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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jade is dreaming of becoming a dancer, or a scientist. What is your dream come true?.


Brazil ...

Jade was only 5 when she had a bad case of flu.

We were worried.

My name is Matt.  I've been her father since the day she was born.

We owned a house in Rio, Brazil, and I thought it'll be good just to go out with my wife for a walk on the beach, just 30 mins away from our cottage house.

Jade is all about the fact that something magical is in her, just like you's and me.

Heres the story ...

"Jade?", mum answers.

"Mum, can we go to the carnival tonight?".

Jade looks at mum in a strange way, and grins.

"Yes we can, my baby".

Mum takes Jade by the hand, and pulls her up to straddle her on her waist.

She kisses Jades frown, and grins.

"Lets go".

The lights are perfect, the carnival being filled by people north and west.

Jade looks at the clowns.

"Mum?", shes smiles.

Mum takes a glance at the stall of lollipops, and feeds Jade.

"This will keep you occupied".

Jade eats the lollipop, bright green, and holds onto her mum.

They enjoy a great time just taking rides, eating food, and of course, diving into ice creams.

I guess this is really a way to say, lets ride?.

Mornings, And Swims

Jade enjoys a swim in the pool, its about 7:45am, and shes relaxing.

She examines her toys, and laughs.

She practises her swimming techniques, and is really good.

About an hour passes by, and she decides to sleep.

School is tomorrow, which she can't wait to learn some more portuguese skills, and writing for history.

Mum and Dad walk into the room, and spot Jade sleeping away.

They have a silent discussion as they watch her murmuring, and slightly they have no further dismay over her education.

"What do you want to do on Friday, honey?".

Mum replies, "Nothing much".

"Maybe a walk on the beach be nice", Dad asks.

"Yep", she smiles.

"Baby needs to sleep, and I've got to hang out the washing.  Do you want to help me with the washing, ugh, or else?", she laughs.

"O.k, but don't ruin my hair honey, truce?", he grins.

"Lets go".

Mum and Dad leave Jade, who's sleeping silently on her little car shaped bed ...

Happy Days

Throughout Jades days at school, she admire's her friends, especially ballet.

Its been a privileged week for her just to unwind.

Exhausted, she has a shower, and decides to sit in the bath, water trickling over her.

"Friday tomorrow honey?", mum smiles.

"Yes mum".

Jade has tea, and finishes up for another day at school in the morning.

"Are you hungry for dessert?", mum asks.

Jade sits with her spoon poking in the air, and giggles away.

"Your favourite ... Chococate Surprise".

A slow rain falls gently on the houses of Rio, and the moon is gently caressing the night of a quiet neighbourhood.

Jade falls to sleep, just gazing at the darkness, carefully plunging into the unknown ...


The morning is feeling the edge of showering rain, with a cool sun in the distance.

Jade goes to school.

She is intrigued with her teacher, and asks to be assisted with her work.

They both share great thoughts together, and Jade is very pleased with her work.

School ends, and Jade walks back home.

In her room, she sits on her bed, mum coming up to kiss her on the head.

"Me and Dad are just going for a walk on the beach.  We'll be about an hour, o.k honey?".

Jade lyes down, and smiles.

"Mum, can you bring me back some Ice Blocks pls?".

Mum knods, and waves goodbye.

Jade hears the car leaving, and decides to sleep.


A spider, in particular, walks on the wall towards Jades bed.

It pounces and lands on her blankets.

The spider bites Jade on the arm, Jade waking, whacking it away.


Jade crawls from her bed onto the floor, and gasps for air.

The spiders venom is poisonous.


Jade rushes to the kitchen to drink water, but then, she falls on the floor, disillusioned, and dying slowly.


"Mum, can you ring Jade, see if she's alright?".

"O.k honey".

"Honey, she's not picking up".

"Ring again, make sure she's there, alright".


"What do you mean nothing?".

Silent ...

"Put the phone down".


Mum and Dad arrive home, Dad speeding at 200km/h.

"Honey!", screams Mum.

"Check her fucken room, where are you Jade???".

Mum runs into her room, and spots the spider on the wall.

"A spider!!!".

Dad walks into the lounge, and see's Jade's legs lying on the kitchen floor.

"Oh know ... my baby!".


Jade is rushed to hospital, and recovers slowly.

Mum and Dad both sit in the ward, watching Jade as she has fallen into a coma.

Jade opens her eyes after 7 months, and cries into her parents arms ...


Submitted: November 07, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Noah Tapara. All rights reserved.

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