If I Have To Choose

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just read it -its worth your time ;)

If I have to choose,


I’d beg God to let  him in,


“No one goes to heaven,


Except through the Son,


All are unworthy


All have fallen short,


And it is a gift,


To be forgiven.”


“He does not believe,


He even hates it all,


In heaven he cannot be received,”


Then I gave one final plea;


“God, I believe in your love,


The love that you say endures all things,


My love for him goes on,


Nearly everything on Earth was wrong,


I understand him,


If he cannot come in,


Then I will come out,


Because heaven is not heaven,


If he is not about,”


So I walked out the gate,


Watched as the angel,


Drew a line through my name,


In the book of life,


Then I grabbed his hand,


And we jumped into the flames,


Into the eternal pain,


But without him by my side,


I would cry an eternal rain,


And as I could feel my soul begin to burn,


I heard the Lord say,


“All things will come to pass,


And only love will remain”


I felt myself being lifted,


And I grabbed my love’s hand,


And the angel took us to the gate,


Where I learned of God’s plan,


Love saved us from a hellish fate,


And soon we were inside,


Because only love has never died,


And because Love  lives in Heaven,


It cannot be denied. 


Submitted: November 06, 2020

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