Dogs of War

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Cats up a tree wait for the opportune time to make their escape. Wait for it...sniff...wait for it...sniff sniff sniff.

Dogs of War


General Rover: Our ranks in the eastern yards are being decimated.  The cats are on the move and I’m beginning to think that nothing can stop them.

General Spot: I understand your concerns; the cat is a crafty enemy, but remember one thing.

General Rover: What is that?

General Spot: Cats are weak. They may be tactically-minded, but when it comes right down to it they’re egotistical pussycats. Narcissism is their blind spot as well as our key to victory.

General Rover: What about the cats’ newly forged alliances with the squirrels, gophers, and mice?

General Spot: Rover, at times it seems we’re alone in this war, but don’t forget: animals love a winner. If we can defeat these vile pussies we will regain those lost alliances.

General Rover: Don’t look now, but there are two cats  approaching at five o’clock. Get ready, Spot.

General Spot: I’m ready.

(A chase ensues with meowing and barking and running around in circles until the two cats streak up a nearby elm tree, finding a high branch on which to perch. With Cheshire grins the cats sit side-by-side watching the dogs panting below)

General Spot: (out of breath) They’ll have to come down eventually.

General Rover: (gasping) We’ll wait ‘em out.

(Later, while discussing battle plans, General Spot got curious)

General Spot: (sniffs General Rover’s butt) What did you eat today?

General Rover: (sniffs General Spot’s butt) A few doggie biscuits, what did you eat today?

(During the butt-sniffing moment the cats sprinted down the tree and escaped over a fence to the safety of Cat Headquarters)

General Rover: Dammit  to hell!

General Spot: Told you they were crafty.



Submitted: November 08, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Mark A George. All rights reserved.

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Haha! Love it!

Mon, November 9th, 2020 8:17pm

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