Blood Wars

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Rain Ross is a 17 year old girl from Chicago. She is tasked with caring for her young brother and ignoring her alcoholic mother until she is attacked and nearly kidnapped by kids her age with powers. Strangers explain that she is a Zodiac, born with special powers based on the day she was born, and they're inherited from the dead-beat dad she never met. With surprising twists and the forced separation of her and her family, she is led on a cross country adventure to try and save everyone she's ever known from a threat she's never heard of before.

Table of Contents


I cautiously slid my keys into the door, hoping to avoid alerting my neighbor's dog of my arrival. My apartment, 2B, was on the ... Read Chapter


I anxiously waited for the clock on the classroom wall to change time. I’ve had a bad feeling in my gut ever since Theo ... Read Chapter


After school that day I went home to check on Theo before I headed to the library. I didn’t work today but I needed to pick up... Read Chapter


Jule and Casper helped clean up what they could in the apartment to make it slightly livable. “There's a dead cat in this... Read Chapter


The next morning was hectic. Everyone was moving around, grabbing large blueprints, or small cards, or baskets and bags. I... Read Chapter


My fist swung through the air and made contact with James' face. He stumbled back and I kicked him in the stomach.&nb... Read Chapter


We filed out of the van and stood behind the vehicle which we hid behind some trees. Margaret pulled out a pair of binoculars w... Read Chapter


A large room filled with row after row of cubicles. At each one sat a missing person, some blue light illuminating their faces.... Read Chapter


About an hour later Casper shook me awake and I saw that Oliver had taken over driving. “Whats up?” I asked begrudgingl... Read Chapter


The ride was silent besides my foot hitting the side of the car in a fast tempo. I watched the clock as the minutes crept on slo... Read Chapter

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