The New Vampire, Luke

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: PleiadomeBooks

Luke Sidman was a newly turned vampire who was changed by the famous Beatrice Clanson who had faked her death a year earlier. Luke had a family, but when he was assassinated, he lost it all. All he had left was Beatrice.

Photo by Reza Hasannia on Unsplash

The New Vampire, Luke


Scattered on the floor were my guts and my blood. I fell to the floor feeling as if it was the end. I felt myself go, and knew I would never be heard from again. The assailant had already left me to my doom. This was the end, and I knew that I would dwindle into the afterlife. I wondered about my wife and my children. Two twin boys and one girl. They were going to be lost without me. I was leaving my wife a widow, but knew she would eventually marry again.

Someone would take my place.

This was the end.


Then, I saw someone enter the room. I heard a muffled voice, but nobody else was in the room. The person was either talking to themselves, or talking on the phone. I felt extreme paranoia that the assailant had returned. For this, I didn’t know why.

The muffled voice suddenly stopped, and whoever it was, crouched down to my level. I felt soft skin against my lips, and then the taste of blood entered my mouth. The blood tasted cold. It was unlike what I knew blood to be, which was warm.

It took all my strength to swallow the blood, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to. However, I figured I had nothing to lose. I swallowed the blood, and afterward, I felt the person bite me! It felt like ecstasy against my neck, but it was followed by an intense pain throughout my entire body, like I had been poisoned!

All went black after that point, and I felt all hope was gone. I felt like I had died.




The dreams were more like nightmares. The unknown for where I was lying was killing me. I don’t know what was happening, if I was even still alive when this occurred. My whole essence was in pain. I felt like I had went straight to the depths of hell, and was being tortured in agony for all of eternity.

“The pain! The pain! Oh, the pain!” I cried, but no one was there to hear me.

I was either blinded, or it was completely dark. I felt like I was losing consciousness, or was not fully there.

However, I was always aware of the pain.

“Luke!” I heard my wife’s soft voice say.

Then, in the darkness, I saw her standing there with my 3 children, Landon, Mark, and Sarah. They were all smiling at me, and then they were gone.

That was the worst part of these nightmares. It had made me angry and violent, but I hadn’t the strength to carry on even, let alone fight whatever this was.

I was sick and I could feel it.




It felt like it had been an eternity since I had seen Josephine and the kids. My wife, Josephine, would have hated to see me this way, I was sure. We had a loving life together.

She and my children were my world. Now, everything we had was lost, and I wallowed along in this abyss of a sort of hell I was floating in.

“Hey, Luke,” I heard someone say.

I couldn’t speak back, I feared.

All I could do was feel the same pain I had been feeling, and that pain, I had never and could never get used to.

I was becoming less and less aware.

I knew something had to give.

I had to fight this, but I was still too weak.

This needed some planning.




What was I doing, again? I had forgotten. It felt important, but I just couldn’t remember.

What was there to do? It was just dark and painful. Darkness was my greatest fear, and being alone was something I was striven never to do. I was becoming depressed.

“Where am I?” I asked aloud.

There was no answer.

The pain was becoming too much to bare, and then I realized something.

I was doing it to myself.

After I stopped myself from doing anymore damage, I felt better instantly. It felt 10 times better with so much more strength, and it felt as if I could do anything. I was far more aware of everything than I had ever been aware of in the past.

And then the unimaginable happened. I woke up in a soft bed with a light sheet covering me. It was pitch black in the room, with not a light in sight. I was sweating, however, I did not feel hot. I felt comfortable, and, more importantly, safe.

My reflexes were quite better because I stood with an ease that I had never felt before. I reached in front of me, and that’s when my eyes adjusted. I could see everything just fine.

To my left, there was a lamp. The room was a gray colour, and it was fairly small. The sheets, I noticed when I looked back at them, were white. There was no blanket on the bed.

I turned on the lamp, and felt the light blind me for a split second. Then, someone entered the room. I believed it to be the same person that had rescued me.

It was a woman. A beautiful woman. The most beautiful I had ever seen.

“Hello, Luke Sidman,” she spoke my name through a piercing voice. She looked at me with the eyes of a snake. She was a dangerous woman from what I could tell.

“Hello,” I stuttered with my words. Such a flaw I had always hated. “Who might you be?”

She smiled and sat down at the edge of the bed. I turned to face her.

“I am Beatrice Clanson.”

That was my first time meeting the almighty Beatrice Clanson. She was a former piano player and singer. A famous one from our city.

But a year before, she had died. I didn’t recognize her, and, at first, didn’t believe she was who she said she was. If it was her, she had died her hair red, and now had cat-like yellow eyes.

“But Beatrice Clanson died last year!” I said, refusing to believe her.

She led me out of the room, and down a grand staircase, to the living room where a piano stood next to the wall, exactly right of the staircase. The played one of her tunes and sung, and that’s when I knew it was Beatrice in the flesh.

I knew I must have been dreaming, for there was just no way.

“I thought you were dead, Beatrice,” I said.

“I am, and so are you,” she replied.

“But we’re actually still here.”

“We’re vampires,” she said. “A hit man killed you. I saved you from your inevitable death.”

We were staying in a mansion on the outskirts of the city. There was red carpet and brown walls. Candles were lit up everywhere. There was a smell. That smell. It smelled human. I instantly started to panic, thinking about what was lingering in the veins of their neck.

‘I must have it,’ I thought.

My prayers were answered whenever Beatrice led me into a room that was dark, and there was a woman with tied hands. A human.

“She is a virgin. I’m sure you would love to take her.”

I couldn’t help it.

I drank from her so much that she died. When I sank my fangs into her neck, it was the most pleasure I had ever felt. It felt so good. It tasted like the best elixir I had ever tasted in all of my days.

I felt bad afterwards. I hadn’t expected the woman to die.

Beatrice said that it was normal for vampires to do. I didn’t quite see it was normal. I felt so blood-thirsty before.

Afterwards, there was nothing but peace and tranquility, and a tinge of guilt.

It felt as if the guiltiness went away after a while, and all I was left with was pure ecstasy.

A maid for Beatrice cleaned up the dead body, along with the blood that was splashed about.

Beatrice led me by the hand and said, “We will live in pure elegance together for all eternity. I will show you great pleasure. Oh, how alone I had been before you came along.”

At first, I was silent. All I wanted back was my old life with Josephine, Landon, Mark, and Sarah. They were my only passion. I wasn’t saying that I wasn’t grateful for awakening Beatrice had given me. She had saved me.

“I must refuse. I have a family, and I intend to return to them,” I said, after a long, hard thought.

She had to laugh at this, and I was sure my face showed my frustration.

“But you can’t, silly man. You’re a vampire now. Your whole life has changed. Your family thinks you’re dead,” she said, and I felt as if she was mocking me.

I felt tears tears fill my eyes when she told me my family thought I was dead. It made me feel a terrible, terrible sadness, and tears fell from my eyes uncontrollably. They thought I was dead! But hope was not lost! I would show up in the flesh to change their minds!

“I must show them that I’m still here! I must go to them!” I shouted.

She looked sad suddenly because she probably remembered leaving her family.

“I’m sorry, Luke. But this is the way things have to be.”

Realization seized me as a realized that there was no going back. I fell to my knees and curled into a ball. I wept about the hell I was to endure without my family. Beatrice tried to comfort me, but I just pushed her away. I needed to be alone with my thoughts.

I pulled myself up and walked gloomily back to the room where I had awoke in. I laid down on the bed, and drifted off into a slumber.




I had another nightmare. It was only a nightmare, for I had awoken without my family. The loneliness of the dark was far too unbearable, but it had been all that I became.

I sat up in bed, rubbing my eyes. I felt I had slept the day away, and Beatrice confirmed this when I approached her about it.

“Would you like to feed?” She asked, smiling. “I like to have some everyday, religiously. More so when I was younger. I’m still a young one.”

I ignored most of this. I had decided I was going out that night.

“Where are you going?” She asked, suddenly serious. “You know you can’t go to your family.”

“I know,” I said, feeling agitated by her.

I knew where I was going and Beatrice wasn’t going to like it.




The looks on my children’s faces was priceless. The smiles made me cry. I didn’t want anything more than to go back to the way things were. And they were going to. I might have been a vampire, but I was not stupid.

“My wife. My lovely wife,” I said to Josephine. “I’m so glad to be back.”

Josephine was crying in my arms. She was saying that she thought she had lost me forever. She said she thought she would have forever been alone.

Josephine was so grateful, and so was I.

My daughter. My beautiful daughter. She was smiling so bright. The youngest, for she was only 5. My two twin boys, who were 8, noticed they still had their father. They would always have their father.

We shared a meal together, and had a family night where we played board games at the dinner table.

At the children’s bedtime, my wife and I laid down together. We made passionate love like it would be our last.

We drifted off into a slumber until nights’ end.

I awoke the all of their murder’s, and blood all over me.

It was a total nightmare! I hadn’t a clue what happened! We were all so happy!

I ran out of the house in broad daylight screaming and cursing.

“WHY?! WHY?!” I screamed.

Then, I realized the sun was burning me. I had no choice but to run back in the house, and stay with the dead corpses of my family all day. 

It was so hard. After a while, I heard noises coming from the closet of mine and Josephine’s room. I grabbed a gun out of the safe in the basement, and opened the closet door fearlessly.

In there was the assassin that had killed me.

I pointed the gun at his forehead, and made him explain. I feared he had come here to kill my family, but I had done it for him.

His words were, “Your wife and I have been seeing each other. We have been planning to kill you for over a year now. I finally acted on it. We were gonna start a family together while raising yours. You were nothing to her.”

I could tell he wasn’t lying. I just knew because since becoming a vampire, I could read people well. Somehow, Josephine had me fooled.

Anyways, I shot him straight in the forehead, and I was glad the whore was dead.

I stayed there, holding my 3 dead children until nightfall. It had been an extremely hard day.

But for the rest of eternity Beatrice was there for me. She pleased me as she said she would. And I pleased her. 

Submitted: November 08, 2020

© Copyright 2020 hangingman99. All rights reserved.

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