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Poem? Of a warewolf and his love fighting to be with each other...

Thump Thump Thump

Her heart beats

Closer to him then anyone else

"Love me?" She asks him

"Of course" he tightens his grip on her ever so gentle, softly as if to hold a delicate flower

Thump Thump Thump

He hears her veins flow smoothly as they embrace, her bodies work as they hold each other close

He breathes her in and out as if he could sense the world around them for miles

Her hair soft as heaven

Her touch , his weakness

Like silver she burns

"Closer" she grips him harder as if to never let go

"NO" his beast inside screams! 

"" he sobs

Submitted: November 08, 2020

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Amy Chiappiniello

Ahh I can just picture it. I love this.

Sun, November 8th, 2020 7:13pm

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