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I’m sure you all know the meme “jealous girlfriend”. You know, with the couple walking down the street and the guy turning around and checking out a woman walking by. Well, the past couple of days the boyfriend has been “Finns”. His girlfriend, “HS, YLE, IL, IS”. All Finnish media. YLE and HS are considered quality media, while IL and IS are kind of like… CNN or Fox. YLE and HS like the New York Times and the Washington Post, for example. The woman walking by? Well, “CNN”, to be honest. I mean. Okay. I’m on a train home for the weekend. I have CNN live coverage on YouTube playing in my headphones. I have Fox open on my laptop. As well as HS, which takes its current data from the NYT. And I have Google, which gets its data from the AP right now. So I would say I’m up to date. As long as the train’s WiFi doesn’t let me down.

No, but it has been cute to see these memes because okay. Finns have found out this thing called American news guys talking. We don’t exactly have that. Of course we have guys talking about elections. Even about these elections, but that ended two days ago. It’s adorable and amazing how all these media keep going and going and these guys are not human. American news commentators are something else. It’s become an entertainment here and it shows something very funny about Finns. Europeans, maybe. People in general, except Americans.

We care a lot. Someone mentioned like, yesterday, maybe, that Finns will not know the difference between the European Commission and the European Parliament, but we will all know what’s happening in some small as shit county in Michigan, despite not even being sure where Michigan is. Hell, years ago no one cared about what happens in the US Supreme Court but we were literally yelling at each other, despite all agreeing, that Amy Barrett is not good news, in the middle of a bar in Wednesday. Maybe. I’m horrified it’s Friday. I’ve slept like shit the past three nights, I have no idea what time it is here, in Pennsylvania, whatever. All I know that Biden is currently leading and current numbers from Philadelphia are 27 396 votes for Biden, 3760 for Trump. That is as of 13.55 Zulu time, 6th of November. And someone on this train just screamed that Biden took the lead in Pennsylvania. How cool is that?

Okay, enough about me rambling. I want to point out a few reasons as to why we care about the US elections a lot. These elections aren’t important just for Americans. The upcoming weeks will tell a lot about how the world will look. The United States is suppose to be the leader of the free and democratic world. If the US believes in democracy, so will other countries. Or maybe not that, but make it the opposite. If the US doesn’t believe in democracy, the rest of the world won’t either.

I stayed up last night until about 2. Midnight Zulu time, do your counting yourself. I decided that okay, I’ll listen to Trump’s speech and then go to sleep. It was 23 Zulu time when I heard he’s going to speak so okay, I’ll be tired as fuck no matter what, so might as well stay up a bit later and sleep during the weekend (I have a healthy sleeping schedule, shut up). And holy shit, I regretted that. I mean. We all know Trump won’t agree with the election results as it becomes more and more clear he’s most likely losing. No one was surprised when he talked bullshit about illegal votes and people having to supervise counting with binoculars (what the actual hell?). No one was surprised when he tweeted… literally everything. Twitter has flagged almost every tweet from him the last two days.

No one is surprised by this. Everyone knew Trump would act like a kid and have a temper tantrum. There is nothing surprising about this and that makes it all more horrifying. Because get this. The President of the United States, the person that is globally recognized as the leader of the free world, is attacking democracy by saying people should stop counting votes before all the votes have been counted. That kind of speech is something we’ve heard from Putin or Xi or fucking Lukashenko. We’ve used to that and we don’t question those leaders because we’ve gotten through our minds those countries are not free democracies. We’re at the point in world politics where the President of the United States can say the same thing and it doesn’t surprise anyone anywhere is outright scary because that means we don’t see the US as a free democracy. That’s equivalent to the world not having a strong democratic leader because the rest of the West: Canada, EU, Australia and New Zealand, isn’t strong enough alone. The world needs US to be a country that speaks for democracy because the rest of us cannot do that alone yet there are countries that aren’t as well off as we are that still need us to back up their democracies.

Not only democracy, but there are two other major things that matter in this case. There are millions of small things, but in my opinion along with democracy, we need a US that backs human rights and climate policies. Human rights are kind of similar as democracy. Those two go hand in hand. Human rights are something Western countries try to get forced down the throat of other countries and that’s good. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all Western countries don’t have their issues with human rights. We definitely do, but that’s on us to take care of. We all have the right to voice our opinion and do something about leadership we don’t agree with. If, again, the US has a leader that spreads false information about protests just because he doesn’t like those protests, it’s a message to the rest of the world that it’s okay not to care about protestors. If protests lead to riots, that’s the same. Spreading false information isn’t the solution. Attacks against angry citizens isn’t the solution. Getting to the root of the anger is. Ignoring people who are angry because racism happens isn’t the solution. Believe me. That happens in Finland. We’re the most racist country in Europe. Do we speak about it? No. We’ve tried. Rise of populism hasn’t exactly helped.

I know, no one wants to hear me rant about climate change, but I’m doing it anyway. Because do you guys actually get how scared people are? I’m 20. It’s November and 9 degrees Celsius outside in a relatively cold town here. It’s supposed to be so much colder. It’s supposed to be snowy. I shouldn’t be able to walk outside with my jacket open. I should be wearing winter boots but instead I’m in sneakers with short socks. I don’t want to imagine what it will look like here when I’m 50. It makes me want to cry because the thing I love about Finland the most is nature. It kills me inside to see that suffer. There is only so much I can do. There is only so much the world can do without the US. Sure, Finland can do its part. Sure, the EU, China, India, Canada can do their part but we need the US. Not only to cut CO2  emissions, but we need their knowledge and scientific research. I suppose that is kind of the opposite of Finland’s situation. The world won’t crash if Finland doesn’t cut its emissions that are like, 0.001% of the world’s, but we have a huge amount of technology and science we can develop that can be used globally. The whole world can benefit from that. This is a global issue that will affect everyone in the future. It needs to be a global effort and that’s why four more years of the US ignoring the global community’s need for leadership in all these three issues scares the shit out of me. Not just these three. Pandemic, hello? Anyone remember that thing?

I’m scared but I’m hopeful. Biden’s not great. He’s just the lesser of two evils and that’s why I’m hopeful that if he wins, which he’s very close to doing, he’ll do something. Hell, even getting back to the situation we were in four years ago in world politics is an improvement. Not even four years. Fuck it, two years ago. Hell, even November 2019 sounds like bliss in this world. I have some kind of hope. Until then, I’ll keep myself entertained with CNN and their annoying ads.

Submitted: November 06, 2020

© Copyright 2020 helmu. All rights reserved.

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88 fingers

I can see your point on how US politics plays a bigger role outside of it's borders. But I'm surprised by how much. The only thing I know about your leader is that she's an attractive woman.
When I lived in Norway 20yrs ago, this was when Clinton was president, my then girlfriend and her friends would engage me in political discussions about US policies.
This was also around the time when Clinton was fooling around with Monica. They couldn't understand why it became a political thing. People cheat all the time.
My answer was to them that Americans come off as being puritanical on sex on the outside. But behind closed doors, we are just as horny and kinky as everybody else.
Its going to take time to see who will win.
But our Constitution mandates that a president must be sworn in by January 20th at the following year.
So, after the counts and recounts, court cases which so far Trump has lost three as of this response to try and get voting stopped.
As for news reporters that you watch on CNN and FOX, some of them are quite stupid really. They will read off a teleprompter what is fed to them. But engage them in a conversation about a topic, and many if them are lost without the cameras in front if them. Have had personal experiences with some that I've met at functions that I got invited to.

Fri, November 6th, 2020 3:37pm


I don't expect Americans to know the leaders of other countries as much as I do others. I know Americans who thought Marin dealt with our foreign policy and then were surprised to find out that the president is in charge of that outside the EU. Maybe comes with culture. In case you want to be seen as a responsible citizen, you need to know foreign politics here. Especially US, but I'd say if you don't know every G7 country's leaders, as well as most European leaders, you're just an ignorant asshole here. But I suppose it's easier nowadays than 20 years ago. You can look anyone up in a minute in case you need to.

I can't see why the Clinton thing was political either. Didn't live back then, but anyone's sexual business is theirs. Sure, cheating is bullshit and he did the wrong thing, but I have to give both Clintons some credit they overcame that. I believe it's not easy to forgive cheating.

Don't get me wrong, reporters can be really out of it, and I don't exactly watch any news from US media for information, but rather entertainment. The fact that news anchors can have political opinions and are allowed to express them so clearly on air is something strange to me and I find it quite nice to watch. And to be honest, I hate statistic but there is something satisfying watching election results and doing the math. Or maybe I like feeling smart about it because stats are not my thing.

Fri, November 6th, 2020 8:02am

LE. Berry

Right there with you in much of your opinion helmu...loved the editorial.

Fri, November 6th, 2020 10:03pm


Thanks :)

Sun, November 8th, 2020 12:08pm

Back in Black

How many blacks in your country pct wise

Sat, November 7th, 2020 11:22pm


I don't exactly know, we don't ask race in statistics. We do stats by native language, religion and origin country of immigrants. I don't see why we should ask people's race, it doesn't exactly matter

Sun, November 8th, 2020 12:17am

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