine in 2010 and wouldn't you know that I got the flu right after that; I had a dickens of a time getting rid of that one, it hung on for weeks. So you can see why I've put off being immunized.



33rd Entry:


Be still my puttering heart, both houses of the legislature have passed both of the President's Bills, with little changes.

Hmm, maybe they don't want to look like obstructionists during the Nation's period of grief, so they are biding their time; we'll see.

The nation seems to be getting back to work, at least, this area that I live in. I noticed that the morning's Traffic News is full of Sig-alerts and highway traffic jams, just like before Covid 19 started. However, the news casters that are reporting these stories are acting very unusual; they are reporting each item as actual traffic reports, not as mini-dramas.

The stock market is up, too, but the wild gyrations of the past have given way to smooth flows of purchases and sales; that is very strange, very strange, indeed (?). For some reason the hand wrenching drama of each trading day seems to given way to an organized calm.



34th Entry:


Mrs. Gentry, who lives right next door to my wife and I, and who hasn't spoken to me in the last seven years. You see, seven years ago I trimmed one side of her Carrot Tree; the tree was hanging over my fence and dropping all sorts of seed pods in my yard, it was a mess. So I trimmed it back and she was outraged.

Well, as I was saying, Mrs. Gentry brought my wife, and I, one-half of an apple pie that she had baked. She said that she baked the pie for a family gathering that never came about. She couldn't eat the whole pie and she didn't want it to go to waste, so she thought we might like some of it.

What could I say, I thanked her for such a kind gesture, and she went off singing some little ditty; in the 20 years we've lived next door to her, I've never heard her sing before. And now that I have, thank God for small favors.

My other neighbors are acting kind of weird too, nice weird, I guess.

I saw Mr. Gouger, who lives across the street, giving a helping hand to Santiago, the gardener. And Santiago didn't even ask for the help.

That doesn't sound like a big deal, but if you knew Mr. Gouger and his normal disposition, you'd think it strange that he would volunteer to give any help to anyone, let alone a gardener.

On the news today, (there was little news?).

The spots announcer was on for a few minutes, then the weather lady said that there would be rain tomorrow, but not a lot.

Then the strangest thing happened, the Anchor man came on and said the damnedest thing, he said, "Due to the lack of strife in the south-land, there is no other news."

Well, I'm a firm believer in the saying, "No news is good news. But I have got to say that the lack of news sent chills down my spine!

So I turned to other channels, and believe it or not, there was not one drama to report, no killings, no robberies, no missing children, nothing.

As a last resort, I turned to social media. Surly something fabricated, or real, would be there. Perhaps someone would be crying about some wrong that they felt had befallen them, but there was nothing bad. Everyone was chatting away, all smiles and kindness; it was sickening.

"What is going on?" I asked myself. "Where is the drama, where is the discourse of wrongdoing among mankind?" I wondered.



35th Entry:


The President signed a "Succession of hostilities agreement with Iran, today, after Congress ratified it and it was passed through both houses with no opposition.

And strange as it may seem, Russia is spending a lot of time making nice with all concerned; they must need something.

But it is true, there have been a lot of treaties being signed, as of late. Treaties and agreements of cooperation across every conceivable political and social economic spectrum, and wars seem to be a thing of the past; for now anyway.

Cooperation in the spirit of friendship and mutual trade seems to be the new normal.

On the news: The National Dept has dropped again this year, just a few billion left to go.

Gross National Product is up, Production in the private sector is up, farm output is up, and trade is blossoming. What can I say, I'm happy to be a stock holder in these times.

But still I'm worried. I go to the market and everyone greets me like it is the last time they will get to serve my needs. Everyone is all smiles and happy-faces. It is down right sickening!

I stay in the house about the same as during the pandemic, which is a lot. Why? Because whatever is going on out in the world, I don't want to deal with it. It is freaking me out.



36th Entry:


I think that I've finally figured out why everyone is being so nice, so friendly, so dammed cooperative.

What makes me think that I know?

Because my wife went to the doctor's for a check-up, and while she was there they gave her that Covid 19 Vaccine injection.

Well, by the time she got home she was all smiles and kiss-ie faces.

But what really opened my eyes, as to what was going on, was that today was the first time in years that my wife has called me, "Snook-ums?"

Those Social Media warnings must have been right. Those shots aren't vaccines, They Are Mind Altering Mutations Of Our DNA!




JE Falcon


Submitted: November 05, 2020

© Copyright 2020 JE Falcon. All rights reserved.

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Kind of chilling but written in such a light-hearted way. I really enjoyed the read.

Fri, November 6th, 2020 9:40pm



Fri, November 6th, 2020 4:31pm

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