La Petit Mort

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

La Petit Mort


I hope when the end comes for you

the shadow that fills your vision and blocks out the light

Is like a lover coming toward you one soft step at a time.

I hope it is like watching a glow slowly come into focus. 

I hope it rises above you until you can’t see anything else, 

And the face it wears is not the one you most wanted to see

But the one you most wanted to really see you

I hope when the end comes to you 

its eyes are filled with the truth

That you are radiant. 

I hope it looks at you like you are the most beautiful thing to have ever existed,

And when you tilt your face up to it you feel like you got hit by a wave made of sun. 

I hope it feels like the whole earth cresting to meet you. 


I hope when it brings its mouth close to yours

It is alchemy. 

I hope it pours the elixir of life in its hot breath. 

I hope you feel yourself transform,

feel the chemistry of making new elements.

I hope when the end finally kisses you it feels like you swallowed a ball of light.


I hope it feels so good it scares you.

I hope your heart is in your mouth. 

I hope you want to pass your soul over. 


I hope when the end pulls you close and lies you down,

It murmurs in your ear, whispers it will all be okay. 

I hope you will trust it. 

I hope you will open up for it, let it fill up the hole in your heart. 

I hope the end tastes like salty skin, 

Like all the realest moments of your life. 

I hope it is the best you ever had. 


I hope if the end hurts, it hurts like the first time.

Only for a minute, 

And only because changing hurts, and growing up. 


I hope if you cry when it is done,

You are wrapped up in neck, and shoulders, and fingertips. 

I hope the end is solid enough to cling to

In the slow rocking of that vast sea.


I hope you feel weightless when it’s over,

like you are floating on waves of sound

That only the two of you can hear

Like heartbeats. 

I hope it feels like the first second of holding your breath and 

Slipping underwater. 


I hope it takes forever. 


Submitted: November 07, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Lila Garza. All rights reserved.

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