Tips To Help You Secure Your Next Job

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Tips to help you secure your next job.

The ‘job search’ is the dreaded activity that awaits not only those who are now out of work due to unfortunate circumstances, but also new graduates who are looking to begin their careers. When I graduated in 2015, I had no idea that the job search would be a long and painful activity. Along the way, I learned a few things.

I’ve been lucky enough to gain experience in a few sectors up until this point, but I often get asked my opinion from friends, family and interns I used to manager on CV’s, sectors to work in and how you can make a breakthrough into your first or new job. Everyone is different and we all have different preferences to career choice and the skills we would like to learn and develop.

One important thing about the job search that sometimes we forget, but have to accept is that we need to be patient and prepared to experience a few rejections on the way. ‘No’ doesn’t mean no forever, just nor right now. Maybe that job you applied for wasn’t the right fit and you may have quit not so long after. Yes, we all want a job, but always ask the right questions and make sure it’s right for you.

I’ll be sharing a few tips on how you can find and secure a new role, especially during a difficult time as we’re in now. These tips are for jobseekers to practice and hopefully see them on the right track.

Stay Positive

This is probably one of the most difficult things to do whilst looking for a job search, but is very important. One thing to remember is, being redundant or out of work, won’t last forever. At some point, you WILL get a job. How your attitude is during that time is what will determine the outcome. If you’re positive, you’ll believe you’ll get something. If you’re not positive, you’ll most likely give up and end up with nothing for a long time.

I’ve been there, you apply for months, you get no response, you give up for a month or two and the cycle continues. It takes one application, one phone call or one email to change the whole situation. Believe.

Brush Up Your CV

Your CV represents you; so it’s important it’s in the right condition. I’ve worked with recruiters in the past and they receive hundreds of CV’s each day for one position. How are you going to stand out? By having a good CV! I wouldn’t recommend lying on your CV, however, make it attractive. Ensure the spelling and grammar check is complete, list all of your key skills, previous experience and any achievements along the way. The recommended length for a CV is usually two pages at maximum.

If you’re using websites like reed, Jobsite, CV Library and others to apply, make sure your CV is uploaded to all of them.

Connect With The Right People

This is usually very tricky. When I first started my career, I didn’t have ‘connections’. I relied on recruiters and my CV to get opportunities. Some people are lucky to have friends or connections that work in certain places and can then get them opportunities. If you’re not fortunate enough to have those, you can still get in touch with the right people.

Speak to recruiters if you can, send them your CV and let them know you are eager for new opportunities. Websites such as are perfect for networking, because you can connect with recruiters and employers directly to let them know you’re open to opportunities. You can even write a post to let everyone know that you are looking for work and if they know of any opportunities your skills may be relevant to, they can get in touch. This is a difficult time for many, but there are people willing to help.

If the jobs you’re looking for doesn’t really have an online presence, I would suggest emailing and making phone calls. Once you show you’re eager to learn and gain new opportunities, people will pick up on that. You can’t control everything, but you can control your persistence towards finding something.

Showcase Your Talents and work

There may not be much experience around at the moment, but you can still showcase your skills and talent. We spoke about CV’s earlier, but if you have an online portfolio that demonstrates your previous work then that would be good. When I was interviewing, I used to take around a folder to every interview that included work I had done in previous companies. I would also put links in my CV’s to websites that included blogs and other bits of work I had.

When going to future interviews, I’d definitely recommend taking a portfolio if you have one. Not many people take them to interviews, but this is a great way for your employer to see first-hand your skills and talents. You could also take work on a USB stick or send through email.

Social media is also another good way to show your skills. Post your work on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; you never know where it could go.

Have a support system around you

It’s tough sometimes and this can impact your mental health. When I was searching, I had people who would check in regularly and see how the search was going.  They would even send me links to the latest jobs they think I could be suitable for. Although it’s easy to be negative, It’s important to have people around you that will encourage you and help you during that process. Believe in your abilities, always.

You may get rejected 100 times, but there’s always going to be an opportunity out there for you.

Consider Short-Term Roles

Short-term roles aren’t ideal, but they can make a huge difference. In the ideal world, we all want a long-term role with the perfect salary in the perfect location. That’s not always possible, especially if you’re just starting out.

Before I got my first permanent job, I did two 3-month internships. I didn’t get paid for one of those internships, but I needed the experience. I knew that  although I didn’t get a salary, because I had that piece of experience on my CV, that would lead to hopefully more opportunities. You’ll get opportunities from employers if you have experience, but who’s actually willing to give out that experience?

Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices to get to where you want to be in the future. It doesn’t feel great being settled in one place then having to leave, but impress your employer and who knows what could happen? That’s how I landed my first permanent role.

Employers should be paying all their staff the minimum wage now though, so make sure you get everything you’re entitled to.

I hope these tips can help you in your journey. It’s a tough road ahead, but you’ll make it.



Submitted: November 08, 2020

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