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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Review Chain

My submission for Review Chain November contest.

Amy stands on the rocky cliff overlooking the sandy dunes of Rabbit Rindge, watching the hot air balloons bringing the monthly rabbit supply.  The colorful balloons against the golden sunset is a beautiful post card picture.  Amy thinks to herself, how ironic that such beautiful instruments should be transporting such pesky little creatures to their final destination.  Although, they do have magnificent colors in common; those pesky little critters do have beautiful fur.

As the balloons begin to land, Amy makes her way down the hill to meet Mark, her friend and ride home.  Amy dressed to impress Mark today, as she most always does, but Mark, as usual, didn't notice.  She has been in love with him since they were 6 years old.  She fell in love with his black curly hair and blue eyes the first time he taught her how to play baseball.  They lived next door to each other all of their lives.  Amy played in Marks tree house; they ice skated together on the neighborhood pond; they swam together in Amy's pool; they even slept over each others house.They went to school together; went to dances together; even went to proms together.  Amy is Marks pal; the girl next door.  He never sees her any other way.  Amy will never stop trying to change that.  She would love for him to see her as a woman and ask her out on a real date.

"Hey" she says as Mark is taking down his balloon.


"How was your trip?  Did you pick up a lot of rabbits?"

"Yea; the usual amount.  Damn things are everywhere; they just keep multiplying.  I hate rabbits.  I hate rabbits.  Man, do I hate rabbits!"

Amy laughed at his Elmer Fudd impression.  "It's wabbits siwwy!"

They both laughed as they packed up the balloon, jumped in Marks truck, and headed home.

"Wanna get a bite to eat?" Mark asked.

"Ya, that sounds good.  Do you have some place in mind?"

"Up for Italian?"

"Of course! Always!"

"How do you feel about Marconi's?"

"Sounds great!

Amy is feeling jittery inside.  She has been out to eat a gazillion times with Mark, burger joints, pizza houses, and casual restaurants; this is nothing new.  "Why am I feeling so nervous", she thinks to herself as she feels her heart pounding.She wonders if he can hear it beating.  "That's silly", she thinks to herself as she reaches to turn the radio up.  Ten Million Fireflies was playing.

Mark smiled at Amy.  Remember the night we were laying in the field trying to count fireflies?

Amy laughed fondly, "I doooo.  This song always reminds me of that night".

"Me too"

As they pull into the parking lot of the restaurant, Mark asked Amy if she had any plans for the rest of the evening.  Amy's heart skipped a beat as she hesitantly replied "Nooo??"

Mark smiled and said, "Good.  So we are not in a rush.  I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing dinner."

The hostess was walking them toward the piano bar when Mark stopped her and apparently asked for a different table.  She seemed to take something from him and then turned us around toward the opposite side of the room.  She took us to a romantic little table for two in the corner of the restaurant by a fieldstone fireplace.  Of course the table cloth was red and white checked and it had a little white candle in a glass, heart shaped holder in the center of the table.  Mark pulled out Amy's chair for her to sit.  He then sat down and lit the candle.

"Glass of wine?" He asked.

"Sure.  That sounds nice".  Amy felt her palms getting sweaty; she was feeling anxious, like something bad was about to happen.

The waitress took their drink order and returned to the table with two wine glasses and a bottle of red wine.  She poured the wine into their glasses and asked if they wanted to order.  Mark asked for a little bit of time and the waitress nodded, agreeing to come back in a bit.

Mark took a sip of his wine, put his glass down, and took a deep breath.

"Mark, is something wrong?" Amy asked.

"No.  Nooo.  Not at all.  Everything is right Amy.  Everything is right."  He took another sip of wine and continued.  "It was truly a beautiful day up there in the balloon today.  Somehow it was different from all the other days.  I got a lot of thinking done while working."

"That's great!  Anything you want to share?"

"Actually .... yes.  Yes I do."  He took another sip of wine and paused for what seemed like forever.  Amy quietly waited anxiously.

"Amy, we've known each other for twenty five years.  We've been through a lot together.  We know each other inside and out.  You've been my best friend.  You have always been there in good times and bad.  We really know each other.  Don't we."

Amy smiled, and let a nervous chuckle out, "yes we do....good, bad, and otherwise".

Marked looked into Amy's eyes and reached for her hand.  Amy slowly and gently clasped his hand.  Her palms were clammy and her heart was pounding.  She was sure their was sweat coming of the tip of her nose.

"Amy, I never told you that you have the most beautiful, piercing green eyes".

Amy let loose a nervous giggle, "No Mark, you never have".  She blushed and said, "Thank you".

"Amy, I know most people date at least for a year, but I don't believe they know each other as well as we do.  I know you well enough to know that YOU are the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.  I don't need to date you; we've been together for 25 years.  We know each other inside and out.  I never feel happier than when I'm with you.  I never feel more at home than when I'm with you. I never desire to be with anyone other than you.  I cannot imagine you never being in my life, exactly as you have been, all of my life so far." 

He paused and without letting go of Amy's hand, he fiddled with his napkin and pulled out a diamond ring.  He held it up for her to see and continued.  "Amy Jean, I love you.  Will you marry me and spend the rest of your life with me,as my wife and my best friend.  Please?"

Tears rolled down Amy's cheeks. "Oh My GAWD Mark!  Yes!  Absolutely YES!  I've loved you since we were six!  I never thought you even noticed that I was a girl!!"

They both laughed hysterically.  Mark put the diamond on Amy's finger, stood up and walked around to her chair.  Amy stood up and they embraced, completely unaware that the entire restaurant was watching.  Everyone began to clink their glasses with their silverware.  Mark and Amy kissed for the very first time right there at that little romantic table in Marconi's while the piano man played "Color My World".

Submitted: November 07, 2020

© Copyright 2020 KatV. All rights reserved.

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This was a sweet little story. I really enjoy reading stories about long time friends actually falling in love and getting together. I've written one myself. This was a very fun read and I am glad you put it out there. Good luck with the contest, I am sure you will do well.

Sun, November 15th, 2020 12:37am


Thank you for taking the time to read and comment Writer (I just can't call you Amateur)! Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Sat, November 14th, 2020 5:08pm

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