Summer of Diamond

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

"Joy, did you brush your teeth?" Mom calls from the kitchen. 

"Yes, mom." I reply.

"Did you comb your hair?"

"Yes, mom."

"Did you-"

"Yes, mom!"

"Okay then, have a good time at camp."

"Thanks, mom."

"Love you."

"Bye." I say, shutting the door.


Dad will pick me up at the airport. His job means he has to stay there to work a few months. It may be far away, but we can still video chat and stuff. I'm going to a tropical camp in California, and my dad is dropping me off. It's going to be the hit of the summer. 

I step off the airplane.

"Joy!" I hear my father call. "Over here!"

"Coming dad!" I reply.

We hop into the car and drive off to camp. Once we arrive there's a pretty sign with the camp name. "Camp sunrise" it seems kind of cliche, but that doesn't really matter. At least not now. You're probably thinking, 'That's a tropical camp. All you have to do is lie in a hammock and drink some of those little coconut drinks, right?'

If you thought that, you're wrong. Very, very, very, very wrong.

It's actually an animal care camp, that's why I really signed up. We get to feed and take care of puppies. And cats. And hamsters. When I walked in, a boy was taking care of a crazy energetic puppy. "Hey," He said to me, "Can you help me with spot, here?"

"Spot?" I said. "Very original."

"Hey, I wasn't really going for original when I named her." He replied, smiling. "It had to be simple enough for her to remember it."

"Okay, smarty," I said, jokingly, "What's the problem."

"She won't do anything I say." He said.

"Watch this." I said, "Spot, sit."

And she sat. 

"How did you do that?!" He asked, astonished.

"You have to talk in a firm, but friendly tone." I replied.

He sighed, "I'm pretty sure I tried that." He said. "Maybe she likes you better."

"I doubt that." I replied.

"The camp instructor is assigning us puppies. Look for the kennel with your name above the puppy's." He informed me.

"Okay." I said. "Oh wait, I forgot to ask for your name!"

"Jack." He said

"I'm Joy." I said

I searched through the kennels for the one assigned to me. Sure enough, I found it. I was supposed to take care of a shy little yorkie named Diamond. "Hi diamond," I said softly. She whimpered. "Don't worry! I won't hurt you!" I said. That convinced her. She crawled out of the kennel and licked my hand. 

I tested her to see what she knew. "Sit" She sat. "Stay" She stayed. "Beg" She did that perfectly. "High five?" She ran over to Jack. "Hey, come back! We aren't finished!" I called after her. I walked over to Jack, who was now dealing with spot and diamond. "Sorry Jack." I said.

"You remembered my name?" He asked

"Yeah," I said "why?"

"Because everyone forgets my name." He said

Just then, another kid came over. "Hey, what's your name again? Can I borrow that dog brush?"

"You see what I mean?" Jack said.

Diamond looked back and forth between us. Me, jack, me, jack, me, jack, etcetera, etcetera. Like she knew something. 


Over the next two weeks, I got to know Jack really well. One, we went to the same school, but no one ever really noticed him. Two, his mom just recovered from a severe heart disease. Three, he really liked me. Since before camp, even. 

My family ended up adopting Diamond, she became the reason Jack and I met. He asked me to prom, and years later, he proposed to me. We had 3 kids, and owned an animal shelter, and we had lots of puppies. 


Submitted: November 06, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Uplifting Words. All rights reserved.

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Ann Sepino

This was light and cute, and puppies made the romance even fluffier. I wish it could have been longer, so we could get to know Jack and Joy more, but for short fiction the plot does work. Thanks for writing and sharing this story.

Tue, November 10th, 2020 3:02am

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