Yellow Brick Road

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Yellow Brick Road

Some of us fear the unknown 

While others call it home

What if Dorothy ran from the norm

Would she have found a life of pain and lived in vain

Or a kaleidoscope of hope

Does anyone truly know

How far one can go

When they're searching somewhere over the rainbow

Where the birds sing and the stars glisten

There's a lost dream out there

Waiting for you to stop wishing


Now the poppies are in bloom 

And the days, they linger

Winter turns summer

Oh what a beautiful picture

Of time gone by, skipping down the road

Following the leader, wherever they may go

They've got you under they're spell, darling

Change direction

And hear failure whisper beware, darling

For your way is long

And your way is wrong

But you don't belong here, that's crystal clear

Through black footprints and dried tears 

Hustle on and don't face your fears

Give your dreams a kiss, darling

Hold them close before you let go, darling

For it's them you'll always miss, darling


But it's never too late

You can still change your fate 

Master of your own path

Make your own way 

Find your destiny

And follow it endlessly 

Red ruby slippers sparkle in the moonlight glow

One day, you'll find yourself somewhere over the rainbow

For you're capable of more than you know 


Fear is a disease 

The only cure is to appease 

It'll bring you down to your knees

It's a long winding road 

With lanes overflowed

You do what you're told 

When you follow the yellow brick road


Submitted: November 06, 2020

© Copyright 2020 CANDACE. All rights reserved.

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