A letter from santa

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Featured Review on this writing by Criss Sole

A short story that blends history, folklore, legend, and my imagination to tell the story of Santa and how Christmas begain.

Dearest child at heart, I'm writing this letter to tell you my story. You'll know why soon but first let me ask, do you believe in magic? Do you believe in miracles? I do. I've seen it firsthand. Right in front of my eyes. As clear as crystal. As sure as day. I've been know to do a little of both myself, *chuckels*.

Oh I'm sorry. Perhaps I should introduce myself. My name is Nickolas, but you may know me by my more common name, Santa Clause. I know what you're thinking. How could I be Santa Claus. You don't really expect me to believe in Santa Claus do you? I know my claim is a stretch of the imagination, as far as human thinking goes and there is no way for me to provide you proof.

Either you believe or you don't believe. I know being an adult, you may not believe. Probably think I'm some kind of crazy old coot. But there was a time you believed in me. Long ago. Think back to when you where a small child. You used to leave me milk and cookies I believe...It's hard to remember each individual, but I know somewhere deep inside, there used to be a child who believed in me.

Your probably thinking, Yeah so? Then you learned the "truth" and found out that such people that do such wonderful things as I do just couldn't exist. Please. Just hear me out.

After all that's why I'm writing you my dear friend. You see, I need your help. Now don't worry. I don't need money or anything like that. That stuff doesn't come very handy at the north pole *Ho Ho*.

You see every year I wright a select few adults and tell them my story in hopes that some of them will believe in me once more. Why you may ask? Because belief much like love is the most powerful magic of all!

I bet your wondering why I care about people believing in me. Well my friend it's simple. Without the power of believe, I couldn't exist. You see, contrary to popular belief, I am not immortal. As the world grows more skeptical every year, I grow weaker.

If all the hope and joy died, so would I. When a spark of believe from a child is ignited, I grow slightly stronger, but when an already convinced adult let's go of what the wisdom of the world teaches, and they believe, then my magic filles me once more better than ever!

Anyways, now I would like to share with you my story. Once you hear it, I'm sure you'll believe in me! Now with all stories, it's best to start at the beginning. This is the story of Christmas and how I came to be a part of it, all those ages ago.

It all began one night about two thousand years ago in a far away place called Bethlehem. There was this man named Joseph who was traveling with his wife. Her name was Mary, and she was with child, but not just any child. She was chosen by the God of heaven to carry his only begotten son, whom was to be named Jesus.

The two were very tried from traveling and couldn't find room anywhere to stay since all the inns were filled.

Fortunately, they were able to stay in a stable where some animals were staying. It wasn't much, but Joseph and Mary were glad to stay where they could. A short time later, Mary's child, Jesus, was born and layed in a manger.

It was the most special birth the world had know because this baby would one day save everyone who believed on him.

All the angels rejoiced, and with the help of a brilliant star, they were able to show shepherds and wise men alike to find him. That was the very first Christmas.

Now you've probably heard this story before and know that how many years later, just as the prophets of old had foretold, this baby named Jesus grew into a man. Surely you heard how he was killed at the hands of his enemies but then three days later he rose by the power of God and asended into heaven. Well, when these things came to pass, the news just spread faster than my reindeer on a clear night *ho ho*. People where just doing what Jesus had said to do.

Now this is where I come in. Around three hundred years had past and even though many followers of Jesus Christ were persecuted, the message of love he gave us was still spreading strong.

When I was young, I left my home in the land you call Turkey, and made pilgrimages to many wonderful places like Egypt, Palatine, and even Jerusalem. I spread the gospel and became a bishop all while enduring many hardships.

During my travels, I saw many poor people who had nothing to eat, so being moved with compassion for them, I'd often fast and pray for there sakes.

Now you may not believe it, but do you remember something in the good book about how faith can move mountains? Well I must have prayed and fasted a lot because before I knew it, I began to realize that God has given me a very special gift. The things I asked for in prayer began to happen suddenly, like a miracle.

In fact, miracle was the only word that could describe it. I always had just enough food to give to the hungry, and everytime I needed money to give to the poor, somehow it would turn up!

One time a sick boy had seemly passed away, so I prayed with his grieving parents that God would return him. To our surprise and delight, the boy awoke and there was no sign that he had ever been sick at all! Isn't our Lord good! *Ho Ho Ho Ho*.

Some time after I had traveled the known world, I decided it was time to return to my home in Turkey. Now my Papa and Mama had left me quite a fortune when they left this world, so I used some of my inheritance to build a great cathedral, perhaps the finest that was seen in all of Turkey!

I was a bishop there as I had said, and worked very hard to be a light among my fellow man. I took part in all of the usual ministries you might expect, but because I had great wealth, I knew I had to do more.

I got to know the people of my village, and learned about thier problems. I couldn't help everyone, so I decided to help the families that needed help the most. I made a list of those who were the nicest and decided to do a little less for those who were naughty, like only give them coal for warmth. I did care for even them after all.

One particular family had a special need. It was a father and mother who had three daughters. The father desperately wanted to marry off his daughters when they came of age, but sadly he didn't have enough money to arrange it. In those days, an unmarried woman would have turned to a life of impurity or have been treated as a harlot.

I knew I to do something to help, but because I knew people as a whole were proud, I decided I would help them in secret. It was a cold December night and snow had blanked the streets. I didn't want to be seen, so to hide myself, i wore a thick red coat made of furs with a large hood to cover my face.

I went out alone. There was nobody in the streets, but just to be safe I made my way as quite as a church mouse. Finally I reached the home of the three daughters. The house was quite and they were all nestled warmly in thier beds.

I opened their window ever so slightly and put in a small bag of gold coins. Then as quickly as I came, I left. The father was overjoyed as you can imagine but was bewildered as too gave him the gold.

His eldest daughter was married and about a year later, I repeated my visit so I could help his second daughter. The time came for the father's third daughter but this time when I went to leave them gold through the window, it was nailed shut!

I had heard of a thief at that time who came through windows so I assumed that the father was being protective. I still was determined to help though. I thought about leaving the gold on thier doorstep, but realized that if someone saw it, they may take it.

I knew I had to get the gold inside someway. That's when I looked up and had a brilliant idea. The chimney! I could climb to the roof and drop the gold in there! So with great care, I climbed to the top. I looked down the chimney shaft and saw that some stockings were hung over the embers most likely to dry. I tossed the bag down and watched as they fell right into one of the stockings!

Then, I heard the voice of the father yell. "Who's up there !" He said. I climbed down with haste and tried to escape but the man chased after me. He caught me by the arm and said "Your the one who has given us the gold!"

He was right of course and proceeded to bring me inside and meet his family. The wife of the house offered me some spice cake and milk, which I gladly accepted. I asked the nice family to keep what had happened a secret and they said they would, but they were so filled with joy they weren't able to for long.

Pretty soon everyone knew that it was I giving gifts secretly to people in need. As you might have guessed, it became almost a curse for me to help as much as a blessing, because now everyone had a need for gold.

I turned a deaf ear to most of the requests since I was overwhelmed but knew that it was the will of God to continue using my gift of giving.

First of all, I decided I would focus more on giving to the children since they were the ones who were filled with the most innocence, and were less greedy than most grown ups.

I decided I would bring them toys as well. I did this because I could help even more people out this way since one gold coin would go pretty far. I still gave food and clothing to those who needed it, but bags of gold were only given on very rare instances.

I was a craftsman in my youth so I thought it'd be fun to make toys myself instead of buying them. It was a great deal of fun for me *ho ho*.

My plan was to make toys all year and collect other useful things for needy families. Then I would go out one night of the year and deliver everything all at once.

I chose to make the eve of December 25th the night I would deliver my gifts because emperor Constantine; the ruler of Rome, had recently declared that day the birthday of Jesus.

For months, I worked on crafting gifts for all the children on my *nice* list but I soon realized that I would need a lot of help if I was to finish making my toys on time.

I became disheartened when my attempts to recruit help were futile. Then by chance I met a man named Elvin, who was a man in every sense of the word with the exception of being only half the height of a man of six feet.

He was begging me to pray for him to find a trade. Since he was a small man, he had trouble finding work and most people were unwilling to even give him a chance.

I was moved with compassion, and felt that we could help each other. I made him my chief toymaker and invited his family, who were all small as well, to live and work with me.

I tought Elvin and his family everything I knew about toy making and were they ever good at it! Soon after I opened an orphanage and took in the children who were unwanted, and Elvin taught them craft skills too. We were like one happy family!

Eventually I found a wife named Rebecca also and together we worked hard to bless all that were in the land. That Christmas Eve night drew near and we had all things ready except for one important detail. I had no way to transport the many gifts we had made!

My wife, Mrs. Clause, had been left a ranch when her father passed away, so she suggested we use her reindeer that had been raised there. (I was wanting to ride a white steed they had!) There were eight reindeer in all whose names were: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blixen.

Rudolph came many years later if your wondering, and I can't tell you how that red shiny nose of his has been a lifesaver when it came to getting through snowstorms!

Anyways, Her brother took care of them, and what was interesteing about the fellow was that he looked a lot like me! So much so, that children would come to him and tell him what they wanted! He was happy to play along and passed the word to me!

The time came, so I strapped the reindeer to a sleigh we made, filled it with the gifts and took off during the night! It was cold and it took all night but I was finally able to deliver every gift. The children were so happy! I don't think I ever saw more joy then I did that Christmas morn. I had finally finished my first real Christmas delivery trip! Boy, was I tied *Ho Ho*!

I continued my gift giving crusade for the next few years in the same manner when one Christmas whilst travelling a path through thick forrest, I looked up to behold a wonderous sight.

On top of a great green pine tree was what looked like a bright star! As I looked on, the bright star began to take the form of a beautiful angel, dressed in a robe that shined like the moon, and was as white as snow.

"Fear not" the angel told me.

Then it said "I am the winter snow angel, an enduring spirit of Christmas. Because of your great generosity, you shall be made into a lasting symbol of charity that will stand for the ages. Countless children will forever know you as Santa Clause, and you will bestow blessed gifts upon all who believe."

I was awe struck and bewildered as I said "I don't deserve this honor, and besides, I am an old man. How will I do as you have said?"

Then the angel said "Why does one of strong faith as you asked such a thing? I will grant you the gifts to do as has been told. You, and all of your household! Also because your gift of magic will not thrive where unbelife abounds, you shall journey North to a place that has been set aside for you."

I looked at the angel again with beweilerment and said "Where is this place you have said?"

Then the angel said "Journey North, and you will know, when you see a man made out of snow."

Then the angel disappeared, and I left to tell all to my family that I had seen.

We packed up and left shortly after and headed north just as we were told. After a hard, harsh journey, we reached a region that in every direction was nothing but snow! No man had traveled this far as of yet and we were as amazed as we were scared. The only comfort we had besides hope, was what we saw in the sky.

Beautiful brilliant lights shone above us. What would later be called the aroura boras. We were the first to witness this miracle of nature. It was as a master painter, painted the sky!

We journeyed on and on and had all but given up hope when off in the distance we saw just what the angel had said we would. A man made out of snow!!

He moved fast across the snow, gliding effortlessly as if he were one with it, and in a way he was! I rallied my reindeer and gave chase after him in my sled we moved very fast for what seemed to be a long time when finally, he stopped and became lifeless.

Just as if he were a pile of snow. There just ahead was a candy cane striped pole sticking out from the ground! I couldn't believe it but we had reached the north pole!

There was a lot of snow, but as I looked on, I saw it. It was a small village! It was a place made for us just as the angel had said!

There was a small cozy cottage, a building for making toys, and small homes for Elvin's family and the children who now by the magic given to us were all, for lack of better terms, were elves.

There was a ranch for the reindeer as well. We quickly settled in, and as nice of a surprise our new home was, that was just the beginning!

One day while training the reindeer to jump, prancer started to fly! I surely didn't expect that! Soon enough they all could fly! It was clear that this place was filled with magic!

Even I had a hard time believing it at first! More wonders followed, from my reindeer's ability to pull the sleigh at a break neck speed, to my wife's hot chocolate! Trust me! If you tried it you'd know it's out of this world *ho ho*.

Christmas was never the same again, and the rest as they say is history.

So now my dear child at heart, now that you've heard the way my story really happened, I hope you can find it in your heart to believe in me again. Believe in the way you used to long ago. Back when faith alone was enough.

Not when you needed facts. Billions around the world believe in things without proof and you know what the amazing thing is? That every time someone says they have new 'proof' that some kind of magic doesn't exist, there is always something that happens, some kind of miracle or wonder that can't be explained.

The skeptical person will say it's a coincidence, but you see, there is still more knowledge that lies far beyond our limited understanding.

For now, that's where I can be found. Just like a faith in God and his son Jesus, that divine child that came on that first Christmas night.

You can't see us but were there just the same!

And as for me, I know when your good or bad, so be good for goodness sake! Now my child at heart, I must go, but remember to keep Christmas in your heart. Not just one day a year but everyday! And keep not just the idea of snow and misoltoe, but of Charity, hope, faith, and never ending love!

Farewell till next year my dear child at heart and as always have a merry, merry, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! *Ho Ho Ho*

Your old Christmas friend, Santa Claus

Submitted: November 08, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Penetentman. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

Oh, this was a delightful read!
I could not help but smile. There are events in my life that could not have happened by chance of pure coincidence. Like meeting some amazing people who have changed my life for the better.
You of course being one of them. So magic and the spirit of Christmas do feel real.
I truly enjoyed reading this. I just have one suggestion. Would you consider breaking this story up into paragraphs. I had trouble concentrating on where i was reading. It's up to you though.
Great story!
Really warmed my heart.

Tue, November 10th, 2020 7:36pm


Hehe ofcourse I'll do that for you. So glad you loved it! I wanted to do this one for a long time. Originally I wanted it to be movie length but I think itd be perfect for any short family story!

Tue, November 10th, 2020 11:39am

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