Into The Abyss

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Night Owl Hotel

Where do we fall when we lose it all? This is a collection of poems reflecting the darker aspect of our inner thoughts, musings, desires, and emotions. It can be difficult to fully express some of these rampant emotions in our darkest times. Sometimes it's like we've fallen into an abyss that we can never escape from.

Table of Contents

Broken Promises

Promises are meant to be broken, That was what I was taught. No one seems to believe me, And it feels like what I am doing is... Read Chapter


Look into the distance, Don’t you see that lighthouse on that hill? It once illuminated the countryside, But it remains bro... Read Chapter


Crimson spatters across the ground, As the pattering drops are the only sound. Running water turns the red to pink, As the ev... Read Chapter

Me, Myself, and I

It’s just me, myself, and I, Underneath this alabaster colored sky. I sit down alone in the distance, Feeling something wit... Read Chapter

Never Enough

Darkness pervades my vision, As I curl up into a ball. My vision starts to blur, As teardrops begin to fall. My hands tre... Read Chapter

Draw the Line

It’s time for me to draw the line, To admit my deepest fears. I should have said them sooner, As my demons draw near. I... Read Chapter

Caged Canary

Yellow canary, Standing on that wooden peg, Why don’t you spread, Your wings and attempt to fly? You’re barred behind... Read Chapter

Dear Self,

Dear self, I know you’re sitting there. You’re contemplating something, That I don’t want to hear. You know that it... Read Chapter


Cry me a river, Play that tiny violin. You know I won’t ask you, How’ve you been. I’ve went through this, With ... Read Chapter


Shifting sands and moving land, Things that weren’t meant to stay. I should have known better, Than to send you that letter... Read Chapter

I’m Okay

I’m okay, I’m just fine. I keep telling myself that, But that isn’t true in my mind.   I’m starting to b... Read Chapter


Drip drop, The water falls down. Nothing is released, Not even a sound. Salt stains her face, As she releases her tea... Read Chapter


Give it all, to lose it all, It’s a fight you can never win; No matter how much you struggle, No matter how much you fight,... Read Chapter


Maybe I’m too much sometimes, Or maybe I’m not enough. I don’t know why I have these insecurities, But I wish it wasn... Read Chapter


Mistake, mistake, It was always my fault. I can’t stop hating myself, As they continue their verbal assault. Maybe it w... Read Chapter

Crooked Crown

Cursed be thy name uttered from those pallid lips, They bemoan treachery, lechery, and trickery, As the crafted fantasy begins to... Read Chapter

Medusa’s Mirror

Shattered glass on the ground, Remnants of a broken mirror, Of an image that can’t be found. A sibilant hiss, And one d... Read Chapter


Starlight, starbright, Another lonely soul joins you tonight. In the darkness of the night, I seek your comfort; I seek your ... Read Chapter

If you wish upon a star

If you wish upon a star, No matter how bright or how far; Some dreams may never come true. If you reach out towards the light... Read Chapter


Save it for another gullible female, Stop telling me those white lies. I know you were never worth it; I won’t break down a... Read Chapter


Keep it all in, That’s what they always say. But, what if I were to shatter or to break, Will it make these things go away?... Read Chapter


In the dark depths of my mind, When I fall down into the pit of despair; Solitude becomes my treasured friend, When my lungs ... Read Chapter

Moonlight Sonatina

Filtering through the curtains, Betwixt the ivy-covered walls, Moths dancing under the moonlight, As the chirping crickets co... Read Chapter


Is it okay to feel this empty? Is it okay for me to feel this alone? I don’t know a place anymore. I don’t have a home. ... Read Chapter


Confide in no one, Because you have to keep your secrets safe. No one can know that you’re hurting, Because you have to cha... Read Chapter

One Day

I feel so empty once again, When I think about the times we spent, And I wished that maybe, just maybe, That I might see you ... Read Chapter


Fade away into the darkness, Cast a shadow across the sky. You were never there for me, And I wished that you would die. ... Read Chapter


Some wounds can never heal, Some scars can never fade, But why do I keep wishing, That I could stand up for myself, one day? ... Read Chapter


Is it wrong for me to feel these emotions, To feel so neglected and alone? I don’t know what I’m writing anymore, I just ... Read Chapter

Broken Heart

To the things that I wish I could ever say, Lying forgotten in some tattered old box, Waiting to be opened one day: You may n... Read Chapter


  To the battered box I never opened, To the faint memories forgotten still: I would never dream to abandon you, But... Read Chapter

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